Alonso would have won title with a Lotus claims Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve

Outspoken 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve believes that Fernando Alonso would have won this year’s Formula 1 World title had he been at the wheel of the 2013 Lotus E21.

The French Canadian told the Spanish sports daily AS that the Ferrari driver’s performance this season was not quite as impressive as in 2012.

“[Alonso] is always at a high level,” Villeneuve said at Interlagos, “but what we saw from Alonso in 2012 I have not seen this year. That was second to none – the best I’ve seen.

“This year, with the statements [made by Alonso] about Ferrari and everything, there was too much negative energy,” he added.

Next year, Alonso will be paired at Ferrari with a new teammate.

“[How will he fare] with [Kimi] Raikkonen?” Villeneuve said. “The Lotus is a great car this year. All I’ll say is that Alonso would have won this year’s title in that Lotus.”

Alonso joined Ferrari in 2010 but, although he has come close, he is yet to add to his tally of two World titles, won at Renault seven years ago.

The Spaniard has had an often tense relationship with Ferrari this year, but despite flirtations with Red Bull and McLaren, he is staying put for 2014.

“You have no other choice than to be patient,” Alonso told the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, at Interlagos.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating. For days and days. But I have to use this anger in a good way, to work harder and to win again,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, while Alonso’s comments about Sebastian Vettel might often sound uncomplimentary, the 32-year-old insists the Red Bull driver deserves his success.

“With the same car, Webber was not able to win any titles,” Alonso said. “It’s clear that Sebastian deserves it.” (GMM)

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  • Eero

    I don’t think Alonso would have driven without salary.

  • sebolonso

    JV is once again hallucinating. He should come over the fact Kimi was signed to McLaren 2003 and not him.

    Alonso is a #2 driver, look what happens at Ferrari. Next season Alfonso’s team radio is shouting ” get f..k out off way, Kimi is faster than You”:). Wonder what JV comes up with by then.

  • champ

    @sebolonso…you are a funny guy…one more please…i like your jokes…

  • Spartacus

    Villeneuve was going to be a multi-times world champion in the BAR but that never happened either.

    There’s a huge gulf between reality and Villeneuve.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Doubt it. Alonso did good when car was fast and not so good when it wasn’t.

    You can’t win if you car is crap no matter who you are, yes you can luck into some wins, but thats not going to be happening all the time.

  • Maldoquado

    Villeneuves comments are less of an endorsement of Alonso but rather an insult leveled at Vettel. JV is the dumbest former WDC ever.

  • Boycottthebull

    Hmmm I dont think JV comments are that controversial. He is just saying that Lotus produced a car that could take it to Red Bull unlike this years Ferrari and in the hands of Alonso a win was possible. Kimi is renown for going off the boil when the car isnt able to be set up in a very narrow window that he likes. Even Grosjean proved he could operate with success outside that window. Alonso is 2nd in the championship with an even worse car than Lotus its certainly possible he would have challenged Vettel with such a machine at his fingertips.

  • Warwick

    Was a very dark day for Formula 1 when Villeneuve won that title, it meant for some unknown reason he was given a soap box so we have to listen to hear what he says.
    He can empathise with Alonso though, JV only won because he had an unbeatable car, he was useless at BAR, Button wiped the floor with him, and Jenson’s only an average driver.

  • the fan

    i have always viewed villenueve as crazy like montoya, but its nice to see him put some sanity into his comment this time. alonso haters will always hate, why cant you just wait for 2014 and stop pretending to be psychics?

    23 November, 2013 at 3:18 pm
    Doubt it. Alonso did good when car was fast and not so good when it wasn’t.

    2012, alonso has one of the worst cars in ferrari’s history yet he loss by one of the slimmest margins. use your head, its not just for growing your hair man, seriously.

  • torque

    Please stop asking JV questions.

  • Vin S

    ….and Kimi would have Won the WDC driving a Ferrari!

    Oh wait… He already did hahaha. JV, if you shut up, people won’t get a chance to call you stupid.

    And I even doubt Alonso would have driven a Lotus if they ‘paid him 0 Euro All Season”! Kimi was kicking his ass till Hungary in any case, but then Lotus decidd to screw their best employee. Oh well, next year.. Cannot wait.

  • MightyK

    @torque: Perfectly said!
    Just some more nebulous rhetoric from this twit. I can’t imagine that even JV believes what he spews. Just makes inane comments so as to grab a headline occasionally.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I thought the going meme was “nobody can win a WDC without Newey.”


  • mr18000rpm

    I guess what Jacques is really saying is that Fernando is way, way better than Kimi then, any takers? I didn’t think so. Why can’t Jacques just learn to keep his mouth shut, there is no shock value left in the idiocy coming out of Jacques mouth!

  • Troy F Collins

    Well it may be true..that Lotus might have had the quicker car the past few seasons…but can you imagine the highest paid driver in F1 going to a team with 170m in debt….ha ha

    and besides…. the man behind that neat little Lotus James Allison is now effectively standing beside Alonso at Ferrari with Dirk DeBeer……

    Problem is Kimi came with them lol