Grosjean and Maldonado confirmed to drive for Lotus in 2014

Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado will be teammates next year at Lotus

Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado will be teammates next year at Lotus

Lotus F1 Team is pleased to announce that Venezuelan driver Pastor Maldonado [28] will join the Enstone squad alongside Frenchman Romain Grosjean [27] for the 2014 Formula 1 season.

Pastor – a veteran of 58 Grand Prix starts, including pole position and victory at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix – has driven for Williams F1 Team since entering the sport at the start of the 2011 season.

Romain has raced for Lotus F1 Team since the start of the 2012 season, having previously driven for the Enstone outfit in its former guise of Renault F1 Team during the final seven races of the 2009 season, in addition to serving as third driver for the team in 2011.

Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean during the Chinese GP drivers' parade

Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean during the Chinese GP drivers’ parade

Eric Boullier, Team Principal: “It is with great pleasure that we can formally confirm that Romain Grosjean will continue with Lotus F1 Team next season. He has really made the most of his tremendous talent over the latter part of the 2013 season and will be a fantastic asset to our 2014 challenge. Romain will be joined by Pastor Maldonado; a driver I have known since he drove for me at DAMS in the 2005 World Series by Renault season. It is clear that Pastor has pace and potential – demonstrated by his 2010 GP2 Series title success and then through strong races throughout his career at Williams F1 Team – and we are convinced that we will be able to provide the correct environment to enable him to flourish regularly on track. We have been working on our new car in alignment with the new regulations for over two years and we are confident that we have a very good solution to all the challenges ahead. With Romain and Pastor I believe Lotus F1 Team will be able to cause quite a few surprises next year.”

Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean were rivals during the 2010 GP2 season

Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean were rivals during the 2010 GP2 season

Romain Grosjean, Lotus F1 Team Driver: “I am very happy to have official confirmation that I will be continuing to drive for Lotus F1 Team next season. This past year has been tremendously satisfying for me. We have worked well together, and I know everyone at Enstone is motivated to continue the fight for every last point available. I am very excited about next year’s car and I cannot wait to get out on track for pre-season testing before heading to Australia for the first race of the season.”

Pastor Maldonado, 2014 Lotus F1 Team Driver: “It is a fantastic opportunity for me to join Lotus F1 Team for 2014. It’s no secret that I have wanted a change of scene to help push on with my Formula 1 career and Lotus F1 Team offered the very best opportunity for me to be competitive next season. The regulations and cars will change significantly so it is a very good time for a fresh start. I can’t wait to be racing in black and gold.” (Lotus)

  • paul thailand


  • Spartacus

    I just hope that Maldonaldo can show some talent. Otherwise Lotus had better fit extra large bumpers.

  • leo ferrari

    nooooooooooooo,what happen? maldonado a Lotus…… is a joke,Really? is bad driver. suttil out the race texas.for guilty pastor maldonado.for one more position.

  • Hawk

    Shame shame
    That such a good team can be reduced to such prostitution.

  • Bas

    This would be great! Finally Pastor will get a good that that he deserves. If the Lotus is as good as it was the past 2 years Maldonado will certainly win some more races next year.

  • Irelmo

    Very sad to see great drivers out next year and pay drivers like pastor staying.. He’s had flashes of brilliance but his Hispanic temperament needs reigning in…

  • F1 seats for stock market

    F1 seats maybe heading for the blackmarket.
    Some mob bosses will be fighting and shooting rival gangs over f1 seats for there kids when they see Maldovillain in a Lotus next year.
    Will be selling drugs at the races too to make the races interesting when red bull dominates again. lol
    These damn Mexicans and Venezuellans. The Cubans are coming!!!

  • Bas

    Wow… stunning to read all these negative posts of people who apparently do not know a lot about Formula 1 and racing in general. Pastor not talented? Only about the money? Wake up people! Bags filled with money don’t win a GP2 championship or Formula 1 races. He’s the record holder in winning GP2 races in one season, has been on the podium in the number 1 driver circuit Monaco every year (winning it 2 times!) Get you facts straight.

  • Darren

    Should be interesting if they can supply a good car. I think he will not cope well when soundly beat by his team mate again next year.

  • Boycottthebull

    What a travesty! Lotus no longer has my support. He is going to cause nothing but friction between the team and his teammate. Surely Genii could have come up with a couple of mil for Hulkenberg.

  • captain tortuga

    Crashor Malfunctionado in a Lotus..

    They will notice this big time.. They will prolly loose fanbase hand over feet, and i’m guessing that apart from PDVSA sponsors are not very thrilled to see their logo’s only on stack crash-piles.

    He has had 1 lucky fluke.. and 40Million excuses, and then some. He is SLOW.. (outqualified , outscored, outpaced..)

    So if Grosjean performes like he does now, which is very good.. then Lotus should be happy ending 5th in the WCC.

    I would like to hear Mark Webbers comment on this one… “Not expensive to be a number-2 driver” xD

  • McLarenfan

    The worse decision in the history of F1!!!
    From now on there needs to be an urgent meeting of the F1 Strategy Group meeting!
    The cars all need a bumper around the whole of the car this needs to be mandatory due to Psycho Crashdonado in a fast starting Lotus.The bumpers need to be made from Steel Girders so the drivers need to lose some more weight so all teams are now looking for ex jockeys with car licences.


    You are surprised? Why? Did you seriously think that Maldonado would leave Williams without having a significantly better choice at hand? With more than 35 Millions in his pocket? Come on.

  • fapper


  • matthew

    I said this in another article, but if lotus does sign him they will not make the top 5 in 2014. Lotus’s money problems are managements fault, that they are even considering pastor reflects badly on them. hulkenburg+ grosjean would be a stellar team.

  • captain tortuga

    I when they announce Crashtor, after the announcement, at midnight, the ground will rumble,…. as Colin turns around in his grave..

  • Lols

    Fact: people who hate on Maldonado are jaded Hamilton fanboys or just British xenophobes.

    I hope he gets the drive at Lotus and drives circles around Hamilton.

  • sebolonso

    Happy for Pastor and Lotus, they kind of deserve each other. Interesting to see who gets upper hand in the team. Both Crashtor and Crashjean are drivers with raw speed over a lap. Neither of them have brains whatsoever and ambition that is above their skills. Interesting pairing to handle for fatso Eric and slime Lopez. Wonder if that Pakistanian guy is hanging around with his checks after this:). Anyway, congrats Crashtor.

  • matthew

    @ lols I’m not british or a hamilton fan. pastors performance this season speaks for itself. (the most crashes, in last place if you dont count the backmarkers) He just is not a talent, he’s not even average. He would be great for nascar.

  • Urko

    Yes, and by singning Retardado they will also change their name into “LoLtus” :D

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    Eric Boullier said he may see some surprises next year? The surprise will be having to pay more for the damage Maldonado has done to the car… I’m happy that Grojean is staying at Lotus… He has been on the podium for almost all the final few races since he went to see a psychiatrist..

  • matthew

    @mercedes supporter It really is ever since he went to the shrink isnt it? Whatever they said to him clearly worked, because he went from average to stellar very quick.

  • captain tortuga

    yeah i bet ya’ , that Pastor will surprise all the frontrunners all the time. But i think if he does his madness in the vicinity of the frontrunners he’ll be eating penalties like sweetpie.

    I don’t even hope anymore that all-season-nutcase proves me wrong.. if history is any reference it is clear that Malfunctionado has had 1 lucky fluke, and 40million excuses.

  • dcloudy777

    I was really hoping that Lotus would take the Perez money rather than the Venezuelan government-sponsored hack. At least Perez can drive.
    Grosjean has really begun to come into his own this year (nobody but Vettel has a better last half of 2013). His only hope now is to outqualify his teammate so soundly as to never have to drive anywhere near the ticking bomb that is Pastor “The Red Menace” Maldonado.
    Lotus is going to see there fan base shrink dramatically.

  • Rick

    must be nice to have money otherwise he’d still be getting allowance fron papa

  • Garth


    Fact, the first line of your post is a Stupid Opinion and that is a fact, the second line of your post is a wish and that also is a fact, get your head straight.

  • wolverine

    So that probably means Hulk and Perez are heading to Force India. A half decent car and these guys could be a pain in the arse for some top teams. :D

  • matthew

    @ wolverine I was just thinking that myself. It would be a mistake to underestimate them.

  • johans

    whata mistakata to maketaka

  • Garth

    Next year should be quite spectacular with numerous engine failures or blow ups etc, and then there’s that, what’s his name again the dodgem driver in a faster car taking out half the field and making up new excuses, So the key will be, speed, reliability and give the dodgem driver an extra wide berth.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Hope Maldonado can outscore Grosjean. Grosjean and Boullier is a big reason why Lotus in this situation. Why would I sponsor a team who got ever-learning Grosjean, specially after 2012. Management of Lotus simply incompetent. I wish they worked at least as hard as Lotus engineers.

  • JPSmoove

    Remember the 2012 season, Grosjean was reckless and in many accidents. The past season he did quite well. Perhaps there is hope for Maldonado after all.

  • Garth


    Where do you get the baloney that Grosjean and bouillier are to blame, it is Lopez/ Gennie who are short of cash, Bouillier is team principal nothing more and Grosjean has come good after his shaky start. On the subject of Crashtor Malfunction out scoring Grosjean he has no chance he started of *Bad* and got *worse*.

  • Snowman


    His name says it all. I guess he was upset Kimi got told to move out of the way.

  • Ve El

    O’Ferrari you are pazzo real pazzo since your name is O’ Ferrari you will understand.
    You people think that only Maldonado pay to race? A lot of people pay to race but let see the results Maldonado win Spain no Sutil no Perez no Hukenburg, never been suspended from a race,accidents yes a lot of them is call that hungry,Williams got the first race after 9 years what happen to the with the rest of the more or less 160 Grand Prix? My suggestion is first read and then talk and write because all this racist comments,and hate is not good,wishing the dead of somebody is out of this world.

  • sidhu

    Maldonado is championship material…no doubt about it…with Gros they are going to create havoc in the minds of opposition. If Lotus comes out with a great car they are going to rule…he is a complete package…Eric knows that…likewise they even persisted with RoGro in 2013 and we saw the results…he was regularly out qualifying his teammate…Maldonado may have an erring history but judging by the past is outdated. Or else then even Ferrari committed a blunder signing the introvert and easily distracted KIMI.

  • sidhu

    Have patience fellow commentator. Only a few months away to dissipate your ignorance about this sport ;)

  • The Pessimist

    Oh! Good, I would be interested in buying parts of that Lotus as scrap next year considering Romain and Pastor are driving for them.

  • K-15-

    Crashjean was a dumbf**k when he joined lotus. So is Maldonado now. I assume mal will flourish as boullier said with this team. Remember: hulkenberg, crashjean, pic were all beaten by this ‘spoiled hispanic’.

  • captain tortuga

    I have some trouble believing that some people are so thick , that they actually think there is potential in Malfunctiononado..
    Sure he has potential.. potential to kill marshalls, to decapitate fellow drivers, to publicly blame his team to sabotage him.

    The guy is a incompetent heap of acne. =period= underperforming and overpaying!

    And yes , there are more pay-DRIVERS.. in F1.. the big difference is that A: they either drive for some turtle-team at the back, or B : they do have some talent.

    Crashtors only talents are :

    Being spoiled.
    Crash into moving/standing objects.
    Being arrogant without 1 single reason to be so.
    Showboat with corrupted mobster-money.
    Ignoring (red) flags and in the process wounding and almost killing circuit – personnel. (more than once, and in more than 1 catagory)

    Should i continue?

    I would not let this stinksack park my car on an abandoned parkinglot.

  • captain tortuga

    @ K-15- :

    Yeah maybe Crossjean was on the wild side at the start, but you forget that Malfunctiononado already served many seasons in GP-2 AND in F1.. he is soooo overdue, that what you say is just lack of intelligence.

    Plus that Grosjean, has not yet attempted multiple murders on marshalls.

  • K-15-

    @captain tortuga:
    “Plus that Grosjean, has not yet attempted multiple murders on marshalls”
    It’s because he’s too busy trying to t-bone his car onto his fellow drivers. My point simply is, if someone erratic & dumb like crashjean can get a drive with lotus, so do maldonado.

    Touche bro. Forgot that the hulk was not in 2010 GP2. Thanks

  • captain tortuga

    @ K-15- : yeah well, still t-boning, (also a favorite hobby of your sweet Crashtor) is less serious then running over marshalls under flags..

    All one can hope for is that (preferably) a williams engine explodes whilst driving in front of Crashtor.. and in a freak accident pistondebry flies through his helmet … awwh that’s not really kind .. is it? .. well..

    But seriously this kid should go participate in local autocross or sumtin.. he really is not up to the job of driving an F1 car.. It took him like half a century to become GP-2champ, and even then there were but’s and if’s.. He is just incompetent.. he is a driver with a skill that is achievable for everybody with enough practice.. unlike guys like Kimi, alonso, Seb, Hulk, Lewis, and some others who really have a bit extra that is not achievable through training and practice.
    For sure crashtor is able to steer a racing car.. he is just not very good at it.. he is. average , mediocre i would argue..

  • fokkinmoron

    I can’t believe(actually I can) there are some fools who think Crashtor is a future champion or at least has potential. I’ll address the potential: Everybody has potential. However, Crashtor only has potential for death and destruction. Seriously, he drives like he’s playing a GTA game.
    I had planned to ignore next year’s leafblower series until I heard of Lotus’ crazy-ass move. Now 2014 just might have a little excitement.
    I just wonder if those 2 will ever be charged with manslaughter for the carnage they are about to unleash next year.

  • ooohlala

    Grosjean had better recommend his therapist to his new buddy or else Maldonado is going to cause some serious friction. When his front wing meets the side pod of another car!

  • McLarenfan

    Romain Grosjean has become a father and has seen a psychologist and he has had a wicked end to the season. He is under control and has done some awesome driving wheel to wheel “RESPECT”.
    Crashtor Malfunctiononado (Awesome rename captain tortuga) is the most erratic psychotic moron needing medication(Accusing the Williams team of messing with his car while talking to Nat Pinks). Crashtor Malfunctiononado Racing in the Renault World Series in 2005, ignored yellow flags before striking and severely injuring a marshal, he broke his back! The organizers of the Monaco Grand Prix then bannied Maldonado from the street circuit for life. His dad paid him off. But I remember seeing it was in fact the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

  • ZombieF1

    Crashtor Maldonoodle did it again.

  • Amp

    Grosjean has matured quite nicely this year. I don’t think the others need fear him. Crashtor, however, is something to be reckoned with.
    As one poster, (@FOKKINMORON), put it: “…he drives like he’s playing a GTA game.”
    Truer words never written. I guess a life is only worth a few million nowadays.

  • McLarenfan

    Not even a few million out of his own pocket he has his dad and PDVSA with the Late Hugo Chavez instructing them to pay up.

  • Pay-Driver Mafia

    By the way, thanks to the Venezuelan Mafia for taking out the Medical Helicopter during FP1 in Austin!

  • Pay-Driver Mafia

    First-class sabotage to hinder a possible opponent of McDonald’o for the Lotus seat to show his true potential.

  • Pay-Driver Mafia

    Who else would/could have done this? They spend 40 million bucks to get their driver in a team. So they sure had some 500k to boodle the pilot and his bosses.

  • Pay-Driver Mafia

    “How can we hinder Kovalainen in an effective way?” “Let’s take out the Helicopter!” “Really?” “Yes, yes, this could lose him as much as 44 minutes of practice time” “But, the money?” “Oh, c’mon we spend dozens of millions, 500k so what…” “Ok, let’s do it”

  • Pay-Driver Mafia

    And to anyone doubting this: When did a medical helicopter was not present at a grand prix session in the history of formula one? This is pretty much the very first thing to check to get a session done and they want to tell us they haven’t noticed? Bastards.

  • Ahmed Nafea

    Second pic says it all :)

  • captain tortuga

    @Ahmed : nice caption!

  • 2232

    Maldonado might surprise a few people next yr, imo. As comment from ‘Bas’ above, Maldonado does have a GP2 title under his belt & an F1 race win. Sure he is a pay driver, but there have been a lot fo them in the past, Alonso, Schumacher, even Lauda & Fangio were all pay drivers at some pioint. Maldonado, like Grosjean, has raw speed. I think this pairing will be one to watch

  • McLarenfan

    @2232: How dare you place Crashtor Malfunctiononado in the same context as Alonso, Schumacher, Lauda & Fangio that is pure Blasphemy!!!

  • PB

    So what has happened to the Mansoor Ijaz funding?

  • Ramon


    ‘Quantum Motorsport still working on Lotus F1 team investment’
    … banking complications that have prevented the transfer of monies to Lotus’ accounts can now be overcome soon to ensure the deal is complete.

    Getting the financial situation resolved has been complicated by the fact that Quantum is backed by numerous investors, including business interests from Russia and Abu Dhabi, the Kuwaiti Royal Family and another major Middle Eastern oil-producing nation.

    Despite the numerous delays in completing the deal, Lotus and Genii have kept faith in the project because in October the monies were actually transferred to their accounts, prior to a request from authorities for it to be resubmitted in smaller amounts because of strict banking stipulations.

    With Maldonado now confirmed for next year, Lotus is no longer under immediate pressure to rush the Quantum deal through as the team’s short-term future is at least secure.

  • Kimi4WDC


    Quantum deal is not much better what they get from Maldonado.

    Maldonado and Quantum deal was always essential for Lotus survival. Frankly PDSVA could have bought 30% stake in Lotus with the money they providing.

    Lotus definately need new faces in their upper level management, as ones who there now are totally incompetent.