Ferrari boss says Raikkonen back injury not a problem

Kimi Raikkonen and Stefano Domenicali during their time together at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen and Stefano Domenicali during their previous time together at Ferrari

Ferrari insists that it was aware of the extent of Kimi Raikkonen’s back problems when the Finn was signed up to rejoin the team for the 2014 Formula 1 season.

The deal was announced in early September, which was before the Singapore Grand Prix, where Raikkonen admitted he was taking pain killers.

The 2007 World Champion, who is replacing the Williams-bound Felipe Massa, is currently recovering from surgery that has caused him to miss the last two races of the season for Lotus.

Asked by the British broadcaster Sky if Ferrari knew about Raikkonen’s problems, which reportedly date back a decade, boss Stefano Domenicali laughed: “Of course we know the situation. With the specific situation of Kimi there will be no problem at all.”

However, former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard has revealed that the latest buzz in the paddock is that, given Romain Grosjean’s increasingly impressive performances, “Ferrari have signed the wrong Lotus driver”.

The Scot, though, is not convinced the joke has merit.

“Let’s not forget that in their two years as teammates with equal opportunity, Raikkonen has been in front of Grosjean in the Championship, and he is going to finish there this year despite Raikkonen missing these last two races,” Coulthard, now a television commentator, wrote in his BBC column.

“So Grosjean deserves credit where it’s due based on the here and now, but World Champions deliver over an entire season, and Grosjean has yet to do that.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Kimi’s back problem won’t be an issue because maybe he didn’t get any surgery done at all!

    Up till now, there’s still no solid prove that he underwent a back operation. There isn’t even any detail as to the scope of the operation.. specifically what type of back pain did he have? Specifically what type of surgery did he have?

    I say it’s very likely that this could be the biggest F1 scam of 2014, all orchestrated by Ferarri.

  • captain tortuga

    I think i read somewhere that it had something to do with an injury that he endured during testing at Sauber. (crash at Au Rouge) It has always been there, and it has to do with the stuff between the spinal bones. (don’t how you call that material in english.. also your ears are made of it.. and stuff in your knee..)

    anyway a hernia seems pretty legit as a professional driver. On the other side i think if there was suspicion of that the media would have picked up on that.. usually the media has no problem finding those kind of muddy stories ;)

  • Junior Johnson

    Hi captain tortaluga, yes you are right about this and I heared that Kimi had to have a back transplant wich is why he couldint race in the last two racers

  • Binoy

    The injury is a very old one,happened during testing for sauber. It has always been there,comes and goes. It came back during singapore gp when he went over a kerb. The reason being lotus not fitting the seat properly. He was on painkillers the entire weekend. The reason for surgery is the reoccurance of the problem,Kimi doesnt want to delay the treatment as he doesnt want this to happen again and the fact that he is no longer in 20’s might have added to taking the decision.
    And its true that he had a surgery, happened at Strasbourg University Hospital in France on Thursday and lotus had officially confirmed it.