Domenicali: I have such a respect for Ross Brawn as a professional and a friend, let’s wait and see

Stefano Domenicali with Ross Brawn

Stefano Domenicali with Ross Brawn

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn is being linked with a sensational return to Ferrari.

Brawn, who was technical director at Maranello during the ultra-successful Michael Schumacher era, was spotted meeting with Stefano Domenicali in Ferrari’s hospitality area at Interlagos on Friday.

Briton Brawn, 58, has been considering his future at Mercedes, with the Brackley based team expected to eventually replace him with Paddy Lowe.

“Ross will step back at some point,” Lowe admitted in Austin a week ago. “At the moment we’re waiting for Ross’s call on that.”

So the big new report is that Brawn could return to Ferrari, to lead the fabled Italian team that despite having Fernando Alonso at the wheel has failed to win the title in recent years.

Super team: Ross Brawn with Paolo Martinelli, Luca di Montezemolo and Rory Byrne in 2005

Super team: Ross Brawn with Paolo Martinelli, Luca di Montezemolo and Rory Byrne in 2005

Asked on Friday if he is prepared to step into an overseeing role so that someone else might be team boss, Domenicali told Britain’s Sky broadcaster: “Of course.

“If I see that is the best solution I will do it even tomorrow, 100 per cent.

“Also I have bosses on top of me that may take that decision. At the end of the day the most important thing is that Ferrari has to become the standard for Formula 1 once again,” the Italian added.

Asked specifically if he would be happy to work hand-in-hand with Brawn once again, Domenicali said: “I cannot answer that question because whatever answer I give, there will be a lot of titles on the newspapers.

“I have such a respect for Ross, as a friend first of all, and as a professional that, really, let’s wait and see.” (GMM)

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  • Butterfly

    Finally, they see the light at the end of the tunnel. It took them four years to see it, but at least it’s there.

  • F1 MAD

    Domenicali was supposed to have replaced Jean Todt , what a farce . He worked at Ferrari in accounts , personnel , logistics and they’re surprised he hasn’t managed to pull it off ? he takes credit for the 2008 title but i feel that was just Todt legacy in my opinion .

  • Forza Ferrari

    Check us out:

  • Creepy Neighbour

    Good riddance Domenicali,why don’t u follow Felipe to Williams. If u did half of what Brawn did during his era,Alonso cd have been champion by now. Brawn dared and succeeded, u on the other hand prefer staying in the Comfort zone! Honestly let Brawn come back!

  • Ukwhite

    2014 and generally speaking the new trend technologies does not fit Domenicaliis or Brawns, and Brawn’s success was not his own, but more of a Michael’s.

    Ferrari as an amazing team I loved in Schumacher’s era, needs a fundamental change with Horners, Sebs and Neweys like people, that means good management, innovative engineering and the Driver.

  • the fan


    michael’s success was a combination of a team effort and not his only. i understand that you’re a vettel and red bull ass kisser and I respect that but to be honest, you’re getting way too unreasonable with your theories. and yes, i have closely followed the schumacher era as well.

  • Ukwhite

    @the fan: No problem mate, better choice of wording though, but that is your call… In fact my point was about a team, with Michael the better star.

    Anyways, comparison was for the sake of it, everyone needs an Everest as a benchmark, could not choose anybody from Marussia team, or why not, even from … last three year Brawn driven Mercedes team. So yes, RBs are to be compared to.

  • triumphantone34

    People don’t seem to understand that it wasn’t just Brawn that helped Michael win those titles. It was a collective of individuals. Michael would not have won those titles without Rory Byrnes designs, Brawn and Todt’s tactics and lets not forget the big elephant in the room. Ferrari was able to do unlimited testing at their Fiorano test track which gave them an advantage over their rivals. I don’t care about the tire advantage that they had with Bridgestone

  • MightyK

    Would love to see this occur.

  • sidhu

    Brawns don’t build and design cars. The aerodynamics department at ferrari has somehow been not able to pull it off. Once the designer team manages to put a descent car in place they will be back to winning days. Until then its “mamma mia” at Maranello.

  • Dr. Azlan

    The main thing is the car. Ferrari is so weak because they lack the right people to produce the best car. Hire the best engineers!

  • the fan

    ukwhite… honestly i meant what i said and no offense(seriously) as much as how bad it sounds i think of you in that way. I know how you treat vettel as a god, and how you look at marko as a very fair leader. couldnt think of any other description mate.