Will Lotus staff get their salaries paid on time this month?

Workers at the Lotus F1 factory in Enstone

Workers at the Lotus F1 factory in Enstone

The situation at Lotus appears to be getting bleaker by the day amid questions raised about the legitimacy of their prospective investors – Quantum Motorsport – and now the possibility that the Enstone workforce will not be paid on time this month.

Bild newspaper claims to have received a copy of an email allegedly sent by Lotus CEO Patrick Louis informing staff of, and apologising for, a delay in payment of their salaries this month.

It is no secret that the Enstone outfit, owned by Genii Capital – headed by Director Eric Lux and ChairmanGerard Lopez – is desperately seeking an investor to inject much needed cash into the stricken team. Word is that Genii are pumping around $8 million dollars into the outfit every month to keep it afloat, and unless a deal is struck very soon the situation could become irreversible.

Manssor Ijaz, apparently fronting the Quantum consortium, is adamant that the deal is done and that it is merely red tape regarding the transfer of big funds that is the cause of the delay. However this has not stopped him from declaring on his website that he is “an owner of the Lotus F1 Formula 1 team.”

Mansoor Ijaz (left) with Patrick Louis (right) during the Canadian GP weekend

Mansoor Ijaz (left) with Patrick Louis (right) during the Canadian GP weekend

Should the lack of funds to pay employees be true, this merely serves to compound troubled times for the team whose financial problems came into public domain when Kimi Raikkonen revealed that he had not been paid ‘a single euro’ by the team. He has since departed the team prematurely, and has signed to return to Ferrari for 2014.

Shortly before Raikkonen opted to take sick leave and sort out a back injury, Ijaz declared, “I met with Kimi’s manager last night, Steve Robertson…I’ve apologised to Steve, we’ve apologised to Kimi. We intend to not only make sure that [the unpaid wages] are made whole, and then some, we are intending to also compensate our employees and management team.”

“I am confident that [Raikkonen] will run the last two races and fulfil his professional obligations to us and us to him,” added the US-based businessman, whose prediction did not hold.

Ironically, despite the off track shenanigans, on track the team is performing at the highest level with Romain Grosjean finishing second at the recent United States GP.

Email Lotus to Emplyees 2013

This is the email which is alleged to have come from the desk of Louis:

November Payday

Patrick Louis

Sent: Fri 22/11/2013
To: Enstone Employees

I am very sorry to report that there may be a few days delay this month in paying salaries. We will do everything that we can to sort this out so that we can meet the usual payment date and expect the worst case scenario to be payment by the end of the month.

We thought it best to notify you in advance so that you can make arrangements to have funds in place to meet any scheduled outgoings and avoid any bank charges being incurred unnecessarily.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding whilst we work to address this matter in the shortest time frame possible.


Note: We have requested and are awaiting confirmation from the Lotus media office on the authenticity of the email. (GP247)

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  • Paul

    This is complete bull, its not true and if you want to know how I know, then put two and two together and think about where I work.
    The person who has done this would have to be a complete moron if he worked at Lotus, as if it was true it would only makes things worse for team wouldn’t it!.

    Seems to me someone has it in for Lotus, just more rubbish coming out again to rubbish the teams now.

    We are sick of it!.

  • Garth


    so all is well at Lotus, according to you the email is BS can you tell us if all the staff are being payed on time or if it was just Kimi who had to drive unpaid all season he was sick of it for sure

  • paul

    Firstly Garth I dont have to answer to you as I dont know you, I’m just saying its untrue.
    As for kimi I dont really care to be honest, he didn’t get paid so he made his own mind up to do what he has done, which is fair enough.
    He decide to leave everyone at enstone in the mire for the last two races so as i said its up to him, so we broke the contract with him and he broke the contract with us.

  • Paul doesn’t work at Enstone

    Paul, while I agree that the person that posted this IS a complete moron (this is only going to harm the team) if you really did work at Enstone you would not be writing what you have (unless you are Patrick/ marketing/ hr and writing this in a desperate attempt to try to discredit).

    You’d also have several other emails of a similar vein to refer to….

    like last month.

    If you do really work at Enstone, you and I know this is Patrick’s email verbatim. I’m just surprised he apologised this time.

  • Paul

    Well what can I say, people will believe what they want to believe.

  • Garth

    Your evasive answer says it all, and your statement about Kimmi speaks volumes. You and others seem to forget that it was Kimmi who put Lotus into the position in the sport and the points to get them their millions at the end of the season and I cannot think of anyone who would work for nothing all year. I bet Lotus never told him that when he signed or he would not have been there in the first place. And if people such as yourself are prepared to give their services in the hope that you may get payed and the bills mount up I can just imagine the kind of praise and defense you will give your employer then. Loyalty dosen’t pay the bills.

  • Paul

    Kimi fanboy that’s all I need !! .

  • Dr. Azlan

    It’s a big mistake in F1 not asking for advance payments. Contracts don’t seem to have any meaning.

  • Garth

    Your assertions Paul are well wide of the mark but if you really work at Enstone which I doubt then you should direct your energies at finding payed employment elsewhere because the cheque that was definately in the post 2 weeks ago seems to have vanished, keep your fingers crossed.

  • bamza

    step1 strap on big red nose as you lose star driver with all the points, fans and sponsorship he brings.
    step2 paint face comicaly as you promote RG as team leader and new star driver.
    step3 pull on super oversize shoes as you offend KR and alienate adoring fans.
    step4 Ride a unicycle honking your horn about Quantum
    step5 have friend buy lotus brand for $3.50

  • Henry

    Kimi got all his money due at the end of last year and was projected to get all of 2013 money at the end of this year when F1 makes its’ payouts. Roman Grosjean too hasn’t received bonus money and he is supported by French oil people. They have done this since they were Renault and had the funds but still held all points and podium money until the end of the year. I have no access to know what Lotus’s position is other than thay had assured Kimi that he would be paid the same as last year and therefore Kimi had no reason or right to complain. He knew and accepted those terms last year and raced this year with Lotus understanding that they would pay him when they felt it was due.

  • Rudy

    We are still waiting for the salary. 6 days overdue today, this is ridicolous in the time of the year in which we are working more.

  • Johny

    Lotus did not paid my November salary as of yet! Kimi has not been paid neither. Most employees in the company are applying for new jobs. The team is insolvent with huge debts, no investors or new sponsors. Who’s willing anyway to put money in a sinking ship?. Eric Lux and Gerard Lopez you both managed to destroy a fantastic brand. Genii Capital you suck

  • MilkyWhite

    You guys get paid yet? Sucks!

  • Ron B

    It’s all true
    It’s been going on for almost two years now. The team is being slowly destroyed, and in the last 2 months that process has rapid accelerated.
    Genii and Patric have killed the team.
    The email shown above is genuine
    December salaries are uncertain
    Maldonado has not signed yet, hence there is no money.
    15% of the work force walked out last week due to unpaid salaries.
    The team won’t make it to the first test, and will be lucky to make it to any of the tests let alone the first race.
    Mansoor Ijaz is a con artist.