Renault: Newey’s genius will still be a factor in new turbo era

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey

Renault has played down expectations that Formula 1 will become a mere engine formula with the new V6 turbo rules of 2014, and claim that aero will continue to play an important role which will play into the hands of Red Bull‘s design guru Adrian Newey.

It is widely believed that if one manufacturer – such as Mercedes as per the current paddock reports – gets an early lead in the horsepower stakes, its teams will dominate the new Championship.

But Remi Taffin, of World Champion Red Bull’s engine supplier Renault, thinks car design will continue to be crucial.

“Newey is king,” he told Spain’s Marca sports newspaper, referring to how Renault goes about integrating its engine to the overall package.

“The overall package is what has to work,” said Taffin. “The importance of aerodynamics will be more or less the same [in 2014].”

Taffin explained that, in his opinion, a key to Red Bull’s success in the V8 era has been “the humility of Renault Sport’s engineers, who have understood not to have the best engine, or the most powerful, but the best engine for the car”.

Meanwhile, Marca correspondent Marco Canseco claimsthat the 2007 Red Bull tested for ‘filming’ purposes at the Los Arcos Navarra circuit may have been wearing a low nose, as per the 2014 regulations. (GMM)

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  • Garth

    Red Bull and Vettel will still be at the forefront for seasons to come as long as they retain Adrian Newey. No matter the rule change they are very quick to adapt. The design and aero package is of vast importance as has been seen when they haven’t had the quickest engine and this is where Red Bull excell. No use putting a V6 Turbo in a truck or a V8 for that matter.