Ecclestone: Alonso gave up a little which is proof he was looking for another team

Fernando Alonso with Bernie Ecclestone

Fernando Alonso with Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has expressed disappointment with Fernando Alonso’s performance at Ferrari and suggested that the Spaniard was looking to change teams earlier in the year.

“I’ve been a little bit disappointed in Fernando because I’m a big supporter of him and of Ferrari,” Ecclestone, 83, wrote in a foreword to the official Formula 1 season review.

“I thought he gave up a little bit which is proof that he was looking for another team.

“I don’t know whether the team is not competitive because of him or because the people who are running the team aren’t getting the job done,” added Ecclestone.

Alonso finished the season as overall runner-up to Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel who clinched his fourth title in four years to become the youngest quadruple Champion.

Fernando Alonso on the Singapore podium with Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel,

Fernando Alonso on the Singapore podium with Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel,

McLaren made no secret earlier in the season that they would jump at a chance to sign Alonso, who had one turbulent year with them in 2007, should he become available.

Ferrari, third overall in the Constructors’ standings, have described their season as one to forget while praising Alonso for his results in a car that was not even second best.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo did, however, reprimand Alonso on the Spaniard’s birthday in July for unflattering comments he made about his car.

Ecclestone said that he had “always predicted” that Vettel would be ‘what he is’, with the German winning the last nine races of the year and 13 in total to equal seven-time champion Michael Schumacher’s 2004 record.

“You probably have to say he’s number one of the drivers I’ve known,” added the Briton whose involvement with the sport goes back to the 1950s.

Kimi Raikkonen with  Bernie Ecclestone

Kimi Raikkonen with Bernie Ecclestone

He also singled out Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 Champion who will be Alonso’s team mate at Ferrari next season after leaving Lotus.

“This year I suppose I have to call Kimi the star driver, with the equipment he has,” said Ecclestone of the Finn who left Lotus after complaining he had not received his wages. “I think he was motivated on hope that he was going to get paid.

“He’s a good guy to have in a team, good for us, good for the team. He’s super, he’s a racer.”

Pirelli, who caused many of the season’s headlines with exploding tyres at Silverstone and complaints about how quickly their rubber wore out, also received a glowing report from Ecclestone.

Bernie Ecclestone with Paul Hembery

Bernie Ecclestone with Paul Hembery

“Pirelli did a wonderful job for us,” he said. “I told them we don’t want tyres that last the race, we want tyres that nobody knows how they are going to last. We’ve got that too with the new engines next year.”

Formula 1 is switching from the V8 engines to a new V6 turbocharged unit with energy recovery systems.

Ecclestone has long been a critic of the new units, fearing that the different noise will alienate the paying public, and he returned to the fray in the review.

“I still think what we have now is good, I don’t think there was any need to change it,” he said. (Reuters)

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  • the fan

    so what if he’s looking for another team? drivers will always ALWAYS aspire to have a machinery capable of winning and being the best package of them all. its no different in alonso’s case. last time I check he is not ferrari’s prisoner isnt it? this corrupt old fool is just blowing this issue out of proportion.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso simply does not have the performance and consistency to win without the best car, and starts backstabbing his own team in order to keep his image and salary high.

    The worst Nr.1. driver in F1 history, bound to fail.

  • Shin

    Time for Bernie to retire in the south of France! The words coming out of his mouth nowadays..

    Not to mention he’s slowly bringing the sport in disrepute with all the details coming out in Ecclestone vs Constantin Medien, it will likely only snowball from here

  • JPSmoove

    @Shin..the German gov’t has got a nice cell already picked out for Bernie to retire. Likely he will never be charged though. :-/
    For him to say something like this about Alonso is really a betrayal. Pound for pound Alonso is the best driver.

  • Butterfly


    This is all about promoting Vettel. Every year, right after the season ends, the Red Bull propaganda machine goes into overdrive with Horner praising his proteje and saying the best is yet to come.

    Now, Horner being Bernie’s mole – he tells him all that’s talked about at teams’ meetings – you naturally expect Bernie to help with that propaganda every way that he can.

    Some world champion Vettel is. He needs this crap to have a bit of credibility because the driving alone isn’t enough.


  • sebolonso

    Bernie is right on spot. Alonso was bad once again. Soon Santander stop F1 finance. Bernie cries.Three losers.

  • sampi

    Vettel & Raikkonen are Bernie’s favorites

  • splat

    I wonder if Alonso could win with a Toro Rosso…..

  • splat

    …..Vettel did.

  • fools



  • F1 Neutral

    lol not surprised. I recall an article I read a few years back where Mr.Bernie said Vettel would be the perect guy to marry his daughter.bwahahahahahah

  • Marybeth

    “Ecclestone: Alonso gave up a little which is proof he was looking for another team”. I would guess LdM could see that too & that that contributed to hiring Kimi back rather than a younger driver. Someone LdM can count on. They know Kimi & he knows them so it would be an easier transition for everyone. And as LdM said, their last WDC was with Kimi. :)

  • AlonsoFan

    @ F1 . is it true?

  • Jules

    BErnie is just trying to help Vettel gain some credibility by discrediting Alonso. The fact that Alonso beat a RB, 2 Mercs and 2 Lotuses in that mid field Ferrari proves Alonso is the best driver on the grid. If he had the same equipment like Vettel, Alonso would have won practically all the races in the past 3 seasons. Instead, Vettel could only win 13 races this year.

    There is a reason Vettel still does not get alot of credit from fans and even drivers for obvious reasons. He has only won from the front with the fastest car . As a racing driver, I think Hulkenberg has shown more talent and racing skills than Vettel.

  • knightriddler

    Jules. Pardon? When did Alonso beat RB,… ehm I mean Vettel? 2010? 2011? 2012? 2013? If you count overall season, he was beaten by Vettel only.

  • Harys

    Bernie should know better that Alonso hasn’t given up, but was disappointed with the performance of his car. Also what rubbed badly for Alonso is seeing the RB disappiring from the start at the front of every race at every track at any whether condition. The car was phenomenally abnormal. At certain tracks, Mercedes was the only car that could compete with RB with only a single lap. The RB was way faster than the FIA. Bernie…stop burning your self by saying “nonsense”…everybody knows you by now because light does travels faster than sound.

  • Volkan ARDA

    Vettel won in a Toro Rosso, so did Maldonado in a Willliams…. Does that make him a legend, too ?? Vettel is fast, but he’s no Senna… Any fool can see that the Red Bull package is “a cut above the rest” … Webbo never had the chance of getting the best of Vettel especially with his “strangely” disasterous starts… After 2010, Red Bull has become “Team Vettel”…

  • knightriddler

    fools 18 April, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

    ===> well, this guy said it last April.
    Congratulation for 2013 WDC :D

  • knightriddler

    Different era, maldonado in Williams won in random era.
    Plus, Vettel did it in a rainy day.

  • kimster

    its all newey guys….the moment he leaves redbull will be the moment when redbull transcend into oblivion…….seb won at monza just because only torro rosso had the wet weather setting in the whole grid… was nothing special….jeez!! hes no senna…..hes no alonso either…hes jost an abnormally arrogant bighead who likes to finger his ass a lot….

  • Garth


    the brown stuff in freeflow.

  • jl

    it is the driver who decided to set car for wet condition isn’t it? great deciosion.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @kimster and jl, that Torro Rosso was basically the Red Bull car, with the Ferrari engine, and Vettel was LUCKY not a genius for setting up for the wet. So he didn’t take a crap car and beat every great driver in the wet. He took an awesome car and lucked it.

  • kimi

    Kimi, welcome back to Ferrari.

    “He’s super, he’s a racer”