Brawn set to leave Mercedes this week

Toto Wolff  and Ross Brawn

Toto Wolff and Ross Brawn

Confirmation of Ross Brawn’s departure from Mercedes is expected in the next few days according to sources in Germany.

Sport Bild reckons that the news is coming “later this week”, at the end of a period of strong speculation that the Brackley based team will install Paddy Lowe as the new boss.

Mercedes, and particularly chairman Niki Lauda, have made efforts to keep 58-year-old Briton Brawn on board in another role.

But the big report is he could be headed back to Ferrari, where as technical director he presided over Michael Schumacher’s ultra-dominant cars of last decade.

“Let’s see,” Brawn told the British broadcaster Sky on Sunday in Brazil, after he was spotted meeting in Stefano Domenicali’s Interlagos circuit office.

“We will advise everyone in good time, but it’s a pretty exciting year next year, so let’s see what happens,” he added.

Asked if Brazil was in fact his ‘goodbye’ to Formula 1 altogether, Brawn smiled as he insisted: “[This is] not an answer.” (GMM)

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  • Forza Ferrari

    Brawn….please come back!

  • Ezany

    Brawn…please choose McLaren…they need a fresh face (Team Principal) with hugh experience and techtical knowledge… a reunion with your last World Champion Jenson Button would be great!…

  • Jude Flores

    your always welcome in maranello…

  • Snowman

    I hope he goes to Williams.

  • fools

    Brawn, Allison, Byrne, Alonso.



    Alonso for the 2014 WDC Turbo Era.

  • ZombieJebus

    i would have said Brawn would never return to Ferrari, but if they can buy Kimi they can buy Ross too. Though I’d never want to work for di Montezemolo! Much less twice in one career.

    I’m hoping against hope he decides to rejoin Williams and be the ultimate catalyst to propel them back to the front of F1.

  • the fan

    any team would want ross, but its ferrari that desperately needs him.

  • Forza Ferrari

    As a Ferrari fan, I would happily welcome Ross back.

  • 2232

    Its crazy that any team would get rid of Brawn

  • A41202813GMAIL

    I Hope He Stays With MERCEDES.

    If Not, WILLIAMS Deserves Him The More.

    WILLIAMS Resurgence Is Long Overdue.

    I Miss Those REDFIVE Days So Much.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • fapper

    Hopefully the rumors of Brawn going to the Woking squad is going to be true.

  • Garth

    Mercedes take careful note, Ross’s track record is massive and impeccable, look what happened to Ferrari when he left, and look what he achieved with his own Brawn team. You are now left with *I know best people*. so it’s all downhill from here on in.