Fire brigade called as Mercedes V6 turbo goes up in flames

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A fire this week was not the first incident at Brixworth, as Mercedes develops its turbo V6 engine for 2014.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that the fire brigade was called to the German manufacturer’s Northamptonshire headquarters on Monday evening after an Formula 1 engine caught fire on a test bench.

Mercedes said there was no significant damage, and that the fire department was only summoned as a precaution.

But AM&S correspondent Michael Schmidt said that the development of the Mercedes turbo motor has been troublesome, with other incidents having also occurred recently. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • McLarenfan

    not a good sign is it

  • Tom Riddle

    I look forward to the first few handgrenade engines in Melbourne.

  • Spartacus

    It’s going to make the season a bit more interesting!

  • captain tortuga

    lol @ tom Riddle

    @mcLarenfan : no not a good sign at all.. it makes my fear even more manifest.. after the first rumours a month or 3 ago that MB would have a 100Bhp advantage over their rivals, i was thinking that that could well be going in a straight trade-off with reliability..

    So a ‘slow’ renault that actually kees running will be worth a lot more points than a lightningfast Merc that breaks down.

    I actually think we will see a lot of break down, from next year..
    Since everything that is build nowadays , is only engineered to break, one can only assume that the new F1 will be the pinnacle of “breaking engineering” ;) xD

  • Hawk

    lol, Well at least it happened now and not in Australia. Now they can find out what went wrong and fix the problem that it doesn’t happen again. They should’ve kept their mouth shut about the extra 100bhp they will have. Now the other teams can expect it and prepare for it. Merc Fan.

  • captain tortuga

    Im also pretty sure, that Renault and Ferrari also wrecked a couple of engines. this makes the news because the Firedepartment was alerted.. which probably says more about the level of fire-protection over there than anything else ;)

    =wishful thinking=

  • Just testing beyond limits at this stage

    At this point they will all just be testing beyond the limits to identify the reliability limits. Dont think the other teams contact the local fire departments allowing the outside world to be aware of failures.
    They might have there own in house fire team, etc.

    I won’t be surprised if the merc will have more failures than the other teams, but whose to say they won’t dominate most of the time and only blow up at hot tracks. Nobody knows…

    Also if they do have an engine capable of 100bhp more than others and dial back it to just 30 bhp more than others. they will still have an advantage. Its like an M3 BMW capable 300kph and governed to 250kph max speed.

    The W05’s light fuel mix (low engine setting) could be the equivalent of the RB10’s (normal fuel mix). Merc could be on to something here. At this point nobody knows.

  • McLarenfan

    @captain tortuga:
    Thanks I was also thinking, to blow the Renault’s in the pits @ Brazil they took the limiters off and they were hitting 22,000 rpm so obviously to run @ 18,000 rpm limited they were very safe so I do think on the test bench these “Power Units” would be off restriction but I think the ERS is were the fire starts or the Kers harvesting and that I think will be the weak spot the 1.6 side is nothing the turbo is now an alternator turbo combi the bolt on electrics and batteries toaster and coffee machine are the main weaknesses and causes of fire.

  • matthew

    well I guess the 100hp advantage went up in smoke!

  • Boycottthebull

    I misunderstood reports that the new turbo merc engines were going to be the hottest on the grid next season. I now concede the Merc engines really are the hottest! People will miss the scream of the old F1 engines but that will be replaced by new sights and smells. Explosive fireworks and the smell of burning carbon fibre.

  • Garth

    This must have been the extra 100 BHP Mercedes were boasting about. This must be one potent unit when it explodes on the bench. Take note everyone, Mercedes have just discovered that they will be going like a rocket next year, but the direction is questionable, it may well be skywards.

  • grat

    It’s a misunderstanding. The Mercedes works team is fitting their system to double as a flamethrower / smoke screen generator to be used between the start/finish line and the first turn.

    On the plus side, it can fully cook a ham in 200 meters.