Maldonado admits that his Williams sabotage claim was wrong

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado has admitted that it was wrong to publicly accuse Williams of sabotage, after a poor result in the Qualifying session for the USGP in Austin – the first race since the Venezuelan’s decision to leave the Grove based team was announced. Maldonado said at the time that he suspected that the Williams mechanics had tampered with his tyre pressures and temperatures.

“Sure, it was wrong of me to say it,” he is quoted by Speed Week, “because for three years I respected them, and they respected me.

“I was stressed on the first weekend after the announcement that I am leaving the team,” explained Maldonado, who has been linked with a move to Lotus.

“You come to the end of the season and you are stressed, but only because I want more and I want to give 100 per cent, but I’m limited by the car. Sometimes you say more than you should,” he added.

He insisted that he has “a few very good friends” at Williams, who are “perhaps the only friends I have in Formula 1, and together we had maybe the best time of my career, but perhaps [also] the worst.

“It was not easy for me to leave the team because I have very good friends here,” Maldonado continued.

“There are certainly people who I do not like and maybe they don’t like me too. This is a family, and there can always be differences. Now it’s too late and I’m leaving, but I wish them the best,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Ya’ think?

  • McLarenfan

    So now you retract your slanderous psychotic paranoid rant shame it is not something being broadcast to all the corners of the universe like the initial statement. I just hope that any future employer has seen this and the initial rant, they then can use their judgment to close the door in your face.

  • MightyK

    Hopefully we won’t see Jerkstor on the grid next season; if anybody is still watching , that is.

  • GoldLeaf

    As with certain other drivers: Goodbye, and don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out…

  • GoldLeaf

    I don’t really understand how there can be several drivers who are highly respected for their personal qualities and their driving expertise who are potentially out of a drive or will not be in a top seat while there are these clearly marginal drivers who have all of this cash following them around. The problem seems to be with the sponsors. Certainly some small country with more oil money than they know what to do with can sponsor a driver of their own nationality. But why doesn’t someone like Hulkenberg have a rich sponsor? He’s from Germany which has been a big F1 country from the beginning, has a huge economy and many wealthy corporations. Where’s the money? Maybe Bernie has to spread the wealth a little so that the most highly skilled drivers can stay in the sport.

  • PB

    And this guys wants to continue racing in F1. Doubt any team would look at him after his rants.

  • jeff

    Respect. Well he sur ll.e as well does not have mine. This guy is a bonehead.

  • McLarenfan

    Paranoid Psychonado People have seen the real you now treatment will not help you so go find a pushbike no sane person will let you loose in their multi million pound machine.
    You couldn’t even do a demo run without crashing when there wasn’t another car around.

  • Garth

    Crashtor Malfunction, the most arrogant useless idiot I have ever seen in an F1 car. The comments and accusations you levelled at Williams were nothing short of despicable, they should pay you to sit at home for the final race and any self respecting team whether short of funds or not should not give you a second glance, Bad driver, Bad mouth, Bad risk, and if you do get a drive know this, the team do not want you just your sponsoship dosh.