Brawn says no difference if F1 budgets were slashed by half

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Mercedes Team Principal Ross Brawn has suggested that even if  drastic cost cutting was to be applied in Formula 1, the sport would carry on regardless.

Speaking in Brazil, Brawn said, “We all have to remember that if we cut the budgets in half we would still go racing. It’s the standards of which we want to go racing that causes the pressure on the budget.”

“It’s not that there’s insufficient money, it’s the fact that we all want to compete at the highest possible standard, and that means that we push the budgets as hard as we can. If everybody’s budget tomorrow was reduced by 50 percent, it wouldn’t make any difference,” ventured Brawn.

The team boss, who was a vital part of Ferrari‘s huge success a decade ago and in 2009 took his eponymous Brawn GP team to the World titles, pointed out, “It wasn’t so many years ago that we were able to come to every race at every track with reliable cars for half of what we are spending now. That’s the nature of Formula 1.”

As for the big budget increases for the new V6 turbo era which comes into effect for 2014, Brawn predicted, “I think it is [going to be] challenging next year.”

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  • Brawn needs to retire

    Ross Brawn needs to go. His Brawn GP one year wonder was completely designed and financed by Honda.

    Honda just pulled out one year to soon. The put it bluntly Brawn got lucky as by just over the half way point of that season his car was not the best car by far and we all know just how far they fell with all the money Mercedes brought in when they bought the team from Brawn.

    The best thing Formula One could do is put a budget cap of one hundred million per team.

    You would see some real innovation if that happened because the teams would have to really be cleaver and come up with different ideas trying to out smart the other equally funded teams.

    As it is today whom ever is the richest wins and it is getting more boring each race.

    Used to be no other team could out spend Ferrari with their factory money and the extra money they get from the FIA each year, but than came along RedBull owned by a Billionaire and he could afford to out spend Ferrari.

    You want to see real talent, set that one hundred million dollar a year budget cap and you will see some real innovation and you will also see 95% of the pay drivers gone as well.

  • captain tortuga

    Apart from the fact that i think Brawn does not need to retire.,(still after Newey the most successful designer on the grid), i agree with you.

    Personally i also said 100million.. which is still unreachable for the small teams, but it would provide for a much more ‘level playfield’ (as they all like to refer to nowadays) and 100% it will be a huge incentive for innovations.

  • fawx

    to be fair to Ross Brawn, he did try to convince Honda to stay for 1 more year, telling them that 2009 will be a winning year for them.

  • Go to hell, you haters

    @Brawn needs to retire

    How do you know that BrawnGP was financed by Honda? Honda pulled out because they had insufficient funds, jackass.. And to me, i don’t think he needs to retire..

  • Brawn needs to retire

    @Go to hell, you haters

    Are you really that dense?

    That car was developed with Honda funds the year before. Brawn did not have the Honda funds in 2009 but the car the Honda team designed for the 2009 season that Brawn got was a very good car. Brawn did not have the money to continue to develop it and it showed the second half of the season.

    No one has said that Honda was paying Brawn during the 2009 season.

  • captain tortuga

    @Brawn needs to retire :

    Maybe it was developed with Honda funds, but it was Brawn’s design, plus that the double diffuser (or blown) was his credit.

    then he had a bit of luck that the Merc engine was a lucky marriage. but that 2009 title is Brawn’s credit.