Vettel or Alonso? Formula 1 drivers divided over who is the best

Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel after qualifying in Brazil

Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel after qualifying in Brazil

As only a forced winter pause finally stops quadruple World Champion, Sebastian Vettel’s winning streak for now, the Formula 1 paddock is divided over whether the German is really the best of this current era.

He has won four World Championships on the trot, and recently equalled famous records previously held by F1 legends Michael Schumacher and Alberto Ascari.

Still, not all of his peers think the Red Bull driver is better than 2013 runner-up, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

“They are both great drivers,” Vettel’s retiring teammate Mark Webber said, “but I can only say that I was really happy to be fighting against Fernando in my last race.”

Australian Webber, however, is known to be friendly with the Spaniard. Alonso’s Ferrari teammate for the past four years, Felipe Massa, is undecided.

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel spray Mark Webber on the Interlagos podium

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel spray Mark Webber on the Interlagos podium

“For me, they are both great,” the Brazilian told Spain’s AS sports newspaper, who in Brazil last weekend surveyed every driver on the grid for their opinion about Vettel versus Alonso.

“Vettel is the Champion,” Massa added, “Fernando is considered the best. You want me to say one? I won’t do that.”

Others are less diplomatic. “I think that in that Red Bull, Alonso would win even more easily than Vettel does,” said Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

Nico Rosberg added: “I don’t know if Alonso is the best, but he’s one of the best, no doubt. Better than Seb? Maybe.”

Alonso’s fellow Spanish speaker, Mexican Sergio Perez, answered: “Although this year has been all about Vettel, it is clear to me that Alonso is the best.”

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel generates great debate

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel generates great debate

Another Mexican, Esteban Gutierrez, added: “Alonso, yes, Alonso. He is still the best.”

McLaren driver Jenson Button is not so convinced: “I couldn’t say,” said the Briton.

“If I was a team boss …when I am a team boss I will show you whom I would sign,” Button laughed.

Pastor Maldonado added: “I think Vettel is very good, for sure, but if I was a team [boss] I would have Alonso, of course, without a doubt.

“Fernando is a genius,” the Venezuelan said.

But Valtteri Bottas answered: “Um…that’s a difficult question. I think I would have them both!”

Caterham’s Giedo van der Garde and Marussia’s Max Chilton also answered: “Both.”

Heikki Kovalainen did not hesitate before naming his favourite: “Alonso.”

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have mutual respect

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel have mutual respect

Romain Grosjean admitted: “That is a very difficult question and I couldn’t honestly answer it.”

Nico Hulkenberg agreed: “Impossible to say, impossible to know.”

Adrian Sutil added: “All I can say is that they are both very good, but I wouldn’t like to say one or the other [is best].”

But Paul di Resta admitted he is leaning in Alonso’s direction. “It’s hard to say, Vettel is the champion but Fernando…what can you say about Alonso that hasn’t already been said?”

Some drivers gave politically correct answers.

“I have Spanish and German friends, so I don’t want to hurt anyone,” laughed Caterham’s Charles Pic.

“I think I will surprise you,” said Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne, “but I will say Vettel.”

“I admire Fernando,” said Daniel Ricciardo, who will be Vettel’s teammate in 2014, “but I’ll take Seb!”

Jules Bianchi smiled: “I stick with Alonso, but I can’t say anything else, as I work with Ferrari.” (GMM)

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  • sebolonso

    Probably most over and under rated drivers.

  • Alonslow

    Sebs is better than alonso! Alonso is slow..

  • captain tortuga

    So, in resume, The paddock is not really divided..

    Everyone thinks Alomso is the best, and a handfull refrains from comments.. And ok, the RB-garages will say it is Seb.

    For me , i also don’t know.. I loath the supremacy of RB at this moment, and i hate Vettel as a (media)character..

    the big question is, why are only those two considered?

  • Rick

    For me, for sure it’s Taki Inoue =P

  • Jules

    The answer is obvious! Alonso of course! To be 2nd in the Drivers’s championship this year and almost beating Seb in 2012 for the title with probably the 4th or 5th fastest car is a tough feat. Not even Nico or Hamilton could beat Alonso in a much faster car this year.

    Alonso brings an entire package, not just driving over 1 lap. Alonso is definitely a better racing driver than Seb. Not the fastest over lap but in a race, if he was driving a similar car to Seb, Alonso would have beaten Seb hands-down.

  • Butterfly

    Wow, what a shocker!

    The only answer that surprised me is Bianchi’s. That guy is either incredibly stupid or likes Vettel in some strange way…

  • Tamburello_1994

    Sebastian Vettel will not get the true respect he deserves until he leaves the Red Bull system and shows well in another car, So you have to give the edge to Fernando. It’s as simple as that.

    That’s the only difference between the two.

  • Rey Rodrigo Sanchez

    Alonso is not slow, only the car, but slow car what alonso had still managed to over take, that’s what you called “TALENT”…driving slow car for 2013 season reached 2nd in over all championship is amazing….BETS DRIVER OF 2013…ALONZO!

  • gingerbreadman

    what ever you say….fact is, 10years from now, people will remember seb for 4dwc, an alonso only 2. MS had the best car at the time and there where a lot of drivers faster than him, but not even 10years later people only remember the one name, Mika. so, the stats will say at the end of the day who was better.
    every body forgot how good alasi was…..

  • Major Tom

    You´ll can have an opinion but that´s all it is.

    I like Nico Hulkenbergs comment: “Impossible to say, impossible to know.”

    A true comparison would occur in equal cars over a whole season and that´s the only way to measure it and that will not happen.

    Because it´s always these two components, the driver and the car. Both need to perform on highest level to be a winner. It´s a fact, you cannot compare it in another way.

    Seb and RB was clearly the best package this season.

    The drivers should be bad losers so I expected this from Lewis.

    If Fernando drove a RB ..bla bla bla, there´s is no ifs. Everybody knows that Lewis and Fernando was equal fast i Mclaren, so what is it Lewis, really trying to say here with his statement….

    Note that all latin drivers voted for Alonso except for Massa.

  • Spartacus

    The race in Brazil showed that the Ferrari isn’t the fourth or fifth fastest car but the second fastest car. But only after development was stopped very early in the season. It’s a myth that’s been pedalled by Alonso that he’s the fastest on the grid but is humbled by the car.

    Did the toys fly out the pram when Red Bull started the season with a slow car? No. Seb got his head down and worked harder.

    I’m not saying that Alonso is a bad driver, he’s clearly not (although bad sport certainly), rather that Vettel is better and he’s still learning too.

  • sidhu

    East or West Maldonado is the best :D

  • virender

    Alonso Any day, Any time.. Hope Ferrari fix all there problems before next season.. What About Kimi??..

  • Butterfly


    Don’t want to be mean here, but Kimi is on the same level as Massa and Vettel, so the outcome of 2014 is predictable, me thinks.

    I reckon nobody will debate the comparison between Massa and Raikkonen, they raced together for a few years, so it’s well known.

    And Vettel is the same.

  • abraham

    I think they should include Hulk and Grosjean in these polls or someone else, but Alonso did not show the quality of last year’s Alonso, quali or race mode.. Seb did what was expected from him and of Newey’s car so its not very impressive.

  • Ankit

    So out of 22 drivers on the grid (who are the most experienced, to answer a question like this, cuz let’s face it, THEY are the ones closest to Alonso and Vettel and they know these two better than any other fan or hater or troll sitting behind a computer. Every other person’s opinion on these two becomes invalid when the experts put forth their opinions), 20 of them voted who the best is. Obviously the other two being Alonso and Vettel. So going by that. the votes are as follows:
    Fernando Alonso – 9 votes
    Sebastien Vettel – 2 votes
    Don’t know/Can’t say/Impossible to tell/Both – 9 votes

    Now it’s pretty clear who the winner is. Also I’m not trying to start another argument here, but the 2 clear votes that Vettel got were from the two Toro Rosso drivers, and both their comments in my opinion were quite cheeky where they wanted to vote for Alonso and they both used a big BUT as chose Vettel instead.

    Even last year, after Vettel won the championship, Alonso was voted the best driver on the grid by all the team principals (including Christian Horner, if I’m not wrong).
    So all the votes coming in from the people who matter in the sport, matters the most. Not yours, not mine, not anybody else’s. We clearly know who the better one is. End of story.

  • >Lonso_ Fan

    I would say Alonso mainly due to the experience, and the fighting spirit, I know Massa is/was a strong driver which struggled to outscore Alonso, could be due to the accident or just Alonso is quite too good. same story with vetttel, webber is a great driver and competitive, but surely struggled with his Kers failing and retiring over multiple occasions. But still Redbulls and Vettels dominance in the last few races was quite outstanding that no one was able to keep ahead of Vettel for more than half a lap, surely Vettel must be good, but we are yet to find out next year how good he is. I say Alonso, Kimi, and Vettel will put up a great show next year not to forget Hamilton and ROsberg if their car is good enough to fight, Button, ROmain, Massa, perez and hulkenberg are also wildcards, maybe they will perform well next year and get away with a win , I would like to see what Daniel could do in the Redbulls, but surely will miss webbers tight fights in the midfield.

  • bobw

    I like the way people with absolutely no F1 experience comment on how it’s the car and not the driver that makes Vettel good. I find it silly that a subjective measure like “best” is even commented on with out further explaining what criteria should describe “best”. If you use starts to win ratio then Vettel is “best”. If you use consecutive wins then Vettel is “best”. If you use use pole positions then Vettel is “best”. If you use championships won then Vettel is “best”. If you use all around nice guy then Alonso is “best”. If you use fighting to finish 2nd, Alonso is “best”. If you use sheer driving talent, I think it’s a toss up since Vettel hasn’t really had to show his driving skills this year. However, last year in Brazil Alonso had the WDC in the bag after Vettel was hit and had to drive through the pack to finish at least sixth with a damaged car to win the WDC. We know how that turned out. I would say that was an example of showing his driving skills. I think Vettel is the best “technical” driver. He knows what is needed to get the most out of the cars ad the tires. So what is “best” and what does it really matter at the end of the day? What matters in racing is who finished first. we know who is “best” at that.

  • otakukim

    I think that in that Red Bull, Alonso would win even more easily than Vettel does – hamilton
    I doubt alonso could do more than win freaking 9 in a row! LOL
    Before i actually think alonso was the best and seb is destined. He always has all the luck. But this year, without a shadow of a doubt, i honestly think vettel is he best.

  • Barlow

    If you put Kimi , Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg , Button, Romain, Massa, Perez and Hulkenberg or several others in Vettle’s Redbull car then any of them would a four year champion!! Vettle’s car was the best, by far. The only way to tell who is the best, is for them race in matched cars, which is something I would really like to see!!

  • kamote

    Alonso. Though his Ferrari is a bit slow compared to others, he manage to maximize it.

  • Taskmaster

    Of course in a popularity contest, Alonso wins. There are far more Spanish and Spanish speaking/loyal drivers than there are German and European. Note, oh wise basheroos, that most of those of Spanish leanings chose Alonso. But, who cares… in racing what counts is results, on the track, over the length of a season. In that, there is no question who has been best between them for the past five seasons. Now you girls can all go back to your twittering and giggling about whose cutest, or who has the dreamiest eyes – in the end, the one with the biggest collection of trophies is king – and their is no dispute who that has been. And, just like all those great drivers in the past who have won by having the best car and being on the best team of their time, you know, Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Clark, et al, being popular is far less important than winning in the real world.

  • Karlich

    What a load of @!#&* Seriously, this is like a debate over whether God exists or not – fraught with emotional and subjective views over a question that has one, and only one, answer that is valid as defined by the F1 championship.

    Otherwise, what’s the point of the F1 championship – why bother racing if we could all just sit it through and vote our “best” driver based on gut feeling?

  • Ukwhite

    That is nonsensical question as long as the two of them are not in the same car, and that will not happen.

    Both drivers try to keep it professional, call it respect, but they dislike each other. Almost everything works against them, politics, egos, incompatible personalities, the ongoing Alonso’s innuendos (oops, that must be Spanish too) that for sure grows on Vettel, you name it. Impossible love for a happy marriage in the same team.

    Me thinks, for Seb, Alonso is a prey since he beat Schumacher in 2005/2006, the way everybody here defends his hero, it is the same with Vettel about Schumacher. What better pleasure for Seb than screwing Alonso water-drop-Chinese style, year after year, till the end.

  • Carbonated

    Hard to say – poor VET can’t get a break because he is in such a dominant car.

    I remember VET winning his first race in a Torro Rosso at 19 in a driving rain storm – that says a lot.

    I think if/when he gets a more equal car he will prove to be as good as ALO.

    All the talk about being a poor sport is hogwash. They all do it (HAM when he was with McLaren). They are all prima donnas who want to win at any cost!

  • Mofombo

    All of the comments about if so and so were in the red bull they would win so many WDCs dont mean sh*t. Who has won them is all that matters. All the drivers on the grid want to win it but only one can and for right now its Vettel. Call it the car or the designer or karma. Its all part of the package and for the last 4 years its been Red Bull.

  • the fan

    do you have to wonder why more than half of the field recognize alonso as the best, be it drivers, managers, team owners and the press. the people who knows the sport in the best way have spoken. the fact that a lot of team managers praise him as the best out there, they could have signed him if he was available. the drivers who have competed against him probably knows best why they consider him a better driver than vettel even if the later pile up win after win. maldonado’s comment of “genius” probably sums it up. the fact that massa treats him smarter than MSC is another. not taking away from Vettel, what he’s done is amazing but winning in another car may probably get his rep up. alonso has won in a renault, mclaren and ferrari, has ended up being champ or 2nd place. not bad to be considered as the best. do you have to wonder? i guess not.

    but of course, haters, trolls and fanboys would pretend to know better than the people who actually run the sport.

  • McLaren Wong

    For me i would like to say that Alonso has more talent of driving F1 car rather than Vettel

  • dcloudy777

    I just have to consider that Alonso got wrecked out of two races last year, and still nearly won the WDC.
    The score should be 3-3, not 4-2, but for other drivers’ errors…

    In the mythical “same car”, I think Alonso wins 60-70% of the time against Vettel

  • Butterfly


    More like 100%.

  • Butterfly


    Oh, you mean that Toro Rosso that had the exact same chassis with exact same aero kit as the works Red Bull but a more powerful Ferrari engine? And, it was at Monza with him and his team-mate having the only cars on wet setups?

    Right, I remember that Toro Rosso…

  • Tinto

    Epic, memorable and true F1 racing, Monza, Alonso car pulled by Masa. Team work of course, be it man or gearbox. Team tradition again, another Brazilian team player crashing the car in Singapore for the same ‘immaculate’ driver. McLaren drama… This high maintenance guy cannot win by himself. Intrigue and games, he is the best. Can he be more tribal than that.

  • Gath

    @ Takmaster
    you got it spot on, you have to be the best at your craft to have the dominance like Red Bull and their four time champion. The points gap between the drivers tells you who is the best at their craft and unless the whingers can drastically up their game then Sebastian Vettel is going into the history books of the sport as the Best and Youngest champion of all time, and the rest will fade into insignificance, so come on guys do it again next year make it five on the bounce to again prove your superiority and give the know alls something to mull over.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Saying Alonso is the best is a metnal disease, severed by Alonso marketing

    -Alonso has never beaten any serious teammates only aging drivers like Fisichella, and injured drivers like Massa. Against fast and consistent drivers like Hamilton, Trulli, he simply loses. He won both his titles when his main opponents had technical failures: Schumacher stopping in Suzuka and having a pucnture in Brazil, while Raikkonen having several engine failures in 2005. For me, he still has to prove he can beat major rivals in racing conditions.

    -Alonso has attacked all of his teams along his career. He attacked Renault when they made pit stop errors in 2006, saying they want him not to be champion. He attacked Mclaren for allegedly favouring Hamilton. He then attacked Ferrari saying they are simply stupid. Does anyone really think that this kind of behaviour is fit for winning as a team? Compare that with Vettel.

    -Alonso has been part of all controversies since 2000. Wikipedia has a separate chapter for that in his Cv. Even ef he was delivering results, which he is not doing, it would be still questionable to support someone who is ready to cheat all the time.

    – Finally, Alonso is the unfairest driver of all. Forcing others to the grass (see Doornbos), tossing stewards when he is angry, and making unsportsman comments all the way, playing dirty mind games (with no result). Lets see his last comment when he overtook Vergne illegally coming out of the pits: “Vergne will probably say I was unfair”. Even before Vergne said anything! Then Vergne did not say anything like that. Alonso’s thinking and behaviour has no place in F1.

  • fools


    Alonso for the 2014 WDC TURBO ERA!


  • fools

    “Fernando is considered the best. -Felipe Massa


  • fools

    @ Ankit

    So out of 22 drivers on the grid (who are the most experienced, to answer a question like this, cuz let’s face it, THEY are the ones closest to Alonso and Vettel and they know these two better than any other fan or hater or troll sitting behind a computer. Every other person’s opinion on these two becomes invalid when the experts put forth their opinions), 20 of them voted who the best is. Obviously the other two being Alonso and Vettel. So going by that. the votes are as follows:
    Fernando Alonso – 9 votes
    Sebastien Vettel – 2 votes
    Don’t know/Can’t say/Impossible to tell/Both – 9 votes

    Now it’s pretty clear who the winner is. Also I’m not trying to start another argument here, but the 2 clear votes that Vettel got were from the two Toro Rosso drivers, and both their comments in my opinion were quite cheeky where they wanted to vote for Alonso and they both used a big BUT as chose Vettel instead.

    Even last year, after Vettel won the championship, Alonso was voted the best driver on the grid by all the team principals (including Christian Horner, if I’m not wrong).
    So all the votes coming in from the people who matter in the sport, matters the most. Not yours, not mine, not anybody else’s. We clearly know who the better one is. End of story.


  • minhaj

    how is that undecided.. ?

  • Carbonated


    Sounds like you’re an Alonso fan – me too.

    I’m just trying to look at it objectively. I don’t see how Alonso (or anyone for that matter) could do any better in the same car.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Alonso may be the single most overrated driver in the history of motor sport. He makes whatever car he drives look slow. Then the idiots proclaim “Look how well he did in that pig of a car!”

  • Daniel

    Who cares?
    Does it matter what did Vettel in that car? RBRs played all these years in their own league, so Vettel’s titles are meaningless.
    As for Alonso, he is already on the other side of the slope – last season it was good, he fought hard; in 2013 however, Alonso had a very good car (well, not at RBR’s level but doesn’t count) but performed worse. He’s propably frustrated and frustration is still accumulating. I think we won’t see any more title from Alonso.

    Nevertheless, none of them is the best driver in F1 nowadays. It is Kimi.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Alonso performed very poorly this season, while Vettel performed flawlessly. Which is why when Autosport polls the team principals as to the best driver of 2013 next month, Vettel will win it by a landslide.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    Oh the boring old “see Wikipedia Alonso controversies” comes out again. How many times are we going to read the same thing on this site by the same person? Change the record.

    Seb is obviously a fantastic driver. Not many other drivers would have delivered the same results in the same car. They are obviously a great match. Seb has proven this year that he can overtake and yet again can drive in the wet perfectly. Of course there will be doubts about his abilities in a car that is not streets ahead of the field, but then again in the early part of the season he extracted from the car what was only possible ie 3rd/4th places. No mistakes since Canada 2011 (and that was forgivable).

    Alonso finishing 2nd 3 times out of 4 years is an incredible feat. Sometimes the Ferrari in the first half of the season has been the quickest race car but Redbull always get it together from Singapore onwards. Most of the trash written about Alonso is about his personality rather than his driving.

    We’ve heard angry radio messages from both drivers, and sometimes prima donna messages from both. They’ve both moved away from Lewis and stand together as the best 2 drivers in Formula 1. To try and say one is better than the other is impossible at the moment.

  • Butterfly

    If Vettel is a fantastic driver, then you have to say the same about Button, because I cannot find any difference in the way these two drivers have earned their WDC(s).

    Button would have won the same titles as Vettel in those cars and 2009 – especially the start to the year, those first seven races – are proof that he would have indeed won all those titles.

    And, yet, Button is the least-strongest champion on the grid…

  • sebolonso

    For me Vettel is presently best. No one can match him. Without doubt the Red Bull car that is competitive.

    What comes to Alonso, I am little bit in the middle. I don’t say, that he wouldn’t be an excellent driver…but best…or second best. I am not so sure. However this question will partly be answered next season. I have a strong feeling Kimi will be on top at Ferrari, not Fernando. But that is just my personal opinion.

  • Garth

    Say what you like people but Four Constructors and Four Drivers WDC says it all, 2 WDC’S are very commendable 4 is amazing especially back to back, Drivers and whoever can say what they like but Alonso always needed a team mate to help him out,Fact Vettel done it on his own Fact. the rest is in the record statues,
    So why could be, might be, no Vettel actually is the man.

  • Spartacus

    Alonso always needs a team mate to help him. If anything Vettel had one working against him, yet still has knocked up four WDCs.

    Alonso seems to need to bad mouth opposition teams, drivers, even designers. Vettel hasn’t.

    Alonso has turned against his teams, be it Renault, Ferrari, or most famously McLaren. What he did to McLaren was beyond dirty.

    The only problem that team owners and drivers have is that Vettel is the one they have to beat, and therefore they have to prove themselves better. For that very reason they can’t say he’s the best as then they’ve already given up.

    Right now, in this current era and probably the next, Vettel is the best.

  • ALV

    A total of only 8 points (1 in 2007, 4 in 2010, 3 in 2012) separate Alonso from being a 5-time World Champ. For me, it’s easily Alonso.

  • Butterfly


    All you need to do is watch the guy drive in low-grip situations. His car-control is simply amazing.

  • 2232

    For me it has to be Vettel. He is all over it. Im a big fan of Alonso, he is my fav driver. But Vettel is the current king. Itll be a big ask for Alonso to win next year 7+yrs since last title is a big ask.

  • Taskmaster

    Just as Senna, Clark and others before him, Alonso drove the fantastic Renault to 2 WDC wins. That car outclassed the field at the time, until its advantages were outlawed, at which time both it an Alonso were stopped. Schumacher drove the spectacular Benetton, then helped develop the Ferrari into a world beater, winning 7 in the process. Raikkonnen took over a special car to win his. Hamilton won once in three seasons driving an excellent McLaren, but was out done by Button in the Ferrari and the Brawn – both special cars. Now Vettel has won 4 with the beautifully balanced RB’s. Who is the best of all these? None. There is no driver than stands above the rest in the group, only driver/car/team combinations that have proven spectacular at different times. Get over it and the school yard popularity contest BS and F1 becomes much more interesting.

  • the fan

    well at least in this debate we know who comments in a constructive manner and who is childish with their reasons.

  • the fan

    dedicated page in wiki! wow thats new! you must have authored that section as well? pathetic!

  • AlonsoFan

    waow thats a Bummer for all Redbull fans. how many times has Vettel overtaken a Lewis, kimi, Fernando in a competitive manner, He just leads from the front. And lets not forget he couldn’t overtake Jenson in Hungary 2013( which Lewis Managed to do easily) and then Moaned over the radio “talk to charlie” when Vettel was unable to overtake Kimi. and Adrain explicity said after winning the WCC that Hungary got away from them cuz of “traffic” i.e Vettel’s inability to overtake! ..he is the only 4 time Champ with more Pole Positions than Victories and still hasnt won a race from Below P3!

  • Jules

    Vettel has never been on a podium whenever he started beyond P4 from the grid. He only wins when he is on pole, ie with the fastest car.

    Vettel is indeed a very fast driver over 1 single lap but in race, he is not as good a racing driver as Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton, Hulkenberg, Button or even Massa.

  • Pato F1

    Vettel is faster driver than Alonso, plain and simple.
    People argue it’s the car; but not, IT’S VETTEL, NOT THE CAR!
    Let me explain. Look at Interlagos. The RB car was only 0.10-0.15sec faster than the ferrari, but by the lap 12, Vettel was 10.5sec ahead of Alonso, ie, he was faster in average by 0.88sec per lap. Of those 0.88sec, the car explained 0.15sec max, the rest, 0.7sec is explained by Vettel being faster than Alonso.
    How?? Because of Vettel’s amazing consistency sector over sector, lap over lap.
    Ferrari car was able to match the RB9 in sectors 1 (19.3s) and 3 (18.2), in fact Massa o Alonso beat Vettel’s best times in those sectors in some of the first 12 laps. The RB was slightly faster in sector 2 (40.00s) vs Ferrari’s best (40.18s).
    The thing is that although the best times per sector were very close, Seba was consistently very close to those best times, eg, in sector 1 he was doing 19.310-19.450, in sector 2 he was doing 39.98-40.12s.
    While our so called “the best driver”, aka Alonso, was not consistent at all, eg, sector1 of 19.32-19.89, sector 2 of 40.2-40.8…
    So, RB is slightly better, and Vettel and Alonso are very close on best times… But Vettel is extremely consistent…. And BETTER.
    BTW, Webber was matching Vettel’s best times, but again, no consistency. And massa did slightly better times per sector than Alonso in some laps, but even worse on consistency.

    And that without starting to talk about ability to take over (starting w Petrov’s story)… Which we can leave for another time.

  • Lakmal

    Alonso by far. 2nd in the championship with the probably the 4th fastest car..

  • rainmaster

    say if vettel gets killed in next years race.. ten years from then people will hail him as the best racer ever..
    it just not only the car that lets you win 9 in a row.. no body has ever achieved that at-least in recent times

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Haaaaa, all those people who think F1 results are about the driver and not the car, suck on it. MOST drivers with the balls to say who is the best say Alonso. Because they know, and you don’t.

  • Hawk

    very mature comment… the last one.

    Hungary 2013 actually exposed Vettel. he had the fastest lap meaning his car was as good as it has always been; BUT he failed to overtake!! they call it racing. Hamilton promptly disposed of Webber and Button.

    @Pato F1
    you might think that your comment is very clever but it actually is trash.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    @hawk having a fastest car does not mean you can overtake. If it is fast in tight corners, you will not overtake.

    Who was exposed is Alonso with his failure to overtake Petrov in a much slower car, with superior straight line speed.

    Vettel is simply superior in every regard.

  • Hugomac

    Ankit explained it best it’s pretty obvious isn’t it we can’t really comment as well as actual drivers who drive with both drivers, they would know better than all these new to F1 noobs who just look at results as a sign of talent. Save this page for reference with other mates/fans 9-2 Alonso is better.
    End Of Story……
    When he can’t do much in a slower car in the future his 4 titles will mean nothing & it’ll all be an embarrassment for his fans & other so called professionals who rated him so highly. In my opinion his car was always set up better & had other “dirty tricks” that Mark’s car didn’t. He & Horner & when you look at his history Newey are cheats, they cheat & only remove the illegal items when caught & then act all vague like it wasn’t of any benefit. There is something illegal on Vettel’s car & hopeful one day we’ll all find out what it is. Come on Mark where’s the. Biography….:)

  • Ukwhite

    A Spanish paper taking an interview with natural conclusion from a bunch of losers, ridiculed and trashed year after year by the drink company and a kid – big car makers, f1 mediocre talent with better cars than Ferrari that could not go faster, and the eternal bitter and bossy runner up, the fake samurai.

  • shaq

    i pick vettel over alonso. even in the 1st gp of 2013 he needs ferrari to screw up with massa’s pit strategy to make up his place. How pathetic.

    And also, no matter how good your car is, its all about man behind the wheel. simply compare vettel with webber or kimi with heikki. same machine, different outcome.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Ferrari and Alonso almost one the WDC twice in the last 4 years, Hardly “trashed” by RBR.

  • manila

    So Vettels car was set up better? now why is that?
    Hmmm….wonder wonder…

  • Ukwhite

    It is called “better than average” effect in psichology, where commentators or drivers think they overestimate their/other skills less than others.

    Facts matter gents, not your woulda shoula opinions. Seb is a facts man. No matter what you are saying see the sentance above

  • Garth

    This is for the uneducated IN any sport first across the finish line is the winner, the next place is called runner up, Now if you are runner up for say 4 years who in their right mind can say that you are the best, maybe the best of the rest, Anyone saying otherwise is simply calling Black White, Jealous, or have some other affliction that renders them dillusional.

  • Ukwhite

    @Hawk: Personal opinions without engineering back up are just devalued emotions. To understand where Vettel’s car was in Hungary, go and read JA’s post race graphs.

    But even so, how somebody can be so naive or whatever, to bilittle Seb for only a lost race. Man, that guy won next 9 races in a row, that nobody ever managed.

    Do you non-Vettel guys can be equidistant? So bad for you, you don’t.

  • Saša

    Sebastian or Alonso?


    We all see how Sebastian can’t do much when his Red Bull is on wrong foot. While Alonso did deliver some amazing races in bad Ferrari. Just remember 2012. And man, this year Ferrari was slow.

  • Saša

    ups, I forget to say how much is Alonso better


    guys, driver must drive for Ferrari to proof his greatness

    Champions who did drive Ferrari in last “few” years.

    Prost, fail
    Mansell, fail
    Schumacher, 5 times in a row, brilliant
    Raikkonen, 1 time, for now
    Alonso, still trying, give him a chance
    Sebastian, he didn’t even try, yet

    it’s easy to win with Adrian Newey and team loaded with $

    do it with all time fiesta Ferrari

  • Butterfly

    Jesus, are you guys still debating this?

    Alonso is the greatest F1 driver in history, Vettel is just another lucky Schumacher who got his hands on the best car possible and has a team willing to do anything for him. Heck, Horner even does propaganda for free.

    That, and he has to see a psychologist periodically… that one alone would exclude Vettel from the big boys’ club.

    But ignoring that for a second, his car control is rubbish, which is why he’s nowhere when the car is less than fantastic.

  • Ukwhite

    Wishfull thinking mate…

    Since Vettel joined F1 in 2008, that means for six years (!), Alonso’s victories totalizes only 13. Exactly the number of Vettel’s victories this year. Shall I count the previous 5 years too?

    As long as Vettel stays in F1, Alonso will never win a championship. Alonso is just a good driver lucky the rest of the field guys are not good and consistent enough to show his real place, a middle platoon boy.

    Vettel is sensational.

  • Butterfly


    I admit Newey is sensational, and I will also admit Ferrari know jack s{hi}t about building grand prix cars.

    But Alonso will get his hands on a good-enough car sooner or later, and you’ll see just what he can do with machinery that’s just two tenths off the best.

    I am talking 17/20 wins per season here.

    Next stop: turning Raikkonen into the next Massa.

  • Hawk

    That’s what I like about WRC. No make believe or what nots. As real as it comes. Aero, Tyres, weather, are all aspects fans can immediately follow, predict and understand.

    And the best is the best. Period. The driver makes the most difference. Cars are at par. Seb Loeb was the best. Seb Ogier is the best. Seb Vettel? Hmmmm…

  • Butterfly


    Yeah. Sadly, in F1 the driver can be difficult to read sometimes.

  • knightriddler

    Let alonso get his claim as “the best driver” title while Vettel get another WDC title.
    That will be fair enough.

  • knightriddler

    And statistics said:

    Races 217 (216 starts)
    Championships 2 (2005, 2006)
    Wins 32
    Podiums 95

    Races 120 (120 starts)
    Championships 4 (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
    Wins 39
    Podiums 62

    I don’t know who is the best driver, but we always count something measurable.

    Vettel not yet in his peak age.

  • Rockie


    In a couple of years it would be impossible to mention Vettel and Alonso in the same bracket!

    As with every season he gets better and better.

  • Badman Jose

    Mr. Vettel is as fast as ‘Traction Control’ will allow!!


  • Butterfly

    Badman Jose:

    Well…, yeah. :-)

    And I think Vettel doesn’t have a problem with that statement. After all, he only cares about taking the flag first, even if, say, he’s the only driver on track.

    Imagine that…

  • Ukwhite

    @Butterfly: I respect your stuborness going beyond good evidence defending Alonso, but sooner or later you will get the bitter taste of the defeat.

    Bashing Kimi likening him with the human doormat Masa is just a measure of what I have stated. If joke or sarcasm, that is fine, but if belief is in what you are saying, mate, get ready for what may be your golgothas.

    Despite I think Alonso has the upper hand, he lacks Vettel’s sensational talent and determination, so Alonso’s advantage is not so difficult to be surmount by Kimi. I bet Alonso and Kimi will be close, with none sure winners, so if that proves me correct, withdrawing for reflections may save your face. Vettel, Riccardo, and Daniil, they are the future I bet on.

  • Depmmar

    Cant compare both because each drives 2 completely different cars. Vettel has been driving the fastest car since 2009 & Alonso hasn’t…specially this year, Alonso was in between 2nd/3rd fastest car depending on the track, & by mid season, the 5th fastest car after that….but managed to reach 2nd again. In this scenario, you could work it out. Alonso raced all season long. Vettel was sprinting in front from start to finish with no cars to beat.

  • mr18000rpm

    Hey Sasa, so with 13 wins this year, when was RBR on “the wrong foot”?

  • Hamilton

    Hamilton!!!! Hamilton!!!! Hamilton!!! Better than Alonso and vettel by far!