Ferrari already secretly testing F1 V6 turbo engine at Fiorano?

Ferrari may already be testing a early version of its 2014 V6 turbo engine, according to reports doing the rounds.

Over the weekend, a video emerged on the internet showing a LaFerrari supercar lapping the Fiorano circuit amid the distinct tones of a turbo engine.

That Ferrari road car, however, is usually equipped with a normally-aspirated V12 engine.

  • captain tortuga

    From this video, with only half decent sound, i can not make up exactly how many cilinder engine it is.. not with certainty anyway..

    But i must say, it does not sound like a V12..

    but if i were Ferrari/Merc/McLaren/Infiniti-renault, i would certainly put a slighly modified F1 engine in a roadcar to get some baseline references.

  • rxracer

    After the first lap i wasn’t convinced at all, but then you could hear the wastegate (must be enormous), and then a massive turbo whine. As for whether it’s a prototype 2014 engine? Sounds possible, because it sure isn’t any factory road car engine. Revs are extraordinarily high.

  • McLarenfan

    I did hear a definitive turbo sound and it was massive so that car has had its V12 extracted and had a transplant but what that transplanted unit is I can’t be sure and to speculate would be risky.

  • Sam

    Check at 00:15 the air vent on top of the cabin. why would you need that unless it’s an engine generating a lot of revs/heat

  • Verhoverdun

    There is no way that is a v12

  • Joe Kinnear

    It most probably is a V6 Tturbo.. they just put it in a LaFerrari to gather performance info. They didn’t wanna make it look too obvious I guess.

  • Safrimike

    Couple of things:

    1) Is it illegal to test?
    2) To me it dispells any notion that the V6 does not “sound right”.
    3) I hope it is faster when driven in anger,
    4) Forza Ferrari!!!!!!

  • fokkinmoron

    Cool looking leafblower. It sounds like a leaf blower anyways.

  • Dave

    I’m surprised that guy standing there with his camera was not shot!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    I thought they were not allowed to test the engines in cars, because the teams would have to make “mule” cars to test the engines and that would cost too much money. But classic Ferrari, they have a road car that they can stick it in and run it around their own test track. Is it OK because it is not an F1 car and therefore is OK? Maybe they want to put a detuned version of the F1 engine in a road car and that was what they were testing. Either way this will probably create a lot of controversy.

  • Rick

    Do you actually think the others aren’t doing things in similar fashion… Somewhere in the world…

  • Garth

    Renault have tested their new V6 Turbo as have Ferrari, but both Makers are absolutely above board in their testing. The rule says, that they are not allowed to test in an F1 Car, both Makers complied with that ruling, no skulduggery, no cheating, no controversy, they simply obeyed the rules by using another type of car.