Rosberg: What Sebastian’s car can do in the corners is madness

Sebastian Vettel with Nico Rosberg

Sebastian Vettel with Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has described the performance of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull as crazy, in the aftermath of the World Champion’s record breaking eighth consecutive win of the season at the United States Grand Prix.

After a weekend of disappointing pace in Austin, Mercedes driver Rosberg admitted that watching onboard footage of Formula 1’s dominant champion did not cheer him up.

“I just sit and think ‘Are you crazy? How does that work?'” Rosberg told Bild.

“What Sebastian’s car can do in the corners is madness,” he added.

On Sunday, Vettel surpassed Michael Schumacher’s record of seven wins on the trot in a single season.

The statistic was one of the only talking points of the United States Grand Prix, with the possible exception of Red Bull’s new all-time pitstop record of 1.923 seconds.

Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull has 'wings' according to his rivals

Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull has ‘wings’ according to his rivals

Part of the reason for the questionable spectacle in Austin was undoubtedly because of Vettel’s imperious dominance.

“I have to admit,” Mercedes’ Toto Wolff told Austrian journalists, “when the audience can predict the winner with 90 per cent probability, this might be seen as boring.”

But some blame should fall on Pirelli’s shoulders, after the Italian marque – tired of the constant criticism of its heavily-degrading tyres – made an ultra-conservative Hard compound choice for the weekend.

Formula 1 has been warned by Pirelli that if the lack of cooperation remains the same up and down pitlane, fans will have to get used to the spectacle of one-stop races in 2014.

“It will be a topic of conversation in the coming weeks,” Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali is quoted by L’Equipe, “because we cannot always have races where the show is absent.” (GMM)

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  • Badman Jose

    Methinks its time to bring back traction control, actually one team already has…

  • LotusFan

    At the US GP they showed a little more of Vettel then we normally see of him driving at the front. Also looking at his lap times and radio messages from Rocky it is obvious that his car has a lot of pace compared to everybody else and by lap 10 he had pulled a 4 sec gap. Then all he has to do is incrementally increase the gaps and keep the car on the road and not even drive at full speed.
    Rocky keeps telling him to drive at certain delta times and take care of tyres etc. With a car with that pace, one wonders if what he is doing is really superhuman. He is keeping it mistake free and executing well. But would not an Alonso or Raikkonen do the same in that car?
    Then of course we will have the familiar argument of but why is Webber not winning also. Webber makes poor starts, gets himself in traffic and on these Pirelli tyres suffers high degradation and all kinds of strife.
    Vettel is very very good but dont think he is some superhuman doing an extraordinary job. He has the car to do it in

  • McLarenfan

    Martin Brundle was saying that both Webber & Vettel were on the power so much earlier than any other car and with the added affect of the airflow the exhaust = down force pinning it to the track then with the cut to 4 cylinders at the corner allowing the throttle power to ease on they are off in to the distance but after Brazil its a new era.

  • TWD

    superhuman driving a supercar….that is the perfect equation for this matter.

  • Richard Piers

    It was some years later that we learned that Bridgestone made special tyres for Michael Schumacher. What will we learn in the future that ensured Vettel’s pre-eminence. The difference is just too much. Good he may be but it is much too soon to say great.

  • MacStar

    yeah yeah why blame Pirelli for a flying Redbull! These guys have found a sweet spot and it’s beautiful to watch that car pull the gap at the front. It looks like the only F1 car out there! And Webber? Well……. Grosjean showed him didn’t he? Imagine Grosjean in that car, what a thought!

  • Anthony

    Make the races longer. Make the fuel tanks smaller. Not trying to bail out Pirelli but there are a lot of things that could change to make F1 exciting again. That’s beside the point, send could easily win as many championships as he wants, red bull is that good and HE is that good.

  • quattro


    “superhuman driving a supercar….”

    The 2nd part of your statement is for sure true as it can be measured and proven.

    The “superhuman” part on the other hand is more of wishful thinking on your behalf than anything else, as there is nothing you can use to prove it in the slightest. As a matter of fact ANYONE driving a “supercar” (and certainly it is established that the reddull of vettels is just that) is EXPECTED to and WILL come on top when competing with drivers driving “standardcars” – no superpowers needed there really.

    The ironi is actually that if you really want to find superhumans you will have to look for him/them in the other group – the drivers driving only standardcars and still doing amazing stuff and even beating the supercar of vettel. Tip: Look in the results of 2010 and 2012 – You will find real superhuman-achievements ;)

  • jl

    @quattro. I agree your last words, I found Vettel won championship in 2010 and 2012. that superhuman, with so many incident and engine failure, young age, he won.
    case closed :D

  • the fan

    thank God 2013 is over in a few days time.

  • Troy F Collins

    We HAD close racing this year up to about Silverstone……then things became more…. shall we say….processional

    The tires were a big factor as to this change…..

  • the fan

    what I mean to say that Seb rapped up the title early and Lewis just has to accept that he was beaten and cannot moan no more.

  • Taskmaster

    Making changes to a sport to fake competitiveness results in what we call Indy Car and NASCAR, so let’s not go down that road, please. When drivers, like Rosberg, are unable to keep beat another, it’s part of their wiring to attribute it to the competitors car – it’s a natural ego thing. Being beaten by a car is more palatable than being beaten by another driver. What gets ignored here is that Vettel has always done well in the medium and slow corners – where, as Carroll Smith taught, saving 10% in the slowest sectors where you spend more time is worth much more than being 10% faster in the quickest sectors, where you spend little time. If you look at sector times, this is exactly what Vettel does from T1 in the opening lap on, and why he can be .4s a lap quicker and 35MPH slower at the same time. This is not all a car thing, its also a driver thing. Schumacher was the same, as was Senna, owning the slowest twisty bits at the cost of a few thousandths in the fast bits to take wins from the fastest MPH cars on track.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Vettel is very very good but dont think he is some superhuman doing an extraordinary job. He has the car to do it in.”

    You HAVE to believe that because the alternative would make you have a breakdown.

  • badman jose

    Methinks that Mercedes should be exposed.


  • fools


    “What Sebastian’s CAR can do.”

    Another German (Country Rival) crediting the car and NOT Vettel.

    This coming from Rosberg is quite enough to tell the trolls here that its mainly the car not the driver. Is that what he is insisting including the whole paddock except RB? IMO….YES!

  • Boycottthebull

    I took Rosbergs comments to be a Vettel dig trying to imply how amazing the car was rather than its driver. As a result of the conservative tyre choice the Austin race was a bit boring though it did seem to be a bit of a convoy for most of it. Makes me of two minds whether the current tyre regulations are good or not.

  • Edein

    To anyone saying a nascar race is boring, means they’ve never watched one. The overtaking is far more exciting than the synthetic DRS sail by.

  • Rockie

    Why is it always what Vettel’s car can do?
    Is it that no one rides on board with Webber?
    Why not what the Red bull car can do in corners?

    This is where the problem lies whilst they all sit back and believe its the car and not trying to improve their own individual performance they are kidding themselves, all the while they are doing this Vettel is getting better.
    While being worried about what Vettel’s car is doing this same drivers are under performing against their team mates.
    I mean where did Rosberg qualify with respect to Hamilton as good as Alonso is what is the difference between him and Massa in qualifying?
    Food for thought!

  • Boycotthehaters

    “This coming from Rosberg is quite enough to tell the trolls here that its mainly the car not the driver. Is that what he is insisting including the whole paddock except RB?”

    Why do jackasses like you always insist that you speak for “the paddock”? The paddock can and does speak for itself, and it says the complete opposite of what you want it to say. Just a few more weeks and “the paddock” will vote Vettel as the best driver of the season by a huge margin. And you’ll sit in your corner muttering to yourself.

  • sunny stivala

    Jose, is Jackson still ok?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Boycotthehaters Perhaps you forgot last year where the paddock voted Alonso #1 driver, again… Many in the paddock have commented on Vettel’s car, the sound, the exhaust, the way he can miss the apex and bang over curbs and still be on pole. Loads have commented about Webber not getting the same treatment. Illegal ride height adjustment, traction control. This noise has been going on for 4 years. Perhaps there is some truth to it, like Schumacher’s special Bridgestone tires…

  • Taskmaster

    Noises, rumors, and denigrating remarks without actual evidence or official action are just that, noises. The inter-web breeds hack conspiracy theories like mold on stale bread, doesn’t mean its good eating – except for those who relish watching a sport they believe to be completely corrupt – which is really strange IMHO.

    Edein: Yes NASCAR is indeed exciting – been to dozens of races. It’s structured to be fun in the sun with a beer in the hand. It’s a stadium sport that has lucky dog rules, lots of long yellows to bunch traffic up, and debris flags at crucial moments to make sure nobody is left behind. This does not mean applying this cooked-for-entertainment approach is good for F1, or even desirable.

  • Ukwhite

    Some people hatred is beyond comprehension… That shoul hurt

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Lots of noise and rumors that Piquet Junior crashed on purpose to let Alonso win. Then the rumors became facts.

  • Harry Gillespie

    Sad to read the comments from the likes of Rosberg and others who are amazed at what sebastians can do on the corners ect, I always thought that it was a combination of a well designed and set up car and a very fast alert driver, but to some total commitment, dedication and hours of hard work from design, factory through team to driver is simply BORING and CHEATING with booing at the celebrations, average pilots fly average planes. Vettel has the same mindset as Senna had and when he was at one with the car he was untouchable and it wasn’t a red bull. If Ferrari or any other team build a winning car for the next 4 years and they win with the same driver will that also be boring and cheating.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Harry Gillespie, there are lots of documented events where Red Bull cheated, got caught and didn’t get punished. Look it up on Google if you want to know what happened. It’s not jealousy, it is fact.

  • Glenn

    @Harry Gillespie ues but senna could also take a bad car and still win races mainly in the 1993 season when williams were using the active suspencion

  • Red Bull Cheats.

    I got it all arseways! Red Bull never cheated, but they bent the rules. And that makes a big difference. But I do say these stupid things every day.

  • Red Horizon

    There is a concrete possibility that Red Bull has really found a system that simulates traction control, the clues are there (the behavior of the car when cornering, engine noise), but if FIA says that it’s all legal, as it happened, there’s nothing more to do. You just have to congratulate Red Bull-Renault and go to work to beat them. End of story.

  • Raza

    I totally agree Red Horizon, there are a lot of very clever people out there who could make square wheels go fast, and others who with a cut here a stitch there make Bob your Auntie. Red Bull are legal absolutely 99.9% and it’s no secret.
    Sebastian has that big Red Rampant Bull nearly on top of him and the thought of that is giving him wings simples that is how he is flying, and that is also how there is as much bullshit flying about on and after raceday.

  • Badman Jose

    Vettel, is he really the WDC? .. its traction control .. KERS or some other ingenious electronic control gadget, its still illegal….Traction control is not permitted..


  • Candor

    Badman Jose
    obviously you have not been watching–yes Vettel is WDC and the rest of your post is guess work and speculation, if or until concrete evidence is found of cheating then Red Bull and Vettel should be congratulated on their achievments. Have you forgotten how Vettel performed in a Torro Rosso even winning a Gran Prix or did you not watch that either