Brawn: Red Bull will be weakened by latest F1 moves

Peter Prodromou with Sebastian Vettel on the Barcelona podium in 2011

Peter Prodromou with Sebastian Vettel on the Barcelona podium, 2011

World Champions Red Bull have been weakened, and Ferrari and McLaren strengthened, by Formula 1’s latest technical staff movements. Mercedes boss Ross Brawn, who said the dominant Champions will miss the input of aerodynamics chief Peter Prodromou, who has been signed to join McLaren.

“I don’t think any team can lose someone of that experience and calibre without it having some impact,” Brawn is quoted by the Guardian.

Another move that will have an impact, Brawn added, is James Allison’s switch from Lotus to Ferrari.

“James Allison has gone from Lotus having designed a very good car there, to Ferrari, and I am sure next year [Ferrari’s] car will be a lot better,” he said.

“That’s the nature of the business. It happens in Formula 1 all the time. Red Bull are where they are because they took Adrian [Newey] out of McLaren. It’s the nature of Formula 1.” (GMM)

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  • ZombieF1

    If Newey is the case, then why he failed miserably during Schumi’s era and pre Vettel RBR?

  • McLarenfan

    Adrian Newey left McLaren to join Red Bull due to Ron not giving him freedom to work on the cars to the degree that Red Bull have.
    Ron was always curtailing Adrian’s creative side. Then along came Red Bull who have let him be free to design and evolve the RB range to the car they have now.
    I do see what Ross is saying as even Adrian must have people who he bats information off. Red Bull is a collective like many teams are it only takes removing one of the chain to make it weaker.

  • Robb

    @ Zombie
    It sounds like you’re trying to say the Red bull car is no better than the rest, and that Seb’s success is solely down to his brilliance.

    I think the people who believe that are as delusional as the people who think Seb is just an average driver in a great car.

  • fools

    Coming from Brawn….a multiple team boss Champion…its not alarming what he said but certainly believable.