Massa: It is logical to help with sponsors, but a pay driver is like a prostitute

Feliep Massa during a Ferrari farewell function at Mugello

Feliep Massa during a Ferrari farewell function at Mugello

On the eve of his home grand prix, Felipe Massa has likened Formula 1 pay-drivers to prostitutes.

After eight years with Ferrari, the Brazilian will switch to Williams after this weekend’s 2013 season finale in his native Sao Paulo.

It was thought that Massa, 32, was bringing some Brazilian sponsorship backing to the seat currently occupied by the heavily PDVSA-backed Pastor Maldonado.

But Massa insists that he will remain a “professional” racing driver in his own right at Williams.

“For all that I’ve gone through, and everything I’ve achieved, it makes no sense to pay to race,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Globo.

However, Massa said that he would help Williams – the once-great Formula 1 team – to find some new sponsors.

“Of course, I will do all I can,” he said. “Money is good for improving the car and I have great relationships with some companies, some of them Brazilian.

Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari and Pastor Maldonado

Felipe Massa will replace Pastor Maldonado at Williams

“The crisis has hit all teams, big and small,” added Massa.

He said that he also negotiated with “Lotus, Force India and McLaren” about 2014. But [Lotus team boss Eric] Boullier did not do anything as though he really wanted to do something [for 2014].”

“Then Williams came after me. The first conversation was ‘We want you’. And that was very important for me.”

Massa said that he was not interested in becoming a ‘pay driver’, in the sense that a driver’s services are inextricably linked to his financial backing.

“I don’t know if this is how I should describe it, because it is a very strong word,” Massa said.

“But the word is ‘prostitute’,” he is quoted by UOL Esporte. “Not having to do that – pay to drive – is my greatest pride.

“It is logical to help with sponsors, but I will not be a prostitute,” added Massa. (GMM)

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  • Matthew

    So, Felipe basically thinks: Pay driver = Prostitute.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • captain tortuga

    Massa for President!!

    Brilliant comment!!

    anyone cares for a night with our lovely Maldonado? xD

  • Mikus

    What a shallow attitude!
    Massa should understand that he was DROPPED from Ferrari because he COULD NOT drive F1 car properly anymore. Not because of money. At the same time Alonso has a sponsor, Santander, who goes with him, yet you could not call a Alonso prostitute. And, to be accurate -prostitute is one who is paid money to do this, so Massa offend Williams – calling them prostitute.

  • MacStar

    So Massa not bringing money to Williams, what’s he bringing exactly?

  • Jack

    Truer words have never been spoken

  • Nemo Nobody

    This comes from the guy who was Alonso’s bitch for the past years :)))

  • Kimi4WDC

    Chilton, Sirotkin and Gutierezz OBJECT!!!!

  • Massa#1Fan

    Massa was never Alonso’s bitch, true he was one, but that was Ferrari, dont get me wrong, Alonso is a good driver, but you have to remember that 50% of his points was done not from the help of Massa but by team orders!!!
    How many times Massa hold traffic for Alonso to pitstop and coming back in the front of other drives?
    How many times Massa slow down for Alonso?
    How many times Massa had a car problem for Alonso to passe?
    How about gear’s problem to be punish after qualify?

    Alonso ain’t nothing without team orders!

    Hey how about the crash in Singapore for the safety car to come out, i am sure that was not Alonso’s call but i am damn sure that he was informed of that type of decision!

  • Daniel Ordaz C

    How would he call a driver who settles as #2 to whoever is his teamate…?

  • iceman 2.0

    Massa can now keep smiling idiotically for eternity :)

  • Badman Jose

    Lotus passed over Massa, big mistake. maybe Perez a very good move….The Cannon Ball (Maldonado) has the money, nothing else. He might not be able to buy a seat, maybe NASCAR..