Di Resta: I don’t know what will happen next year, I’ve got to wait and see

Will Paul di Resta be a Force India driver in 2014?

Will Paul di Resta be a Force India driver in 2014?

Force India driver Paul di Resta is not sure whether or not he has a future in Formula 1 beyond the 2013 season, as several ‘pay-drivers’ are waving their cheque books in front of teams desperate to bolster their finances.

Speaking to English media Di Resta explained, “They know what I’m capable of, they know what I can deliver. I feel like I’m an asset to the team. But I can’t make the decision for them, and I have to respect their decision.”

The Scot, who had a stellar career in DTM with Mercedes before stepping up to the pinnacle of the sport, has had a tough time this year, not aided by the fact that the team suffered a performance dip when Pirelli changed the tyres in the early stages of the season. Since then the Force India outfit have been on the back foot.

Di Resta is wary of the way Formula 1 is dictated by economics and is reportedly resigned to the fact that he may be sacrificed to accommodate a pay-driver, but says that he still has hope.

Fourth place in Bahrain has been Paul Di Resta's best result so far in 2013

Fourth place in Bahrain has been Paul Di Resta’s best result so far in 2013

“I’ve said all along I’d love to be part of [Force India]. I’ve expressed that to the senior management, bosses and the shareholders,” said Di Resta.

However, as the season winds down in Brazil, it is apparent that there will be several driver changes among the teams in 2014 with several berths still to be filled. Among the candidates are drivers who have funding to bring to a prospective team which could impact on the likes of Di Resta.

The 27 year old is not oblivious to the situation, “Obviously, things are getting tighter in the midfield to get seats, so I have to be content with what I’ve done, and I believe over the last four races I’ve done what’s been asked of me.”

“I don’t know what will happen. I’ve got to wait and see. We can only work in the background in trying to secure my Formula 1 future. We’re speaking, and that’s all you can do. All is not confirmed yet,” revealed Di Resta who will be starting his 58th F1 race at the Interlagos season finale. (GP247)

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    It’s not for a pay driver that you getting drop kicked. It is for the incredible hulk.
    Mr I have no grip, Button junior. When i has a good race he goes, look at me top teams look at me it was all me. When he has a bad race, he sulks to the media the team, the team needs to improve.

    The british media is not even trying to talk him into a top team like they did last year. Throught the year there was alot of top seats up for grabs. He was never mentioned once by any team that he was in the running or even looked at.

    Don’t even bother with Indy car. Go back to DTM. DTM is an F1 driver retirment/refugee camp.

  • Spartacus

    McLaren should have taken him last year, but he wouldn’t have had the Mexican millions of pounds following him. I think then we’d have seen the best of Paul and it would have been better than Perez was able to offer.

    Now, I’m not sure where he can go. Force India have had a bit of an average season, and Paul has done an ok job with them. Should Force India take the Hulk? Or will they opt for Maldonado and his millions? Or should they keep Paul?

    The worst option is Maldonado. I’m 50/50 between Paul and Nico. Both have potential and neither have been given the car to show what they can do.