Persistent headaches and back pain do not slow Alonso down

Fernando Alonso with neck strips in Austin

Fernando Alonso with neck strips in Austin

Fernando Alonso overcame headaches and back pain on his way to claiming sixth place on the grid for Ferrari at this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

He raised his performance after a struggle in difficult, blustery conditions while teammate Felipe Massa ended up 15th.

“I had a little bit of pain yesterday and this morning when I woke up, but when you are in the car you forget it,” said the two-time World Champion.

“Starting sixth we will have to survive the start and the first corner and then I think we can fight. I’ve had more impossible podiums than this in the past, but I don’t think it’s fair to think of the podium because we are starting sixth.”

Alonso added that he had suffered from severe headaches and back pain following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but says they will not affect his chances in this weekend’s race.

Alonso was taken to hospital for scans after the race at Yas Marina two weeks ago, in which he tripped a 25 g-force alarm in his Ferrari after clattering over kerbs.

“My back is not a problem,” he said after qualifying. “After Abu Dhabi I was fine for three or four hours after the race, but when I did the medical check they found some lack of sensitivity in my left arm and leg and they were a little bit worried.”

“I had a lot of headaches after, because a nerve was compressed and there was not enough blood pressure in my head. The nights were very difficult but slowly the inflammation came down.” (Reuters)

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  • jl

    bwaaahh, loser cry baby. He just want to show he is good enough to take point. Go take your points while vettel win.

  • Brink Frindling

    Thank goodness he is not slowed down by whatever is actually going on; with Alonzo it’s never the truth in what he says, it’s always theater.

    With the Ferrari telemetry showing in excess of 25Gs, he must have hit some phantom reinforced concrete wall at 650 miles per hour. But then, their rev counters go to 1,000,000 RPM and speedometers are calibrated to 5000 mph or 8000 km/h.

    Now, if he could only find something to hit to speed him up to become competitive! Or perhaps he should simply retire after next week’s race in Brazil.

    It’s clear now, after this impact, that he is a danger to himself and the other drivers simply by being allowed to race. The FIA should step up and ban him from participating before he kills someone when he blacks out behind the wheel or cannot see properly because of redout induced by his injuries.

  • Ankit

    @ Both you losers who’ve commented!

    Go watch some other sport and get your head out of your a*sses!