Brawn: Hamilton’s bad tempered radio calls no problem

Ross Brawn with Andy Shovlin on the Mercedes pit wall

Ross Brawn with Andy Shovlin on the Mercedes pit wall

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has come out in defence of star driver Lewis Hamilton, after the British driver made bad-tempered and contradictory radio calls to his engineer in Austin.

When told during the US Grand Prix to look after his tyres, the 2008 World Champion hit back : “That’s what I’m doing man, let me focus.”

But after the ensuing radio silence, Hamilton later insisted: “You need to give me some feedback, man – tyres, temperatures.”

When asked about Hamilton’s inconsistency, Brawn said: “We are just getting used to working with Lewis. It’s not problematic.”

Hamilton said he had apologised to his engineer for the outbursts, “The poor guy has come on the radio and then I come back at him – I will always say sorry.”

“Stuff does not come out like ‘Hey buddy, just give me a little moment here’. It’s like you are holding on to a bull and it’s like ‘Give me a frickin’ second!'” Hamilton explained. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • Spartacus

    You’re only getting splices of information on the TV broadcasts so you’re not hearing these in context.

    Personally, I don’t think the sport has been improved by having the radio broadcasts announced. Although I believe it was Ferrari who were snooping in on everybody else’s communications and the reason why they encrypted theirs.

    There’s one race where David Coultard only got messages from the local taxi company!

  • TWD

    Yeah, I heard the radio message

  • McLarenfan

    I think the radio messages only give you an in site in to the amount of tech the driver has to deal with as well as heating front tyres while trying to cool the rears and suddenly finding the tyres are shot and the pit saying go another 10 laps till target. I must admit if it were me no grip still pushing to hit the delta and I got told 10 more laps I would be in the pits out the car and having polite words. This is part of the problem brought on by the teams asking for cr*p tyres but it is also strange that the teams then complain about the tyres.

  • Tg

    Stuff like this demonstrates how immature Hamilton really is for his age. It’s embarrassing.

  • Edein

    He can choose when to press the radio button and reply so what he’s saying isn’t even true.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    There is a big difference between being told to look after his tires and being told specific tire wear and temperatures. One is a general idea, which he of course knows he has to do and therefore a waste of time. One is a fact based information exchange which he needs. So nothing contradictory in his radio messages. “Quit telling me what I already know and tell me what I don’t know because you have the data, I don’t.” I seems pretty smart to me.

  • Agreed – The obvious i know, but data please

    All the world champions have reacted like this. Vettel stills says I know i know. Kimi says I know what I’m doing. Even the Media goody 2 shoes Button (who is absolutely sucking lately by his own admiting) also says i know and whats Checo doing, whats checo doing. Alonso as well then starting speaking Italian to avoid the media from doing what they doing now.
    Only the wanna be world champions all shut up and play nice puppy.
    The media is playing fans like fiddles because they know what sells and gets website comments coming in.
    All the drivers get portrayed a certain way in the media as to what gets fan reaction. AND THAT IS MORE OBVIOUS THAN HAVING TO LOOK AFTER THE CRAP TYRES.