McLaren not sure Mercedes to have best engine in 2014

Martin Whitmarsh

Martin Whitmarsh

Martin Whitmarsh has admitted that he is not sure if Mercedes will supply a competitive V6 turbo engine in 2014.

According to the paddock grapevine, the German manufacturer has an early performance head-start over its turbo V6-producing rivals Renault and Ferrari.

But McLaren boss Whitmarsh, whose Woking based team will switch to works Honda power for 2015, said that reports that Mercedes will lead the game in 2014 cannot be verified.

“Will we have a competitive drivetrain [in 2014]? I don’t know,” he is quoted by Speed Week.

“There are many people in the paddock who seem to know, but I don’t know where they could have got that information from,” added Whitmarsh.

“From what I know about Mercedes’ resources and organisation, I am assuming that they have done a good job,” he said.

“I believe that we will be competitive,” said Whitmarsh. McLaren finished the 2013 season just fifth, having failed to score even a single podium. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    He is right there has been no side by side comparisons as none are going to let the other have all the specifications and a unit to play with.

  • maverick

    And so the backpedalling from all the hype begins. I knew that this story about the “mighty” Merc engines was just a stupid PR trick. Good news :)

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Some teams had a chance to choose an engine supplier, and they may have seen numbers from Merc, Renault and Ferrari. They might therefore have a valid opinion on this situation.

  • Taskmaster

    Any numbers shared now are marketing data and estimates. There is no way to prove their accuracy, or verify what the power units are delivering until the season starts. Unlike buying a road car, single metric numbers, like peak torque or peak HP are absolutely meaningless, and rarely considered. What is important is area under the curves and the shape of them, integration between ERS systems, and how well the systems integrate with the car. This is what’s going to be fun to see play out. Then, on top of these dynamics is the issue of reliability and tune-ability… It’s all intriguing and fraught with potential for surprise… or a continuance of what we’ve already seen. Martin has no idea what’s going to happen – no big surprise there.