Brawn to head up Honda F1 engine supply project…or return to Ferrari?

Ross Brawn is n stranger to Honda

Ross Brawn is n stranger to Honda

Mercedes announced that Ross Brawn is leaving the German team, as has been reported by us for some months, and the latest speculation is that he will resurface as head of Honda’s next F1 foray starting in 2015 as engine supplier to McLaren, although a return to Ferrari may also be on the cards.

Brawn, 58, has been the Brackley based Team’s Principal since even before the Stuttgart marque took over in 2010.

Bild  reports that Brawn will take some months off to indulge his passion for fishing, but that there is a “very good chance” that he will return to Formula 1 with McLaren’s 2015 engine supplier, Honda.

In October, Brawn was adamant when asked by the BBC about his future, “I’m not talking to Honda, I’m not talking to McLaren.”

Ross Brawn celebrates with his eponymous Brawn GP team in 2009

Ross Brawn celebrates with his Brawn GP team in 2009

Brawn was the boss of Honda’s Brackley based works team until the Japanese manufacturer pulled out of Formula 1 at the end of 2008.

He led a management buyout, after which he won the title with Jenson Button as Brawn GP in 2009.

Brawn GP was bought out by Mercedes-Benz in November 2009 in a deal reported to be worth $ 176 million. Brawn, the majority shareholder, remained as Team Principal.

He and Nick Fry each kept a 24.9% share in the new team, which was then sold to Mercedes in early 2011.

Jenson Button, who powered to the 2009 F1 World Championship driving for Brawn GP, said recently, “One thing is for sure – Ross Brawn will not join the team next season.”

Ross Brawn with Michael Schumacher and Stefano Domenicali in 2002 during Ferrari's most successful period

Ross Brawn with Michael Schumacher and Stefano Domenicali in 2002 during Ferrari’s most successful period

Speculation that he could find his way to Williams was denied by Claire Williams, “There have been no conversations with Ross.”

A return to Ferrari has also been suggested, but Team Principal Stefano Domenicali was evasive when asked about the possibility.

“I cannot answer that question because whatever answer I give, there will be a lot of titles on the newspapers,” he said “I have such a respect for Ross, as a friend first of all, and as a professional that, really, let’s wait and see.”

There is also a chance that Brawn could reunite with his former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, who is now president of Formula 1’s governing FIA. (GMM)

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  • Tom Riddle

    No surprises there. Every time he’s been asked about it he’s given that little smile.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Not surprised either.

    Kimi AND Ross could work out nice for a Ferrari resurgence.

  • Butterfly

    If Ferrari offer him the job of team principal, he’ll take it.

  • splat

    Maybe Domenicali could go to Williams and Brawn to Ferrari. Williams has become such a loser that they wouldn’t even notice Domenicali’s inability to win WCC’s. But he could be with Massa, though.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ splat, Twice in the last 4 years Ferrari came within a few points of winning the WDC. But you make out like they finished last.

  • Spartacus

    Brawn has already stated where he’s going.

    He’s going fishing.

  • Major Tom

    Gone fishing

  • McLarenfan

    Or could Ross be at McLaren Mmmmmmmmmmm food for thought Ross can fish in the lake outside the McLaren Technology Centre

  • Spartacus

    I would *so* like to see Ross Brawn sitting there fishing in the lake! Could you imagine Ron Dennis’s face when he sees that?

    (I have a huge respect for what both these men have achieved.)

  • matthew

    All we can do is speculate right now, but I would love to see him go to lotus and whip those guys into shape! their biggest problem is poor management.

  • McLarenfan

    If Ross were to go to McLaren I think Ron wouldn’t care if he turned up with waders a fishing hat and his rods as Ron would be ordering a new trophy cabinet.

  • grat

    … and there goes the 2014 F1 championship.

    Not to slam Paddy Lowe, but Ross Brawn has significantly more experience, and Mercedes are blithering idiots not to make sure he didn’t stay for 2014.

    Lauda and Wolff seem determined to follow the McLaren model of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Mr slow

    I think the guy is very over rated and a cheat and do wonder if being caught red handed with the secret tyre test has finally caught up with him.
    Hence the reason why Merc have in place quality personnel to replace Mr Brawn.