Alonso doubts that Ferrari will finish second in Constructors title

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso does not think that Ferrari can end its 2013 campaign by finishing runner-up to dominant champions Red Bull.

The Italian squad is currently sandwiched between Mercedes and Lotus in the lucrative Constructors’ World Championship with just Sunday’s Brazil finale to run.

But Spaniard Alonso said that continuing to fend off Lotus is all Ferrari can now realistically hope for.

“There is nothing more we can do in this moment,” he is quoted by L’Equipe.

“We are fighting to be in Q3 and scoring points on Sunday. Maybe [finishing second] was just too high a goal. You have to be realistic and realise that second place was a dream,” Alonso added.

However, while acknowledging that Ferrari’s 2013 car is slower than the Mercedes and the Lotus, Alonso said he is proud of his personal performance this year.

Indeed, in Austin, he mathematically clinched the runner-up spot behind Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers’ title chase, “I am proud, because we clearly do not have the second fastest car. So finishing second is a great reward for me.”

“But I would rather be tenth ten times and once Champion, than to always finish second,” Alonso insisted.

He is quoted by Spain’s AS sports daily as admitting that he is feeling “tired” heading into the last race of the season in Brazil.

“My preparation for [the US GP] was not ideal,” said Alonso. “I was a week on the couch and in bed with headaches, dizziness.

“Physically I feel tired now and I felt stress throughout the weekend,” he added. “I think I’ll be fine for Brazil, I am improving day by day and hopefully I feel a little better, less tired and I enjoy the weekend some more.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    The Ferrari was ahead of Red Bull at the start of the season. And ahead of other cars too. The only reason it’s behind now is that Ferrari have switched focus to the 2014 car.

    Alonso started off with the best car but he didn’t have the ability to exercise that advantage and cement his place in the championship. That’s why Ferrari are brining in Kimi.

    I can’t say if Kimi is going to be quicker than Alonso or not. But with the removal of No. 1 status that Alonso has enjoyed it’s going to put pressure on him to deliver. That will be good for Alonso, and his adoring fans (yes, including you Butterfly! :-) ).

  • Ankit


    Go home Spartacus, you’re hammered!

  • jl

    poor fernando, mr. di Montezemolo is a great politician. he ask fernando to push more by bringing kimi back.
    no more no. 1 status.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Stoner, a lot of people said Lewis would be driving in 15th place and regretting his move to Merc. And now they don’t say s#!t about it. They pretend they didn’t say that garbage. So next year when Alonso owns Kimi can you please come on here and say “I was wrong.” That would be a nice experience.

  • Bob Foster

    Ummm, hey, Mr. “Red Bull Cheats” . . . . perhaps you would like to take the initiative and say “I was wrong” regarding your monicker?

  • Hawk

    Bob why would RBC apologise when he is right. Its true RB cheats.

    do you really think Butterfly is scared? I wouldnt. Infact I think FA fans are looking forward to next season. its Kimi fans who should be scared. he will be exposed. he is not what he was in 2003.

  • Red Horizon

    Third place is a much more realistic target, given the situation.