Webber: I still don’t really know Marko’s role in the team, he was very critical of me from day one

Mark Webber former Red Bull driver

Mark Webber former Red Bull driver

Comments in which Mark Webber was highly critical of his former Red Bull colleagues have been removed from the Australian’s official website, not in time though to be noted that his relationship within the Red Bull outfit was strained to say the least.

It has been no secret that Webber, who has left the World Champion team and Formula 1 to lead a more relaxed life with Porsche, had been enduring strained relationships with bosses Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Once very close friends and even sharing ownership of a racing team with the 40-year-old Briton, Webber admitted in the deleted comments that he and Horner are “probably not as close now as we once were”.

“Christian is going to be with the team for a long time – indefinitely, you’d imagine, unless he gets an approach from somewhere else – so he’s got to make sure that he tries to keep everything as smooth as possible,” said Webber.

Mark Webber with Christian Horner on the podium in Brazil

Mark Webber with Christian Horner on the podium in Brazil

“In some cases that hasn’t been something which might have benefitted me. That’s put a stress on the relationship.”

Webber’s strained relationship with Austrian Marko, who has always vigorously championed Vettel’s cause, has been much more obvious.

He said in the deleted comments: “I still don’t really know [Marko’s] role in the team, so…yeah. He was very critical of me from day one but in the end he’s obviously brought Seb through and done a great job with that.

“He’s probably disappointed that Formula 1 teams have to have two cars. But they do,” added Webber.

Webber, 37, began his comments about former teammate Vettel in a complimentary tone, describing the new four-time World Champion as “phenomenally gifted”.

Mark Webber celebrates his first GP win with Helmut Marko in Germany  2009

Mark Webber celebrates his first GP win with Helmut Marko in Germany 2009

“We know that his strength is qualifying and the first five laps of the race. That’s his signature punch. That’s the hardest part to control,” said Webber.

As for their relationship, however, Webber said: “There’s so much water under the bridge between us that it’s hard to think of more positives than negatives.

“That’s a bit disappointing because you want to keep everyone in a respectful light, and give them as big a chance as possible, for as long as you can,” he added.

“But I think there’s probably too much that’s gone on between us. Maybe when we’re 50-odd things will be different but with what we’ve been through it’s hard to draw a line under too much of it,” said Webber.

Mark Webber chucks his helmet to his crew after his final grand prix in Brazil

Mark Webber chucks his helmet to his crew after his final grand prix in Brazil

“For sure I’m not super-bothered by it and nor is he. That’s just the way it is,” he concluded.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that when Bernie Ecclestone presented the retiring Webber at his last grand prix with a Brazilian flag bearing the signatures of his fellow Formula 1 drivers, Vettel’s was the only missing name.

But Ecclestone reportedly appeared after the post-race press conference at Interlagos and personally asked Vettel to sign the flag. “Webber was not pleased,” said correspondent Michael Schmidt. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Please spill more… Write a book even. We’ll buy them all.

  • Tom Riddle

    I’m sure the truth will out once he’s clear of his Red Bull contract. A book would be good.

  • Spartacus

    Fair and honest and open comments from Mark. What we’ve come to expect from him!

  • Tony Bray

    A book would be fantastic ! What a pity he worked for a very one sided team, I feel sorry for Ricciardo , may be they have something about Aussies.

  • Donna

    And so it begins….

  • earlcee7

    Liked the story, more so the comments!!

  • bobw

    Classic Webber…he bad mouths everybody and then cries when they don’t like him. If you have pissed off three people in the team, there might be something you are doing wrong.

  • haha

    Haha, Red bull even controls Mark’s official website or what? Yes please write a book.

    Tony Bray, that’s why they chose Daniel, he’s more compliant than Jev. Look at the Monza Wsr race between them both, Vergne won it on track but it went unjustly to Daniel behind the green table. Vergne showed he was a true racer but lacked compliance. But Vettel and Kvyat don’t show that either.

    When I saw Kvyat’s races in Monza and Spa in Gp3 this year I said to my brother, “this will be the next one”. He declared me insane, who’s laughing now?

    Marko seems to take much credit but it’s only down to the drivers own talent and the team’s effort in building the best car. It’s really not his 1working eye that spots talent if even I can spot them. Kvyat, Magnussen, Frijns who should be in F1, Lance Stroll, Nick de Vrys, Max verstappen. This will be iurfuture

  • Tamburello_1994

    Only getting year to year contracts should have told Webber all he needed to know as far as his status was within the team. Surprised he didn’t get the hint.

  • Max

    More please spill the beans Mark tell us about the flexy floor tc and so on

  • the fan

    tamburello… nice one, you nailed it!

  • MightyK

    @bobw: Put a cork in your pie hole. Do you even follow the sport?

    @Tamburello_1994: He’s on the best team! What would you do?
    He wants to win!
    Again I’ll say it….Webb is the only real MAN on the grid for many years. Can you imagine all the tears if Alonso or Hamilton went through the same?

  • Boycottthebull

    Im with majority here, a book would be great! However one of the things I always wanted answered is what is Markos actual role in the team? What does he do apart from destabilize it and protect Vettel? If even Webber doesnt know the answer to that Im never going to find out even if he writes a tell all book. Darn!

    @Bobw – Webber is gone now its about time you picked another driver to single out and bad mouth at every post. How many aliases do you have I have counted three so far?

  • Taskmaster

    A blood thirsty mob hoping to see some nasty tell-all from a disgruntled driver is typical of the baser lust for witnessing harm that causes people to slow down hoping to see splatter marks and body parts in auto accidents – not something to proclaim proudly.

    It is a hard not being a little disappointed with Weber. Many look(ed) up to him as one of the fighters, who was all-in – even when the odds were against him. This just comes off as sour grapes. Pointing to others, on his way out the door, as the reason he was not more is weak. This is the team he stayed with loyally for many years – by his own choice. Anything he feels slighted by was of his own making and acceptance.

    And… @Boycottboy – You have zero credibility critiquing anyone here for singling out one driver for constant bashing – jus’ sayin’.

  • Yeah right

    Oh look he backstabbing already started and the British ‘fans’ already beg for more of his BS.

    The reason Marko did not like him is because he knew Webber is a lying, deceiving, backstabber. He proved that in Brazil 2009 when he said to the BBC before Practice 1 “I would rather help Button to win the title than my teammate (Vettel)”.

    That is when it all went sour between him and Vettel/Marko. Imagine Massa saying he would rather help Vettel to win the title than his teammate Alonso, or Rosberg saying he would rather help Maldonado win the title than his teammate Hamilton? Everyone would go nuts. But with Webber everyone laughed at it in a “good job mate” way.

    There Webber and the British media/fans showed their true face and since then it has been the same thing; painting Webber always as the hero and Vettel the evil German villain.

    Same for Turkey 2010, he was told on the radio to let Vettel pass (“save fuel”) because the 2 Mclarens were too close, so Vettel thought Webber would not fight and leave space. Same with Silverstone 2010 when Webber said after the Practise sessions on Friday that he did not like the new wing and could not work with it. So Newey decided to put it on Vettels car because Vettel was very positive about it. Suddenly Webber made a whole fuss out of it in front of the media, which also surprised his own mechanics because a few hours before he said he did not want the wing. Then we have Silverstone 2011 and Brazil 2012. Why would Marko or Vettel or anyone like him?

    So yes, he is a backstabbing liar.

  • Ukwhite

    Two sides story always. Mark is one of a kind, but he is gonna get hit if he continues that way. Everybody’s a$$ gets kicked by his/hers big mouth. Bread and circus to masses, poor guy fools himself…

  • Snowman

    @Yeah right

    You clearly lack the ability to read. Webber went to red bull in 2007, so how is 2009 day one?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Comparisons can also be made on how Webber leaves his team and how Massa leaves Ferrari – pretty much under the same circumstances.

    The rear gunner action is not a good look. Sour grapes indeed.

  • Donna

    No one should bite the hand that fed him. Mark won his GPs with Red Bull. After he broke his leg, Dietrich Mateschitz let him know that the team was behind him. So he wasn’t happy after Malaysia 2013. Suck it up. Vettel was faster. When Ferrari told Massa to let Alonso through (Germany 2010), people complained about teams orders. After Silverstone 2011, when Mark disobeyed team orders not to pass Vettel, he said he’d do it again. So grinding on about multi-21 is disingenuous.

  • bobw

    Boycottthebull – I have already explained the different names to you but your tiny mind seems to have forgot.

  • Angus94

    Webber has gone , no need for me to take an interest in F1 anymore, i have my black armband on for Daniel Richardo already, they will eat him alive poor bugger.

  • MaxBax

    It’s all quite simple.
    Webber is nice guy (great guy)…but whats the old saying “nice guys finish second”
    He was good, but not as good as Vettal.
    Weber said himself, he felt like Gerhard Berger when he was at McLaren with Senna.
    Perhaps a topic could be, who is greatest No 2 of all time?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Marko sees Vettel as the man he would have been if he didn’t lose his eye. That is a lie. Marko was never that good. But he dreams that Vettel is the new Marko. In reality Marko is the parent at the sporting match, yelling at the coach to put their kid in the prime position. He is living vicariously through Vettel. That is why he has hated Webber from day one. He promoted Ricciardo to make sure that Vettel stays number one. It is a wonderful case in psychology.

  • AFA

    I used to like Webber a lot, but I have changed my mind now he’s started throwing dirt at his former team. Where would he be now if it wasn’t for Red Bull? He’s an average driver that hadn’t achieved much before Red Bull and then his chance came when he had a top car! Of course he expected to be No.1 but unfortunately for him, the other guy was Vettel! When he had his chance to establish himself over Vettel, because unlike him, he had experience he didn’t. Can you really blame Marko/Horner/Newey for having Vettel as a favourite? Vettel won championships for the team. Yes, Webber has helped, but lets face it, if the other driver was average like Webber, do you really think, Red Bull would have won anything?

    Webber brought all treatment issues upon himself. He’s constantly refused to help his teammate when needed, namely Brazil 2012, so why would Vettel gift him the race in Malaysia? Surely if Webber was good enough to win, he should have raced to the finish and not expect Vettel to back off and let him win.

  • Ukwhite

    Getting support fom non-Bulls fans mainly, it is quite embarassing for Mark, so lame.

    The same fans that hate and belittle Vettel; the same Vettel Mark has openly declared he keeps in high esteem.

    Suck it up Mark, better don’t give satisfaction to all losers, be the man and fix the relations with your former colleagues, have a good laugh that will help everybody forget and forgive.

  • Garth

    Red Bull Cheats

    Daniel Riaccardo was promoted to the R.B. seat because he was considered better than Vergne. Kvyat was given Daniels seat to hone is undoubted talent. If all goes according to plan Kvyat will partner Vettel in 2015. R.B. will then have the two fastest young men on the grid and as Marko hopes to keep R.B a consistent one and two and even spice up his own show. This move will also insure that Vettel keeps his motivation to win.

  • Dave g

    Only one common denominator in all these fallings out, unfortunately that’s mark. Should have done your talking on the track.

  • practical

    @ MadBax that will be easy , it will be Alain Prost to Ayrton Senna isn’t?

  • Allan

    I like Mark, and I am a huge Porsche fan… however, these comments don’t do him any favors.

    He had a lot of success with Red Bull, and he did his fair share of “stuff” too (Britian 2011, Brazil 2012 to name a couple of obvious ones). Although some like to view him as blameless, the truth is the rift between him and Vettel is shared by both men.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Garth, seems you know everything about Red Bull. Nice.

  • Boycotthehaters

    I wouldn’t believe Mark Webber if he told me water flows downhill. Every word out of his mouth is self-serving.

    At any other team but Red Bull (where he was close friends with the real boss, Dietrich Mateschitz) Webber would have been disciplined or sacked long ago.