Massa: It will not be easy for Raikkonen to be the teammate of Alonso

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on the podium at the 2008 Brazilian GP

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on the podium at the 2008 Brazilian GP

Felipe Massa has predicted that the relationaship between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari next year will be an awkward one.

Between 2007 and 2009, before Spaniard Alonso arrived at the Italian team, Brazilian Massa shared the pit garage with Raikkonen and since then has been teammate to Alonso.

The Finn is returning to Ferrari to be Alonso’s teammate in 2014, but Massa warned Alonso not to expect an easy relationship with the aloof and unusual Raikkonen.

“Out of Schumacher, Raikkonen and Alonso, it was easier with Schumacher and Alonso,” Massa, who will switch to Williams after Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, told Italia 1 television.

“With Kimi I could work well, but there was no relationship or friendship – he lived in his own world and didn’t want to know anything about anyone,” he added.

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will make for an interesting partnership at Maranello

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will make for an interesting partnership at Maranello

“With Michael and Fernando I had a human relationship, but with Kimi, no. And if he didn’t have [a relationship] with me, then he will not have it with anyone.”

Massa also had a warning for Raikkonen: “He needs to be prepared to live with Alonso, because it is not easy to be the teammate of Fernando Alonso. He is a very strong driver, sometimes perfect, and so Kimi will have to be giving his very best every time.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reports that neither his current team, Lotus, or his 2014 employer, Ferrari, know the current whereabouts of Raikkonen.

The 34-year-old Finn, who after Mark Webber’s departure will be the oldest driver on the grid, had back surgery last week. (GMM)

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  • Erich Lacher

    When the cat is away, mouses are dancing on the table.

    He’ll be back.

  • captain tortuga

    I was a huge Kimi fan.. but i must admit that i sincerely hope he gets beaten fair and square next year.
    He is a highly unprofessional driver, who has increasingly less chance of winning a WDC.

    At the very least Alonso (and Massa) are very professional , don’t say bad things about their team, and show up on media-events when its asked.

    I think Kimi at the moment is better of starring in a all new episode of the ‘dudesons’ ..

  • Ottilio U.

    “And if he didn’t have with me, then he will not have it with anyone.”

    Hmmmm, how about with Sebastian Vettel? – Räikkönen seems to have pretty nice human relationship with him. Coult it just be that a Northern character do not always fit with Southern ones? Or that an introvert person needs to be very careful with whom to deal if he wants to keep his comfort zone? Anyway, aren’t these drivers there mainly to drive, compete?

  • Ottilio U.

    “He is a highly unprofessional driver–”

    Capitano Tortuga, could you open this statement a bit more, please?

  • Nemo Nobody

    Capitano Tortuga is a sucker for soap operas !

  • Spartacus

    It’s Alonso who’ll have the problems, not Kimi. Kimi doesn’t give a flying feck about his team mate. Alonso, however, if he thinks he’s getting less than favouritism treatment will have a strop!

  • Go Kimi

    Massa sure has been talking a lot of trash about Kimi. One thing everyone forgets is that Ferrari designed their car in a way that did not suit Kimi’s driving style while it suited Massa’s. Kimi was able to take that car and win with it.

    That is not something Massa can say. Massa got lucky when he was teamed with Kimi and Ferrari blew it by not designing their car to suit Kimis driving style and I think they know it.

    Ferrari has given Alonso everything he wanted and provided him a car that suited his driving style which is similar to Massa’s and Alonso has failed to bring home the championship.

    In my opinion I think Ferrari is ready to build a car that will suit the Flying Finns driving style and you will see Alonso struggle to keep pace with Kimi.

    Further Alonso’s little games will not effect Kimi and well back fire on Alonso as it will drive Alonso crazy not being able to play mind games with Kimi.

    Massa should just go quietly away and enjoy driving at the back of the mid field in his new ride at Williams.

    Kimi was a very team player for Massa at Ferrari unlike Alonso at McLaren with Hamilton.

    McLaren has admitted just how good Kimi was in developing a car with their engineers and I think Ferrari know they made a mistake by dropping Kimi four years ago. They will not waste his efforts this time around.

    If anyone has a hard time at Ferrari it will be Alonso as he has proven in the past he is not capable of being teamed with a fast team mate and keeping his head together. Ferrari will not tolerate that from Alonso.

    I am better you see Alonso gone from Ferrari at the end of 2014 and Kimi will be the world driving champion in the new Ferrari ending RedBull’s reign.

  • Ottilio U.

    Nicely said, Go Kimi. – This has been the impression I have got, too. Further more, Räikkönen seems to really concentrate in his job, focusing on the work itself and less on networking, blaming others or giving excuses or false promises. – Highly professional, I would say.

  • Spartacus

    Nobody knows if Kimi actually had any surgery!
    There’s no proof of his operation, no news from any hospital regarding whatever procedure Kimi had.
    I don’t think Kimi had anything surgically done at all. It’s possible that he is faking all this since he wasn’t getting paid at Lotus anyway.
    Granted, Kimi really has back pain, but I do not believe it is that serious that he neeeded surgical intervention.
    Everyone’s just being fooled by the Iceman…

  • iceman 2.0

    You should worry about how to cope with that crap of a car Williams is building consecutively since last half of a decade. Whether Kimi flies or falters should’nt be your concern. Truth is that you are not good enough and hence shown the door. Just because you could’nt handle the pressure is not enough proof that Alonso is perfect. Yes he may be the best but he is human too and a driver is only as good as his car. So shut the f¿€k up and smile idiotically which you are so good at.

  • McLarenfan

    @Go Kimi & Ottilio U. Well said!

  • TWD

    for the first time i see historians, doctors, mechanics, technicians and nostradamus all in the comment section.

  • peter najs


  • peter najs

    Spartacus: Kimi’s operation went well…

  • Tomas

    @Spartacus; what kind of hospitals issues news about their clients?

  • gibbon75

    captain tortuga:

    After getting paid only this year for his 1st year with Lotus, then not getting paid again and on top of that he had to fork out from his own pocket for flights and hotels (according to Mika Salo), one can’t blame Kimi for speak the truth.After all these he still took the cursing and bullcrap from the team on the chin.

    For all the hypocrites out there:
    How long would you work for your employer for nothing??

  • Boycottthebull

    Oh my this has become a Kimi Fanboy thread. Kimi focused and professional? You must be joking he is the least focused and disciplined driver on the grid. Its true he has a natural talent but he is a poor communicator and contributes very little to the cars set up. When work is needed between races Kimi is nowhere to be seen. As has been said about him” He packs his back after the race and isnt seen until the next one”. Its why Red Bull decided not to sign him. With the untested cars next season they needed a driver to put in the effort in the simulator and contribute to the cars set up. Kimi wont even meet his media obligations. This is all well known in the paddock and Alonso has already suggested Kimi better contribute more with car set up than he has previously as Alonso doesnt intend on doing it all. Teammates have to communicate to make the team work but he doesnt. When asked how Kimi and Hekki differ Grosjean stated Hekki definitely speaks more! He has not trouble communicating his little tantrums to the media though, he likes to go public knowing how to play his fans. Other drivers have not been paid either and they dont go out and humiliate the teams that gave them a chance in F1 in the first place. Further more they drive to the end of the season not get their operations done early to benifit their next years team. Cries hard done by cause he was sworn at when he almost took out his teammate in a race yet goes to the media and says other drivers should have their faces punched in. Thoroughly unprofessional. Its all about the money, loyalty doesnt come into it. The most overrated driver on the grid. But will get flamed of course, Kimi can do no wrong.

  • TarasT


    This hospital:

    “Professor Afshin Gangi led the surgery at Strasbourg’s University Hospital.”

  • gibbon75


    Have a read at this about Kimi’s technical ability:

    That famous Thursday at Abu Dhabi and the media obligations and how the Lotus team spun it:

  • gibbon75

    Maybe this way then (why can’t we link stuff…):

  • meshach

    @ boycotthebull – I’d like to punch u in the FACE for being so stoopid!!

  • the fan

    yes it wont be easy for kimi, massa is right. however, kimi is a great driver and his ability to hold his own against very good team mates as well as opponents have been proven time and time again. idiots can pick between alonso and kimi all they want, point is both drivers are the best of their generation and their pairing will bring the best out of both drivers.

  • eric estrada

    The pressure is all on Alonso..Kimi knows the team, already a ferrari wdc under his belt, probably his last f1 team before retirement, already cashed up, racing for his own entertainment..will leave when bored in 2016..Alonso still proving himself there, easily agitated, no wdc for 8 years, luca on his case..thats my 2 pence..should be fun to watch 2014

  • boycottthebull

    Alonso is the man.. He never crumbles under pressure and he is a team man. If alonso was in that red bull, he would have won the tittle by summer break. He is my kinda man.

  • Ukwhite

    @Ottilio U: You got it right mate in your comments.

    IMHO Kimi and Alonso as a driving pair will be interesting to watch next year. It is gonna come with disapointments for many fans, testing their love relations with their idols. Interesting also to watch the difference between the two groups of fans’ reactions.

  • Ukwhite

    @Boycotttbul: if, if, if, so many ifs bro. The higher and further you go with this chimera, the worse, the brain is a plastic environment that may give you hard time later for small decisions.

  • Garth

    Ferrari admitted they were wrong in buying out Kimmi’s contract in favour of Alonso. he is so much more technically adept than Alonso. The new car is designed around Kimmi for sure. Have you been listening to Alonso complaining about back pains and headaches since Abu- D race. He will be back at Maclaren in 2015 or sooner, goodnight Jenson.

  • f1fanatic67

    I do find a few things rather funny.

    First, all of this talk lately in the press about drivings fairing well with each other and other internal squabbles seems so ridiculous. This is F1, drivers should be less concerned about their feelings being hurt and get on with the job at hand. All of this soap opera nonsense has been silly.

    Second, in regards to a F1 car not suiting a driver. At this level I would think a highly skilled driver should be able to modify his skill set to get the most out of the car. I should think that with the enormous salary they would be motivated to adapt to an understeer, oversteer or instability problem.

    Lastly, I do not believe Alonso is a very good team player. He had many public disputes with Renault, McLaren and also with Ferrari. While I admire his driving skills, I think he would stab someone in the back for a tenth of a second!

  • Jussi

    An Opinion is like an asshole,,, everyone got one.

    Most of you seem to believe what the media say…

  • Taskmaster

    Domenicali has admitted the signing of Raikkonnen was not strategic, but a quick decision based on availability alone. It’s another in a string of bad decisions at the root of Ferrari’s struggles. The level of leadership required to manage the relationship between these drivers coupled with the effort involved in deploying an all-new car/power train package with the complexity of the 2014 is way beyond Domenicali’s capability.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    1. Massa is jelous, typical latino mentality.
    2. Alonso could not beat any teammate ever without team orders, so this time he will struggle for sure. Mind games will obviously not work against Kimi, and he needs to forget about team orders as well.
    3. Kimi has beaten all teammates, except for his last year with Ferrari, where the car failed so many times. He was also able to win the title in his first Ferrari year, while Alonso badly missed it for four years now.

    This does not look very good for Alonso.

    I would be more happy to see Hulkenberg in the Ferrari, but even Kimi will be enough to finally put Alonso where he belongs: into the Nr 2 driver seat. Alonso can start packing.

  • haha

    Kimi is the Stoner of F1, both aliens in/on their vehicle. Who cares how they are, Schumi was considered arrogant for being private and awkward with the media. And Kimi seems to have good friendship with Vettel, so he must be human after all like daft punk would say :-) . The funny thing is the one is loved and other is hated, though they are friends. Which proves how stupid we posters actually are. Kimi just don’t like BS. For us Tifosi he’s our last champion, we don’t forget!

  • Hawk

    You will quote me on this one. I am noting all Kimi fan sand will publish the list sometime towards the end of next season.

  • fools

    It’s Alonso who’ll have the problems, not Kimi. Kimi doesn’t give a flying feck about his team mate. Alonso, however, if he thinks he’s getting less than favouritism treatment will have a strop!


  • fools

    FOR haters saying Massa hasn’t had respect for Alonso and there relationship was sour as teammates are cowards and should talk to Mums/Moms on why they were dropped on there heads when born.

    “Massa also had a warning for Raikkonen: ”He needs to be prepared to live with Alonso, because it is not easy to be the teammate of Fernando Alonso. He is a very strong driver, sometimes perfect, and so Kimi will have to be giving his very best every time.”


  • TT

    @Tarast: “Professor Afshin Gangi led the surgery..” That doesn’t make him a client, does it?

  • Funny

    Agree with @fools

    What’s up with all this kimi fans defending him like he’s a pope or something…

  • stoner


    Lol, massa as always the NO.2
    he knew he was no longer considered primary in Ferrari
    remember back in 2009 while he was out with injury from accident and signing of Alonso, he expressed his discomfort but no use, he was beaten since and never won a single race till date that too in a Ferrari. He should have been thrown out long back. After that he started being friends with Alonso to be in his good books so he can remain at Ferrari. What a looser. Anyways he is going to the midfield which is what he deserves.

  • stoner

    boycottthebull24 November, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Alonso is the man.. He never crumbles under pressure and he is a team man. If alonso was in that red bull, he would have won the tittle by summer break. He is my kinda man”

    Crumble under pressure: 2007 McLaren Hamilton
    Team man : most greediest driver on the grid.
    Alonso in Red bull: still slow in qualifying, he is no match to Vettel

    “Alonso is the man” “He is my kinda man” – lot of manly love going on in this f1 forum, it proves you are nothing but a troll and a fecking F@G, G@Y. My kinda man it seems. Lol
    Next year Alonso going to get owned, Kimi will show him how to drive a Ferrari and win a championship for them. And Alonslow would still be whining and complaining as he was for the past many years

  • Garth

    Stoner the world at large knows Alonso is not a team man, why the heck do you think he left Maclaren and fought Massa’s corner for him to keep his seat. Now he knows for sure his team leader days at Ferrari are over, I repeat Alonso will be at Maclaren in 2015 with Hulkenberg his replacement unless something totally unexpected happens between now and then.

  • sebolonso

    Massa is a nice guy but not too clever. Last four seasons Santander has paid Ferrari truck loads of money to keep him behind Princess off Asturias. Thats not rocket science and everybody knows it.

    Massa should stop worrying about latest Ferrari wdc’s come back to Ferrari and start preparing for his Williams pay driver seat. If it makes giant baby feel better, we can agree on his own words that he is no prostitute.

    One other thing. Alonso is no team player. No idea for Kimi to get involved with mind gaming Princess on any other level than on track. Kimi’s driving lesson starts after four months, when he show’s how to win with the red car. Alonso already proved four last seasons his incapability of doing that. Now he urgely needs some guidance in his new role as #2 driver.

  • Marybeth

    When Massa was with Schumacher & Alonso he was the 2nd driver. When he was with Kimi, they built the car around & for Massa, even after Kimi won the WDC.
    I would guess Kimi went home to his Mother’s home cooking to recover…? :)

  • Binoy

    lol… Massa has always been a pathetic whiny brat.
    – Kimi beat him fair and square in 2007 with a car that was never designed for Kimi.
    – massa got lucky when all the development went his way(said by micheal himself in an interview) and away from Kimi in 2008. the moment they reverted back,Kimi was back but too late and he helped massa to the very end.
    – 2009,after Massa’s accident, ferrari started listening to Kimi and the results came back. Eventhough the development of F60 was halted before the summer break kimi was able to score podiums and a stunning win at spa in 2009,showing how good a driver he really is.

    And Massa saying “And if he didn’t have with me, then he will not have it with anyone.” is absolutely stupid. Kimi has a very good relationship with Seb and Heikki.
    And finally a word of advice for the pathetic crybaby massa ,F1 is about racing and not about making friends. Get that into the think head of yours.