Alonso exhibition documents his racing exploits from toddler to Ferrari driver


Just about everything about Fernando Alonso’s world has been brought together in an extraordinary collection in Madrid. It features cars, trophies and memorabilia covering the Spaniard’s career, as well as an interactive journey through Fernando’s history.

The exhibition runs until 4 May next year at the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal, in the Spanish capital. At the opening ceremony, which took place this morning, Fernando had invited not just his family and closest friends, but also all the team principals from his time to date in Formula 1; Giancarlo Minardi, Flavio Briatore, Martin Whitmarsh and Stefano Domenicali.


There were also friends from the world of motor sport, including Carlos Sainz and Pedro de la Rosa and personalities such as the president of the Santander Bank, Emilio Botin and that of the Madrid city council, Ignacio Gonzalez.

“This is a day to thank my family, the Madrid Comunita and everyone who has been with me throughout my career and who are here today. My family has ensured that all this could happen.

“First and foremost because they gave me a love of this sport and also because it’s thanks to them that a large part of what is on show is here today. It’s incredible that my father was kept so much stuff over the years.”


Helmets, gloves, suits, it would have been all too easy to throw them away, but now I understand what all those boxes were doing in the garage. What appeared to have no significance back then today means something.”

“I hope everyone will be able to appreciate every discipline of motor sport: there are two Championship winning Formula 1 cars here and a Championship winning kart, as well as photos of family scenes dating back to when I was seven, nine or ten years old. I hope it helps to get people closer to the sport I love.”

The exhibition has six differently themed sections: “Km 0,” which covers Alonso’s first steps in the sport; La Colección featuring Fernando’s Formula 1 cars as well as those from the junior formulae; Circuito Alo where one can take an interactive journey through Fernando’s racing career and life; Start Your Engines! an audio-visual look at Formula 1 to share the passion the Asturian has for this sport; F1 Experiences where one can discover the secrets of the technological innovation that characterises the highest level of motor sport; 275,000 km De Emoción a video in which the Ferrari driver goes over his whole career.


The exhibition, organised by the Fernando Alonso Foundation and the Canal de Isabel II Gestión, constitutes an embryo of what will be the Fernando Alonso Museum, which will open in Oviedo.

However, for now, those who like Fernando and the world of racing can have an amazing experience coming to Madrid to see what is a truly unique exhibition, like nothing else in the world, with the driver at the centre of it all. (Ferrari)

Subbed by AJN.

  • sebolonso

    Hahahahaaa…Santander advertisement department is busy to find all kind of replacement prizes for lacking win. Most points, wdc off the rest… and now this exhibition as farewell present before leaving Ferrari latest in the beginning of 2015.

    Santander has paid half a billion euros over last four years to win in sponsorship to F1 and Ferrari. Still they are only second best (read first losers). What a pathetic story.

  • Fernanda Aloser

    The most overrated driver on the grid gets his own exhibition!!!! What’s next? A Narain Karthikeyan museum?
    The entrance sign to the museum should read ”LOSER” because that’s exactly what he is. Let’s not let this take our attention away from the way this cretin, this most disgusting character has dragged Ferrari down over the past four years. If I was Nando’s father I would have packed my loser son in the boxes with all of his meaningless prizes and taken it all down to the tip. Then I would ask to have it compacted and then burned. Let us never forget that he only won his championships because of the exotic mass dampers that were on his car only. Once they were banned it became clear that he is really rubbish and will never win a championship again. No wonder you are going to have a museum Alfonso, it’s all about remembering the past now because your future is a barren, pathetic wasteland.

  • Jack

    ^^ bit harsh!

  • 2014 Ferrari sneak peak

    Is it just me or does the F2010 front end look like it complies with the 2014 rules. (besides the width) the height and wing profile looks within the 2014 rules spec.

    My goodness, maybe ferrari had a proven baseline before anybody else for 2014. Minus car weight, and exhaust blowing, etc. The air flow from the front to the rear might be well documented on a car that complies with 2014 wing rules.

    Let me go and read the rules again…..Damn

  • Someone in the know

    Agree with Jack – some bitter people out there.
    In 2005 the McLaren was a faster car
    In 2006 the Ferrari was a faster car.
    Fernando won both years.
    I think that says it all?

  • captain tortuga

    @sebalonso : they are 3rd best.. Merc beat them for 2nd ;)

    Only alonso is 2nd in the drivers.. he is like jean alesi.. forever 2nd xD

  • captain tortuga

    im sorry i ment patrese. (not alesi)

  • fools

    wish the editor would ban the the haters who do nothing but spit poison to a life they can only jack off too…

  • sebolonso

    @fools: Point out what is not correct in previous message. If You can’t stand the truth, don’t read the thread. There is a lot off Ferrari sites where Alonso fans can worship their hero. Try.

  • practical

    @ sebolonso . If in your view a 2 time WDC (regardless how he won them ) it’s a loser , what achievements have you done in your life to not be a loser? just asking


    @Someone in the know: “In 2005 the McLaren was a faster car
    In 2006 the Ferrari was a faster car.”

    That’s not true. Renault was actually the fastest car due to the mass damper technique and the efficient use of the superb Michelin tyres.

    I think this (!) says it all.

    Alonso is fast, not a doubt. But he is definitely not as fast as his fans believe.

  • AlonsoFan

    He can’t be a loser can he, legitimately, there are only 22 (ish) people at any one time in the world racing in Formula 1, and he’s one of them … plus he’s a double world champion … so he isn’t technically a ‘loser’.