Maldonado believes he would be F1 World Champion in a Red Bull

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado, who is taking part in his last race as a Williams driver, believes that in a Red Bull RB9 he would be Formula 1 World Champion.

Maldonado is supposedly carrying €40 million in Venezuelan government backing from PDVSA, but thinks he is worth signing up for his talent alone.

“I think I would be Champion at Red Bull,” the departing Williams driver is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

Maldonado is also quoted  by the EFE news agency: “Of the available drivers on the market, I’m the only one who has won a race.

“The only thing I know,” Marca sports newspaper quoted Maldonado, “is that I will be in Formula 1 next year, 100 per cent.” (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • Spartacus

    Crashtor must have forgotten today isn’t April 1st!

  • GoldLeaf

    These pay drivers are very tiresome.

  • Doodoo

    What is he high on?

  • bamza

    welcome to the muppet show

  • ali

    he is absolutely correct..any idiot can become a world champ in that car…just ask vettel :)

  • Boycottthebull

    Hahahaha! Hasnt this past week taught him anything but to keep his mouth shut to prevent further embarrassment? I noticed he had to remind us of his one fluke win. The only thing that driving a Red Bull would mean to him is that his crashes would be at higher speeds!

  • fapper

    Pastor, did you smoke lots of weed again?

  • Marvin

    What a muppet, so would half the grid if they where in the red bull. This guy is a serial smoker who thinks winning a race makes him great, maybe some of the other midfield may have also won if he didn’t crash into them. Rant over muppet.

  • Prarag Chopra

    ‘Bald’onado couldnt even drive a car properly without crashing in his home town and now making tall claims of winning world championship in a Red Bull. Yes, winning the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix was an impressive feat, but one swallow does not make a summer and Barrichello would have done much better in 2012 Williams, had he not left the sport. Baldo, just ask Webber as to how difficult it is to compete with a human driving machine called Sebastian Vettel.

  • Jose

    He tarnish our country.

  • captain tortuga

    Mhuahahaha… what an utter moron. I would be champion.. champion of what? the local RedBul-sponsored-destruction-derby? of the soapbox-race-events?

    This guy is so incredibly arrogant… unbelievable. I hope he drives for Marussia next year.. next to Bianchi.. so Bianchi can show him what real sped is. What a dumbass this clown.

    I feel, that i need to invent a new language to describe the insanity of this narcissistic beaver.

  • He has a valid point

    RedBull and Marko has made it very clear that RedBull does not supply equal cars on their team and they completely favor Vettel.

    That RedBull car supplied to Vettel is easily 2 seconds a lap quicker than any other car on the grid and maybe even 3 seconds a lap. Hell it is at least a full second quicker than its own sister car but again we all know from RedBull and Marko’s past actions that Vettel is favored over Webber.

    Me thinks if RedBull does not have a car that is 2 to 3 seconds faster a lap next year we are all going to see Vettel crumble and he will show just how un-classy he really is and he shows us all the time now.

    But it sure will be fun to watch both Vettel and Marko throwing all their toys out of the crib.

  • Dan

    Even a blind man can win a championship in a red bull

  • the fan

    everyone can win in that red bull car but not maldonado, he’ll crash before he gets to that flag

  • Rick

    This guy talks so much shit that my toilet is jealous!

  • sid

    He is spot on this time. He knows his inherent strength and values his talent. As a result he choose to leave the williams truck.

  • quattro

    Yes, you probably would with such a dominant packages. So would certainly ALO, Hulk, GRO, RAI, BUT, HAM, ROS, MAS, BIA, KOV, SUT, WEB. Probably also a bunch other drivers as well. So, do not feel that special because of that mr MAL.

  • McLarenfan

    Are you serious reporting this about Pastor Crashdonado, I thought every one already knew he thinks he is able to have great races even when he finishes on the first lap.
    His belief is not the problem its the idiots who gave him every licence his one for a car his super-licence even his licence to walk they should all be removed, he should on med’s.

  • McLarenfan

    @captain tortuga:
    You said it, never a truer word spoken!!!

  • AFA


  • Tamburello_1994

    Dood looks absolutely psychotic.

  • eric estrada

    please shut mouth mr popular

  • JD

    Every driver in F1 believes they can win if only they had a winning car, but winning in a modern F1 car takes more than just balls. It takes intellect…something Vettle has in abundance and something drivers like Maldonado are desperately lacking. Know thy self Maldonado.

  • James

    Panis, Trulli, and Kovalainen all had won a race, but I think that doesn’t make them great. This is overconfidence on the borderline with irrationality.

  • Garth

    Crashtor Malfunction, you have always been a useless muppet behind the wheel, but ever since you had that teeth brace removed you have been talking total crap, get it back and stick it on your head to try and straighten that out.

  • f1fanatic67

    Planet Earth paging Maldonado…Planet Earth paging Maldonado…Your Spaceship is waiting at gate 13…Your Spaceship is waiting at gate 13!

  • Javier

    As long as someone does not “play” with his tyres temperatu…. perhaps Chavez as a bird told him that he is the choosen one….. XD

  • Boycottthebull

    I dont think its fair that quite a number of people are calling Maldonado a muppet because I quite like the muppets. The only thing the Muppets and Maldamoneybags have in common is they both make me laugh!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    This is quite similar to Alonso’s ‘greatness’.

    He thinks he is fighting against Newey, but cannot beat his own teammate. Where did I hear that?

  • Bruce

    I’m speechless

  • Garth

    Just to keep his CV up to date in the last race of the season Crashtor Malfunction does his usuall, overtakes a Torro Rosso or so he thinks, turns in on him and they both spin out, useless amature never has been never will be. In your case Crashtor the F 1 driver tag means F—–g 1diot.

  • TylerC

    Well I was going to mention Olivier Panis but it appears somebody’s beaten me to it… so I’ll compare him instead to Villeneuve… one success a long time ago and he flaps his gums forever after

  • Riik

    Ok… not to want to jump in on all the anti-Maldonado insults (as admittedly tempting as that is), but Pastor’s attitude toward his career at present is quite frankly rude.

    His skill as a driver is still as yet unproven, despite his consistancy issues and poor comparison toward Bottas… but he behaves as if he’s the best driver in Formula 1, and as though the whole paddock was conspiring against him. I’m not saying he’s a bad driver, as I have no right to, given that I can’t even drive; but his arrogant behaviour really damages his reputation.

    Unfortunately, his likely move to Lotus means he will be getting an undeserved ‘promotion’ on account of his financial backing. I just hope that either he matures to a level that makes his personality bearable, or he is outperformed so completely by his team mate that his career is ended. Because idiotic behaviour such as accusing Williams of sabotaging his race or claiming to be better than every other driver on the grid without any proof or warrent to me has no place in top-level sport.

  • johans

    Pastor , it’s time to wake up , your dreaming again……….

  • matthew

    I couldn’t help but notice that pastor came in dead last in the drivers rankings among the faster cars. (marussia and caterham dont count as losing to him, they’re in a smaller league than williams.)

  • Garth

    Crashtor Malfuntion is in a league of his own, one in which no one else wants to be. I hope you do not get a drive next year. Take the hint and go home. Spend next season first of all having surgery to reduce the size of your big head, then have a mouth job as it continually discharges brown stuff, anger management should follow that. It’s then back to basics and learn some manners and common sense, only then might you realise how lucky you were to have taken part in a sport that you were incapable of handling.

  • Badman Jose

    Well I hope Lotus has a competitive car. Maldonado is exciting
    to watch, no telling what he will do when he is on the track..
    With help of ‘Traction control’ sure he would have posted a few wins in a Red Bull.


  • Ty

    Are there seriously people on these boards who can’t even drive?