Alonso: We didn’t win the championship, our goal every year, for next year we reset

Third placed Fernando Alonso on the podium at Interlagos

Third placed Fernando Alonso on the podium at Interlagos

Fernando Alonso’s reputation as a fighter was well and truly augmented after another gutsy display by the Ferrari driver at a tense Brazilian Grand Prix, where he finished third, thus signing off his 2013 championship campaign as best of the rest and scoring his first podium since Singapore. Here is his story of the race at Autodromo Carlos Pace, Interlagos.

Since Singapore this was your first podium. Now the season is over and it was a tough race because like he said, the rain came and gone, came and gone. A light rain all the time. So how was it there?
Fernando Alonso: Well it was a difficult race for everyone, unfortunately the rain didn’t come: I think we were more competitive in wet conditions but again, it seems as if it’s going to rain in any moment but it didn’t, so it was a shame for us but at least we’re in the podium, so ending the season on a high and hopefully for next year we start with a completely new direction and a positive trend. I’m looking forward.

I know you’re missing Felipe Massa. It was his last race with Ferrari.
FA: It was a shame, sad that he had this drive-through because I think the podium was very close for Felipe . When I saw him fourth I said this would be a very good celebration for him. Sad for this race but happy for the last four years: he has been an amazing team-mate – inside the circuit with very competitive skills and also like a person. We build a friendly relationship in the last four years, a lot of time together. We’ll see him in the paddock next year with different colours but always he will remain a very good man.

Nice to go out with a podium?
FA: Yeah, definitely. I think to finish the season on a high is always better. We missed this podium finish from many races and we had a chance. Obviously maybe with rain conditions, a wet race, maybe we had a little more performance than on the dry but at the end to finish behind the two Red Bulls is the maximum we could achieve and I’m happy for that. The last race for Mark as you touched on now. We will miss him, that’s for sure. A great driver and a great person. Last race also for Felipe in Ferrari, which we wanted to help in whatever way to try to celebrate a podium finish with Felipe or something but he get a drive-through unfortunately. But, y’know, mixed emotions but happy to finish 2013 which has been an amazing year in terms of fighting and the number of points we achieve, I think. We didn’t win the championship, which is the goal every year and for next year we reset again, start from zero and new motivations. Formula One is changing a lot next year.

What are you going to do until Christmas?
Obviously until Christmas time we are quite busy at Ferrari with some events with the sponsors and there are many activities in Maranello around Christmas time with the people working there at Ferrari, with their families etc and we will use those days while we are already in Italy to spend some time on the simulator and to do some work, looking at next year’s regulations. Christmas time will probably be the first time that we completely stop, so until the 21st of December, I think, we are on, still.

Do you feel more optimistic for 2014 after this result?
Nothing changed, to be honest. I’m still optimistic for next year because I trust my team, I trust Ferrari preparation and philosophy for the 2014 car. We will be a contender, always, even this year when we haven’t been competitive and we only won two Grands Prix, we were off the podium for the last six or seven Grands Prix etc, we finished second in the World Championship, so with whatever the car that Ferrari do, normally, better or worse, you are a contender. That’s my optimistic point for next year, not because we are on the podium or not on the podium.

  • TWD

    wrestle his way to 3rd? he started at 3rd, so what’s the wrestle?

  • Spartacus

    Surprisingly the Ferrari was all of a sudden competitive. That for some reason the driver decided to put in a performance almost worthy of his pay check.

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    Forza Ferrari Forever!!!

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    Massa as a very good friend….my @ss!

    Alonso has only friends if they obey the team order let him pass. All others are foes.