Alonso and Massa say 2014 car could be difficult to drive

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

The next generation of Formula 1 car – featuring the V6 turbo power plats – could be very difficult to drive, Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa said on Thursday.

Insiders say the transition between the V8 era and the beginning of the turbo-powered era next year is perhaps the biggest rule change in Formula 1’s entire history.

Spaniard Alonso said he has tried an early version of Ferrari’s 2014 car in the team’s Maranello simulator.

“When I tried it for the first time, it was really difficult to drive,” he is quoted in Brazil by the correspondent for Italy’s Autosprint.

“But each new simulation changes everything,” added Alonso, “so I am sure it will be very different by Melbourne.”

Brazilian Massa, despite the fact he is joining Williams for 2014, revealed he that too has tried next year’s Ferrari in the simulator.

“It’s a different world to this year,” he said. “There is so little grip, it’s like driving in the rain.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    It’s going to be interesting next year. When the turbo kicks in, the ERS-K, and that they’ve had to allow electronic control of the rear brakes for better control. The cars could be quite something to handle.

    Plus, taking a completely new engine package which hasn’t been race tested and proven but expecting a higher reliability than is current by reducing the number of engines available per driver. You could easily find that someone at the front of the championship is hobbled by either having to run a used engine at lower RPM just to get an extra race from it, or simply have no engines left and therefore having to accept a penalty to get a fresh one.

    The season was partly spoilt by the tyres. Next year may be spoilt by the engine regulations.

  • iceman 2.0

    Oh sucks ! Kimi will then find it extremely difficult in the turbo era. Its no secret if anything is slippery and grip-less he struggles.

  • Mopar212222

    I’m concerned with the tyres, hopefully they allow a lot of Pirelli testing time. The tyres will likely need to be significantly wider, but the teams won’t like that b/c it will completely change the aero.

    The torque of the ERS and Turbo will be hell on the rear tyres, thus Pirelli will bring harder and harder tyres and there goes your front-end grip. Its going to be interesting for sure.

  • Junior Johnson

    I have heard that the Renault enjin will be over hundred and fifty kilo wats faster than anyother enjin! This will be signifigant!
    With an enjin like this red bull is sure to win again!
    And of course lotus has the exact same enjin so theyll prolly come second again. So dont worry iceman20 this is great news for our kimi maybe next year even he has a chance of becoming world champion in such a car!

  • Junior Johnson

    Plus the lotus car had been getting faster and faster all season catching in to the red bull. Who knows maybe by next year it will catch in to and overtake the red bull in terms of pure speed! This guy who dezined the lotus reely seams to know what his doing so Im sure next year if he reely thinks of something new maybe like some new form of ddrrs he can beat that clown newey!
    I saw him talking about the step nose and about how a panel makes more weight and after that no body wanted to use a panel and so copied him. He seems to be reely clever. It could be he is more cleverer than that clown newey he just doesint have as much money or moola moola as my brother says!

  • Junior Johnson

    Haaa haaa if you see from the pictures Massa and Alionso are trying to look ecsactly like the guys from the turbo era. Very signifigant ;)