Button: Checo did a great job this year, he’s intelligent and is a complete package

Jenson Button with Sergio Perez

Jenson Button with Sergio Perez

Jenson Button has given his McLaren teammate Sergio Perez a strong recommendation as the Mexican, who was axed by the Woking outfit, seeks a new seat for 2014.

The 2009 World Champion has admitted that he was surprised when he learned that the great British team had decided to oust Perez after just one season, in favour of the in-house development rookie Kevin Magnussen.

Perez, 23, is now struggling to find an alternate seat for next season, but Button thinks he would be a wise signing by any team that is on the market for an “intelligent” and “complete” driver.

“I feel that Checo has learned a lot this year,” Button is quoted by France’s L’Equipe.

“McLaren did a very good job in providing everything necessary for him to achieve his objectives,” he added. “To absorb everything at once can be very difficult, but Checo was able to do it.”

Jenson Button versus Sergio Perez in Bahrain

Jenson Button versus Sergio Perez in Bahrain

When asked his opinion about the young Dane Magnussen, Button said of his new teammate: “The decision about who is in the other car is not mine.

“All I can say is that Checo did a great job this year. Any team with a seat available should consider him, because he is not only fast, he’s also intelligent.

“He is a complete package,” added Button.

This weekend in Brazil, 33-year-old Button will become the most experienced British driver in Formula 1 history by competing in his 247th Grand Prix.

However, at the end of an appalling season for McLaren, the Briton admitted he is not too excited about beating David Coulthard’s old record.

“I am obviously doing something right if I’ve been around that long,” Button is quoted by the Mirror. “It’s interesting more than anything else. Right now a podium would mean a lot more than reaching 247.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Perez is certainly an ok driver, but quick isn’t necessary one attribution to him that I’d apply.

    Mid field team would be ideal for him and them. Somewhere where he could develop and for the team knowing that he’s not going to cost a fortune in replacing crashed parts.

    He’s sort of at the stage where Button was early in his career.

  • John

    Saying perez is fast…. And a few months back he said tht ths ws th best mclaren he’s ever driven…. Makes u question th young mexicans abilities

  • Fletcher

    John, Button said that not Perez. Get your facts straight. Beside he never drove a McLaren before so how can this one be the quickest one he is ever driven

  • Daniel Ordaz C

    Perez has outperformed him clearly in the last six races, so is wuse of him to say so

  • Hawk

    John meant exactly that. read it again.. and again.. until it clicks. I only had to read it only once.