Ricciardo: I enjoyed my years at Toro Rosso but I’m pleased to be moving on to Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo completes his final lap as a Toro Rosso driver at Interlagos

Daniel Ricciardo completes his final lap as a Toro Rosso driver at Interlagos

Daniel Ricciardo finished tenth, and scored a single point, in his final race as a Toro Rosso driver. He admits to mixed emotions – leaving the team which gave him his break in F1, but moving on to bigger and perhaps better things with the World Champion Red Bull team.

Speaking shortly before departing Sao Paulo, Ricciardo said, ” I have mixed emotions because I’ve enjoyed my two years [at Toro Rosso] – but equally I’m pleased to be moving on to Red Bull Racing.”

“Mostly I’m happy that it’s ended well, finishing in the points. It means I can move on to the next chapter with cheers ringing in my ears.”

“Toro Rosso was set up as a stepping-stone to Red Bull Racing, which makes the experience a little odd, because you’re always aware that if you do well with the team, there’s a chance of exchanging Faenza for Milton Keynes.”

Daniel Ricciardo speaks to media in Brazil

Daniel Ricciardo speaks to the media in Brazil

“Of course that happens elsewhere, but elsewhere it’s not quite so explicit and openly acknowledged,” pointed out the Australian who will be teammate to Sebastian Vettel from 2014 onwards.

Ricciardo has hardly any time to rest or take stock of his season or enjoy some well earned rest.

He explained; “They’re giving me an introductory ‘welcome to the team’ day. Of course I know most of the people there very well, having spent a lot of time at the factory and in the simulator over the last four years. After that I’ve got a day in the simulator followed by three more the following week.”

“For drivers and fans this is the end of the 2013 season but for the teams, 2013 is ancient history already; in the race to be ready for 2014 every minute counts. Roll on Albert Park!” concluded Ricciardo with a his trademark big smile.” (GP247)

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  • gilgen

    is Daniel overlooking the fact that it was HRT who gave him his first chance in f1, albeit paid for by red bull (not str)?

  • gilgen

    why? its fact. or do you just like abusing others?

  • bobw

    Hey gilgen-what’s your point? HRT is history and he has been racing for Red Bull. Who do you think owns Toro Rosso?

  • Ukwhite

    Nice chap, let’s wait and see how is going to perform. Money on Daniel he will beat Mark’s records with RB and is going to challenge Vettel. Great rivalries next year, Vet/Ric, Alo/Kim, Nic/Lew, Hul/Per, but also individuals as Romain & Daniil Kvyat. Looks exciting…

  • Garth

    Daniel is a nice guy as has been said, but I think unless he comes good in one almighty hurry then his career in the RB will be short lived. The chosen one is Kvyat to partner Vettel but it was too big a risk so they put him in the sister car to get him the experience. Daniel will have to be very quick and very very careful at the same time, therein lies the problem, with Kvyat on the radar he cannot afford mistakes.