Button: We are definitely title contenders next year, but It’s not going to be easy

Jenson Button has high expectations for 2014

Jenson Button has high expectations for 2014

Jenson Button endured in 2013, the kind of season at McLaren which must have conjured up memories of his days of frustration at Honda, but despite this the 2009 World Champion is confident that in 2014 the team will enjoy a reversal of fortunes.

Shortly after finishing fourth in Brazil, Button and his team’s best result of the year, he declared to English media, “We are definitely title contenders next year. So are Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.If you look at 2010, with two races to go I was out of the Championship but Lewis was still in it. In 2011, we got beaten by one person in a Red Bull, so we were very close to the top. So it’s definitely there. It’s not going to be easy, of course.”

Jenson Button talks to media during testing at Jerez when he thought he had a good car for 2013

Jenson Button talks to the media during testing at Jerez when he thought he had a good car for 2013

It’s a questionable prediction from Button who, in January this year, said of the McLaren MP4-28, “This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made – I know [that] the engineers have left absolutely no stone unturned in wringing every ounce of performance from every available area.”

A month later he said, “In terms of the car itself – the MP4-28 – it’s very good. We have had a few issues which have set us back a little bit, but I feel that the car in Melbourne will be strong.”

At the season opener in Australia Button qualified tenth and finished ninth – it did not get any better thereafter as McLaren endured their worst season since 1980, a year in which they also failed to score a podium finish.

The McLaren MP4-28 was one of the worst McLaren F1 cars ever built

The McLaren MP4-28 was one of the worst McLaren F1 cars ever built

“We’ve learnt a lot this year. We’ve also [experimented] more than normal. If you’re in a Championship-fighting car you’re scared to get away from the set-up you know. We’ve been places that we would never have thought of in the past. That has really helped us. Everyone is excited about next year. Changes are great for everyone apart from Red Bull,” ventured the 2009 World Champion.

“I went over the finish line [in Brazil] with a smile on my face. It was a positive way to end the year, but McLaren [is] about winning.”

“We’re fighting Red Bull, who have done an amazing job over the past four years. But there’s a good atmosphere in the team and there’s definitely not anybody in the team who thinks it can’t happen next year,” said the 33 year old Englishman who made his F1 debut at the 2000 Australian Grand Prix.

Next year Button will be joined at McLaren by highly rated youngster Kevin Magnussen, who replaces Sergio Perez in the team. (GP247)

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  • abraham

    and the yapping goes on

  • sidhu

    No you are not …Kevin might be :P

  • kk

    big mouth once again

  • Red Bull Cheats

    I thought you said you were going to be title contenders this year. What other crap are you going to tell us NO GRIP!?!?!

  • Jenson Mutton

    Jenson Mutton is nothing without a 2 second per lap advantage like in 2009.
    His head is the block at end of 2014 if Mclaren gets Alonso.
    He did admit that he was slow this year.
    Mclaren is still convinced that the car is faster than last years car and are confident that Lewis would have extracted that.
    Enough said.

  • matthew

    I don’t think he has a big mouth, I just think he’s overly optimistic. mclaren was awful this year, but button is just a driver, not an engineer. Any time a driver makes claims like that it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I kind of feel like this article is trying to make him look bad particularly the caption on the 1st picture. The only people in f1 that deserve to be made to look bad are crashnado, bernie, and montezelo.

  • matthew

    I mean the caption on the 2nd picture. my mistake.

  • Garth

    Jenson you are very good at talking but unfortunately that is all you do, you were contenders last year, and this year so you said excuse excuse and how you managed to hold your seat at the expense of Perez I will never know, you do know that you finished the season 2 points ahead of him and only because he had a grid penalty in the last race.I suspect you will be joining DC on the commentary sooner than you think.

  • practical

    He is without any doubt the luckiest driver on the grid , he should had been out of F1 since 2008 with his inability to develop a F1 car!