Whitmarsh: Red Bull spend the most in Formula 1, everyone knows that they do

Martin Whitmarsh with Christian Horner

Martin Whitmarsh with Christian Horner

After Ferrari denied that it is the biggest spender in Formula 1, McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh has claimed that the most financially powerful team in pitlane is actually Red Bull.

Like Ferrari, Red Bull denies it, but Whitmarsh insists that “everyone knows” that the energy drinks-owned team – the dominant World Champions for the last four seasons consecutively – spends the most.

In fact, Whitmarsh said that meteoric level of spending has actually distorted the sport.

He said that his counterpart Christian Horner’s claim that Red Bull doesn’t spend the most is just rubbish.

“You’ll see that’s just rubbish but everyone knows that and they know it as well,” Whitmarsh is quoted by Bloomberg.

Red Bull F1 World Champions at what price?

Red Bull F1 World Champions at what price?

Horner, however, said that rival teams, and Formula 1 fans who are claiming that Red Bull is making the racing boring, are just frustrated.

One of them is Lotus team boss Eric Boullier, who thinks Red Bull’s continual dominance is “killing the show”.

Horner reacted: “I can see why people get perhaps frustrated with it but I think that the racing has been very good.

“The fastest way to become unpopular is to start winning. And we’ve done a lot of winning the last few years. It’s inevitable that doesn’t sit too comfy with some teams,” he added.

“From a selfish team point of view the more boring and the more races that we can win the better. But of course we need to compete, we want competition,” said Horner. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    Of course RB spends the most.. that is no secret.. don’t need confirmation from Crystal Horny either, to know that.

    Just think.. 10years ago… No RB.. just some snailing backmarker team.. now, 10 years and at least 10BILLION dollar later hey are champions.

    I also don’t understand why everybody (fans namely) makes such an issue out of the championships.. i just watch for entertainment.. I see is as WWF-wrestling.. it is all FAKE, but i just like to see the show.

    I also watch real racing, but as we all know real racing is not done in the highest series.. and especially F1.

    Look at the fact that Maldonado still drives in F1! that tells you everything.

    I don’t like RedBul btw.. not the drink, not the car nor the screamy, arrogant, and obtrusive way of their marketing.
    then again, i always try to avoid any brands that i see on commercials. I like my local braches 10x better than all this mainstraim junk, and other silly stuff that no one needs.

  • Robin ducker

    Everyone knows this but confirmation from previous high spenders is welcome. What I find really interesting is that Whitmarsh has been particularly vocal recently. A man under pressure for sure and deservedly so. He needs to step up and not before time. Hint: he might like to look at some of the people he employes…one of them sits to his immediate left on the pit wall.

  • jay wentz

    The only thing Red Bull have to do is make sure Adrian Newey’s check clears the bank!

  • Boycottthebull

    Given that Red Bull get given 75 million appearance fee from Bernie and Ferrari get 100 million while Lotus get nothing you can see why its easy for those two teams to spend the most money. Those appearance fees are are the same as Lotus’ entire annual budget before the two have started to even slam down their own cash and winnings from the previous season. Captain T is right, its just a show now and its meant to be Red Bull or Ferrari as the winners. How many time have you seen some ridiculous penalty handed out while Vettel does the same thing in the same race and goes unpunished or even mentioned. F1 has become a bit of a farce. Its fun to watch the circus though.

  • Lol

    And Mclaren was spending the most in the decades before this, with Ferrari. F1 is boring, the one spending the most wins.

    Sour losers with their hypocrisy.

  • bobw

    Boycottthebull – I find it hard to believe that Red Bull is spending more than the factory teams with all of their money, personnel, and other resources. Ferrari and Mercedes have pretty deep pockets that far exceed what Red Bull has access to. However, haters want to hate and you will keep hating.

  • Garth

    Yes, let us all see the previous spends with the teams say over the past decade, publish it instead of accusing. At the moment Twitmarsh you spend more time scratching your head than anyone, big Ron must be really proud of you, like Mr Button being a distant memory is just around the corner.

  • Taskmaster

    The spending argument is impossible to quantify. Mercedes has plenty of places to hide spending, particularly on the drive-train and customer areas, not to mention deeper in the corporate bush. McLaren hides spending in the electronics side, and customer parts side. Ferrari is nothing but a stash hole in which to hide expenses, from corporate levels to works components and customer accounts. Red Bull has fewer layers in which to hide spending, like in its marketing side, the sponsor side, and from its ownership – but the potential to conceal actual expenses is still higher than most. This is why they have never been able to pull together a working RA, it’s not possible to police, and the teams with the fewest hidey holes suffer the most from it.

  • Ukwhite

    There is truth in Whitmarsh’s words for sure, but hearing it from the biggest F1 loser’s mouth sounds as an excuse for his incompetence.

    But boy, Ferrari and Mercedes are close for sure if not more. Not to mention the waste of mine 3 times than Vettel maybe, they spend on last years looser Albso and Lewis. What a waste…

  • Troy F Collins

    Nobody whines when Ferrari wins…we expect that..with a large fan base and budget..they make lovely cars and we love to see them dominate A soft drink manufacture steps in with tons of cash(sells 9 million cans a day…1 dollar clear profit per unit…365 days hmmm…) Buys the hottest F1 designer…and assembles excellent components…they got lucky with Vettel…it could have gone the other way but he developed brilliantly… Voila 4 world championships !!!

    Good and lucky… with a pile of cash worked for them……but the organization was truly brilliant They made fewer mistakes every year…..

    They wont dominate forever…if only because the law of averages says so…..

    lets hope for a better season where anyone can win…past few year were very close…and this year was far to predicable

  • matthew

    @bobw thats not correct. Red bull as a company has far far (vastly) deeper pockets than mclaren or ferrari. neither of those companies makes 10s of billions net profit yearly.

  • farizY

    Sore losers…enough said.

  • Amp

    I love it!!! RBR took a lot of crap and snide remarks upon their entry into F1. Even McLaren were cracking on them.
    Now everyone is whining about a “drink company” dominating F1.
    The “money spending” is a cheap shot from an angry bunch of old whiney dumbasses.
    I hope RBR makes it 5 in a row just because they’re my fave team and it’s good to rub it in my friends’ faces(they ragged on me about RB till they started winning.)
    Plus the bonus of watching all the other RBR detractors eating their words is just icing on the cake.

  • mr18000rpm

    wow just imagine how much RBR would spend if they wasted as much money as Ferrari do on Alonso’s salary!

  • matthew

    @mr18000rpm that doesn’t even make sense.