Montezemolo: We will prohibit Alonso from Twitter

Luca di Montezemolo with Fernando Alonso

Luca di Montezemolo with Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has been banned from communicating to his fans about Ferrari via his personal Twitter account – @alo_oficial – by order of Team President Luca di Montezemolo.

The Spaniard had his ‘ear tweaked’ by Montezemolo earlier this year, after making a series of disparaging remarks about the development of Ferrari’s 2013 car and the team itself.

“We will prohibit him from Twitter,” Montezemolo is reported to have said during his in-depth interview with Italian television Rai Uno this week.

“Although Alonso, like anyone else, can write on Twitter what he wants, everything concerning Ferrari will be communicated by Ferrari,” he declared.

Alonso explained that he has embraced Twitter, more aggressively than any of his peers, as it provides him with a direct line of communication between himself and his fans.

How will fans stay informed with @alo_oficial now censored?

How will fans stay informed with @alo_oficial now censored?

“Since I started using Twitter, I am the one who says what I am doing,” explained the Ferrari driver. “Before, it could be said that I was spending my holiday with elephants or that I was having dinner with Obama, but now for example, I can be the one to say that I was in Italy, skiing on New Year’s day before going to Russia and from there to Brazil to take part in the kart race organised by Felipe.

“Tweeting means I can be in direct contact with my fans, to help them discover aspects of my job that they would never get to know otherwise. Of course, I can’t say everything because in Formula 1, a lot of information has to remain confidential, but I think it is still a fun and useful tool,” added the Spaniard.

A year ago, almost to the day, Ferrari took action to clamp down on Alonso’s Twitter and Facebook activity, which prompted him to comment, “There are a lot of interesting things I could tell the fans during a race weekend, but of course there is also a press department that keeps an eye on me constantly.”

Alonso has yet to respond to the latest clampdown order from the team’s ‘capo’. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    hutja! And thats another reason to dislike Ferrari.. they were doing ok, with al the RB-distractions.. but , whammy, here is some nice backwards thinking by a medieval dinosaur. Bravo! espresso,bambino,hurray!

  • Spartacus

    Never mind.. Alonso can still leak Ferrari info via Instagram.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Looks like Alonso has reached the limits in attacking his own team. Alonso will never be champion, everybody hates him in the team now.

    Vettel is superior to him also in terms of team spirit, in addition to speed, talent, morale, and fairness.

  • Spartacus

    Saving Alonso from himself. ;-)

  • daemia

    Hahaha Seb not Sen

  • Urko

    Now I’m 100% sure that 2014 wi’ll be Alonso’ last year at Ferrari. If I were Alonso i would send Luca to #go fu.k him self;)))

  • holly

    Is Ferrari for real?, Alonso has never said anything bad about Ferrari on twitter, what is the reason for this?, is not like he upload confidential info like Hamilton.

  • sebolonso

    Lucs has been too patient with Fernando, like a father that feels pain when a spoilt child can’t behave. What Fernando has done, is downgrading the result off his colleagues on twitter, while up grading his own. That is absolutely unacceptable from management POV. Luca has to look after best interest of the team, Alonso obviously looks solely after his own. Well done by Luca, but a bit late.

  • F1 MAD

    LDM must be related to Mussolini . Hasn’t he heard of freedom of speech ?

  • Urko

    Is there any explicit twitt that caused Luca’s “reaction”??

  • Urko

    @sebolonso, pls don’t tell me that he posted his telemetry on Twitter..!!??;)

  • Dave Hensey

    Well now that is just total paranoia ..jeez ferrari u are loosin it .as a die hard ferrari fan I think this is pure bullsh#t

  • MacStar

    Alonso, a talent wasted at Ferrari.

  • Ukwhite

    It is deep buried into his subcortical system, it is about ‘judgements’ and agressivenes, that is Alonso, so no hope for Luca. But Luca has a point.

  • Dean C

    How to motivate and win over your driver!! Never mind Mr A…back to McLaren in 2015 eh?

  • McLarenfan

    Paranoia setting in they are bout to hire Crashdonardo to replace Alonso but they want to do the press release Alonso to Lotus, Psycho Crashdonardo can win with Ferrari says Luca di Montezemolo

  • Blackdog

    Monte is such a Muppet.
    He just can’t keep quiet can he?, and he only opens his mouth to change feet!
    Alonso is seriously bored with having to drive crap cars and to add insult to injury he has to listen to the public rantings of this senile old goat.
    Monte please do us all a favour and shut t’ f’ up!!!
    You are nothing but a jumped up pantry boy.
    Fernando, tell him to go forth and multiply and drive for Lotus in 2014. At least you’d have a decent car and a chance for the championship.
    As for Monte declaring that it’s a joke, the very suggestion of Mr Horner taking over from Bernie, I struggle to think of anyone better, except perhaps Ross, or David Richards.
    (It’s a shame Christian isn’t interested in the job).
    Monte YOU are the joke.

  • Glauce Vasconcelos

    Imagina…Alonso me conquistou no twitter a torcer pela Ferrari..Adoro a pilotagem corajosa do “Alonso” e também o adoro porque ele gosta e sabe conquistar muitos aqui no twitter..! Terminar em 2 na temporada..Só o Alonso é capaz..!

  • jay wentz

    Recently Alonso has been MUCH better than Ferrari! LDL should b very thankful for that as Stefano is. Stefano seems much more intelligent than LDL to me. For those of u not so smart as to see Alonso’ s Great talent u should look at the answers from the other F1 drivers about him! I certainly value their opinions much more than yours! If not for Alonso where would they b n constructors champ for several years now? He has carried them on his TALENT!

  • delfino

    You people are such idiots, it’s unbelievable! This is just another way for the media to stir things up and create stories where there are none. This twitter clamp down is not meant to insult Alonso, it’s meant to protect Alonso and Ferrari from the media who is always twisting Alonso’s words in order to create some stupid stories. Luca just doesn’t want media creating idiotic rumors and stories by twisting Alonso’s words into something he hasn’t said. But of course the pathetic Ferrari haters have all crawled out of their holes and are now having a field day with this story…pfff! *smh*

  • maverick

    Do you people think that other teams don’t censor their drivers social media communications? LOL yea right! Every self-respecting big company does that, it’s nothing new. The company that I work for doesn’t want it’s employees to say anything about them over the internet either and they also monitor my social media pages. This story has been blown out of proportion once again just because it’s about Ferrari and it sells.

  • manila

    poor Alonso, had the absolute best car in 2012. had a huge lead but cracked at the end.

  • maverickisright

    Maverick, michaelfrommaine here. you are spot on. for quite a while now, it’s not been uncommon for employees to be fired for being jackasses online. Biting the hand that feeds you. yup, sounds logical to me.
    it’s amazing how otherwise professional adults can turn into babbling morons when using their social media accounts.

  • Butterfly

    Alonso should wipe the floor with Ferrari’s new darling (Kimi), take the WDC, then pack his bags and go to McLaren just to humiliate the Italians.

    What a bunch of rednecks. The guy just delivered another mega season and they take away his twitter, rate him at 8, tweak his ear – whatever the f{u}c{k} that means – and try to pick a fight with him.

    Somebody needs to put LdM in his place or it’s going to cost Ferrari even more that it has in these last years.

  • Maserati123

    I agree with Ferrari.If Alonso was Ferrari’s boss he would not want his drivers to be chattering on twitter every moment about the team.Enzo would never allow this.Alonso has to show respect to Ferrari.Alonso will come and go and Ferrari will still be around.I think they should hire Hulkengburg and let Alonso go.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Raikkonen will probably decimate Alonso, then Alonso would start twittering about how unfair he is treated. Better to prevent that.

  • sebolonso

    Allison has done his homework comparing FA and KR telemetry data and come to conclusion who is better of the two. Finally Luca can relax and put the spoilt brat on place publicly. Ferrari management are preventing the Princess whining on his twitter account coming season. Wise move.

  • sidhu

    Careful Monty…you are treading dangerously. If might turn out to be Alonso prohibiting you from his life.

  • sebolonso

    Alonso has narcistic personality, believing everything at Ferrari is about him. Luca, his boss and employer, just have told him, what he is entitled to do and what not. Like a f…ing “kinder garten”.with grown up man getting millions, to drive a car most would drive for free, and behaving like that. This story is embarresment for Ferrari.
    Or, the price they are paying for having Santander banks multimillion sponsor deal. He is the pay driver coming together with the package.

  • Depmmar

    Luca, do ferrari a favour & depart. You messed up & all that dirt in your Ferrari back yard is completely your personal responsibility. You don’t have any intelligent in-house that can think out side the box. If it wasn’t for Alonso, Ferrari would have had the biggest fan lose rating over the last 4 years…most probably you still use that old red Nokia of yours.

  • mr18000rpm

    perhaps Ferrari should consider prohibiting Montezemolo from Montezemolo….

  • Debjit

    What’s wrong with him posting stuff? He ain’t really posting any secrets….and by the way the past 3 seasons have gone….Team Ferrari has no secrets to post!….And he really hasn’t told teams “not to worry….Ferrari is back again this season with an UNDER POWERED LAME ASS CAR!”….so why stop him from reaching out to us with stuff that you will never talk about?