Marko: Vettel alone is better than Rosberg and Hamilton together

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel

World Champion Sebastian Vettel is single-handedly better than Mercedes‘ entire driver lineup, is the provocative claim of Red Bull‘s always blunt and outspoken Helmut Marko, as Austin pole winner Vettel prepares to break another record on Sunday.

Another win on Sunday would be the dominant German’s eighth on the trot, breaking the old record set by his countryman Michael Schumacher.

Still, many do not give new quadruple world champion Vettel the credit that Marko believes he deserves.

“I always hear Mercedes say they have the best driver pairing in Formula 1,” he told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Helmut Marko celebrates with Sebastian Vettel after victory in the Abu Dhabi GP

Helmut Marko celebrates with Sebastian Vettel after victory in the Abu Dhabi GP

“Vettel alone is better than Rosberg and Hamilton together,” Marko charged. “This is a fact.”

The Austrian is referring to the fact that Vettel has 347 points so far in 2013, while Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s combined tally is just 334.

Before the United States Grand Prix weekend Vettel had amassed 60 podiums, of which 37 were victories and 44 pole positions, while the Hamilton-Rosberg combination have scored 65 podiums, of which 25 have been victories and 35 pole positions. (GMM)

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  • jeff

    Are not these the kind of statements you would expect from him? I am not a LB or NR fan but this guy sucks. Not discounting Seb in the least. But Marko is a puke.

  • umer

    hahahhaha…what a joke…i guess he was very high when he said this…what he should have said was that Adrian newey was much better then Hamilton and Rosberg

  • LotusFan

    And they want to know why people boo Vettel. This guy and his stupid talk is one of the main reasons

  • Butterfly

    So Dr. Evil thinks the Merc boys are driving RB9s painted in silver. Interesting.

  • manila

    yeah, some great car he produced in 2007,2008.
    Anyone could have won in those.

  • grimreaper

    And they cannot understand why Red Bull is booed? Red Bull are sticking the finger to all the other Teams and Drivers. Marko is fast becoming a liability to the Red Bull Brand.

  • captain tortuga

    @ Lotusfan :

    I think it is time to change your name.. Yesterday the news broke that the PDVSA-money-machine has said that Crashtor will be crashing the cars of Lotus-F1-Team next season.

    I likeD Lotus.. now i hope they go bankrupt ASAP.

  • Pat Chapman

    Helmut has a mouth like a sewage pipe. Every time he opens it, it just spews sewage.

  • James

    I can hardly believe Marko has a PhD. Give these 3 drivers the exact same car on their disposal, only then can we make any meaningful assessment.

  • Junior Johnson

    I reely like this guy what he says sometimes because I like peeple who speak the truth.Guys we shouldint be so criticalistic to Marko he is just trying to encurage the other pilots to do good

  • Jules

    Vettel is only appears a class above the rest because of his car. Without the car he has now, Vettel will be struggling to get on the podium even if he was driving a Merc or Lotus…honestly.

  • Ian Chalmers

    what a shame he is not a cyclist, the Vettel could take him on the first bend

  • Butterfly


    Well, yeah…

    But people like to talk about the winning drivers, even if it means neglecting that little detail about the car.

    And, unfortunately, it works for most people.

  • V

    The end for red bull is coming soon.
    Any driver if drives for Mercedes will struggle!
    Every body knows who is real racer.
    Alonso Hamilton Raikonen.
    Maybe Mr Marko look for a pair eyeglasses.
    You will need it for next year!

  • captain tortuga

    Hahahaha, Marko, Marko.. You meant that Vettel has a better car than Lewis and Rosberg combined.. Prolly your budget is also more than theirs combined. So that levels out nicely then.

  • nakagoli.

    Marko has every right to his opinion, unlike some of the sickies here!

    Look at the combined total of points between Hamilton and Rosberg, then look at the points of Vettel. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

    And its not just the car. The Merc is a fast car, but is just not being consistently driven

  • Mofombo

    Look at the standing. That says it all. Marko may be an ass but the truth is in the numbers. Once is luck but four in a row is not. Keep wishing Alonslow will be back on top. Kimi will end that noise. It take a team and a driver to keep devoloping thru the season to keep winning. Something the guys in red dont compete with. Next year has come and gone 4 time now and a new king has yet to be crowned. Why would there be any change next year?

  • Fools Heaven

    Everyone keep shouting that its the car, its all Newey. allow me to ask you one simple question please
    Where was Newey and all his cars lets say from 2000 to 2009? how many champions did he make in all this period?
    Newey is Master in what he does and there is no doubt about that but He needs equally Master driver to drive his car
    IMHO Vettel and Newey complement each other

  • Butterfly

    I can see some of the guys in here suffer from the same dementia as Dr. Evil.

    Fools Heaven:

    The 2005 McLaren was a beast of a car. In 2007 he joined RBR and it wasn’t until 2009 that they got everything right. If I remember correctly, he was complaining of errors in the development and production processes, but they nailed it in 2009.

    Newey’s cars have always been scary fast. He not only made Hakkinen’s career, but Raikkonen’s as well, and, of course, Vettel.

    Raikkonen’s career will take a dive next year, but Newey’s cars made Kimi what he’s perceived to be today.

    As for Vettel, he’s just garbage. In 2010 when he was fighting Webber on almost equal terms, Webber was way ahead. Since winning the 1st title, Webber’s side of the garage got different parts to put on the car, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, hope that clears it up.

  • Hawk

    You are stupid if you can’t realize that Newey is thriving because of the regulations in tandem with the RB budget. If these variables were the same in 2000-9 he would have dominated. You people are underestimating the RB budget and its significance. Why do you think RB cannot stand anything to do with cost control?

  • Graham

    I know where Vettel should stick his finger, — right up Marko’s backside.

  • AlonsoFan

    And they think why they always get booed! but I reckon what Helmut meant was that Adrain Newey is better than Rosberg and Hamilton put together, In 2012 it wasnt until Redbull introduced the Double- DRS in Singapore onwards when Vettel started winning from the front and it has carried forward to this year not the DDRS but downforce packages and thius year it hasnt been until the tyre construction was changed when when RBR just took OFF, after crying like little BI(TICHES) and then Pirelli changed them Even NEwey admits it…

  • Nemo Nobody

    @ butterfly

    You have some serious issues up there…in your head.
    For you Vettel and Raikkonen are shit drivers. Maybe they aren’t THE best…but garbage !?… probably you don’t understand much about F1 and life in general.

  • Spartacus

    I’m not a Hamilton fan, but didn’t he beat everyone’s best time around the Top Gear track? Including smashing Vettel’s time? And when Webber came to try the “reasonably priced car” he couldn’t beat Hamilton’s time (even though he was quicker than Vettel)?

  • Dangerf1

    If we put logic and reason aside, he is completely right.

  • nakagoli.

    Spartacus. What has driving a Liana got to do with f1? And for your info, Vettel smashed Hamiltons time first time around. Hamilton had to have a second go, but Vettel hasn’t had his second go yet. Do you know if conditions were the same for both drivers?

    #Butterfly. ERRMMMM, who won the WDC in 2010? The new guy or the experienced team leader?

    # Graham. Are you able to sit down yet?

  • Ukwhite

    Guys, something is wrong wrong, such a utter comment from one too many…

    He is a Red Bull man, what would you expect, to agree with Mercedes black helmet drivers pair statement when Vettel is not only the serial winner, but his points bring him on the second place if he were a team?

    He beat overall not only Lewis/Nico pair, buy Alonso/Masa overall. He could have been a champion with less point gaps, but he is massively higher.

  • the fan

    so this is what you get from a supposedly intelligent, highly educated man… arrogant and really as world class idiot. and so are the people who still this old fool deserves some respect

  • Ukwhite

    Interesting comment, what else can be said.

  • the fan

    while i do admit sebastian is a very good driver, i will not be one of those who says that he’s the best there ever is nor that he is God like the fools who post here and was just able to watch F1 a year ago. a dominance of this kind is not the first time that has happened in F1 to portray vettel as one of a kind.

  • Fools Heaven

    calling vettel garbage just because he won his titles in dominant car is bit rich, considering your hero Alonso won his titles with a dominant car, you should ask him if he wants his “mass dampers” back
    He has not won anything since the mass damper advantage is gone, or has he?
    Where does that leave him then? and dont tell me He came second for how many time, because according to great Senna, runner up is the first loser
    and please do not tell me that he didnt have the car to win the championship, because you blame vettel for having the championship winning car


    Just put these guys in a similar go cart and see who come out on top.

  • Fools Heaven

    i forgot to add that His cars were fast and probably he did make kimi’s carrier but how many titles did he win in all those years? surprise surprise NONE
    and how many he has won with vettel….i believe you know the answer all too well

  • Ukwhite

    Doubt this vitriolic debate will ever end, people never change, normality is a balance tough to find some know.

    Mathematically, 347 > 175 + 159, that was the meaning of Marco’s words, that is a fact for the honest black helmet boys hanging their balls in pools, personal jets or record studios. Time is of the essence in F1, why spending it on training…

    What some vultures here do not get it is they feed not from Vettel’s body but their driver’s corpses, a way of saying without any intention to offend.

  • Hawk

    Stupid racist

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Anyone who KNOWS about F1 knows that the driver counts for 20% of the outcome and the car counts for 80%. So to compare drivers by their points alone is ignoring 80% of the situation. That is the action of a fool.

  • Boycottthebull

    Ahhhh Marko the Mister Magoo of Motorsport puts his foot in it again! The reason for my username is that I cannot in all conscience buy a product where some of its profits go to enable this outspoken fool. He will slate his own team and his other driver and now drivers in rival teams just to put his precious fingerboy on a higher pedestal. Hamilton Rosberg and Webber have been praising Vettel for the past few weeks in an act of admiration and sportsmanship, a bit of humility and respect in return wouldnt go astray Helmut.

  • TimeLord

    Marko is a reason for Vettel’s booing

  • nakagoli.

    #boycotthebull. No the reason that you use that name is because your love (Hamilton) has been soundly beaten by the Bulls and you cannot hack it. Oddly, no profits from the drink go to Marko, unless he is actually a shareholder in the drinks firm, which I don’t believe he is. But he is a part owner of Red Bull Racing, and also an experienced race driver. And I would far rather listen to him than to your inane ramblings.

  • Ukwhite

    @Hawk: Mate, black helmet is about Barcelona testing, nothing with racism, like a bull you missed the meaning of the colors. So pitiful. ‘Hawk’ is not much different than a vulture, excepting the meat choice, you are may be one of them I referred to as a figure of speech.

  • Karlich

    Funny to read all this to and fro who is faster. Point is, F1 isn’t about speed alone. It’s much more about managing scarce resources such as engine / gearbox, tire management, fuel management and the lot as much as it is about strategy such as pit stop strategy, pacing and so on. As such, although I really admire Hamilton, I believe Vettel is a more complete driver who has progressed much further than Hamilton even though Hamilton may hold a pure speed advantage given similar equipment. The same can be said of Alonso, who keeps proving that he’s quite clever come Sunday and manages to place the car higher up the grid when the flag comes down than the car’s actually capable of. And yeah, same goes for Vettel which is why he is consistently beating Webber – again, nothing against Webber, he’s fantastic but simply doesn’t manage the RB9 or any other RB for that matter same as Vettel and hasn’t progressed as a driver as fast and as far as Vettel has.

    If speed comparisons are all you’re after, go watch drag racing. F1 isn’t the type of motorsports you’re after.

  • manila

    Agree with that Karlich, but you forgot that Setup also is very important, and that is what Sebastian is doing better than anyone.

  • Ukwhite

    F1 is a team work, communication, camaraderie, hard work and lots of individual talents at all levels, spearheaded by the driver. Vettel would have performed better with Ferrari and Mercedes than the current their drivers.

  • the fan

    anyone who thinks that marko’s point here is just about adding up lewis and nico’s point is absolutely brainless

  • Ukwhite

    For people with interest in body language, look how Vettel increases his space with his left hand elbow, opposite to Lewis that squeeze in it. Try to watch him constantly, legs or hands, even his victor finger, those are signs of a dominant alfa male, no wonder he wins trophy after trophy. And that is here to last….

  • Karlich

    @the fan

    Who really cares what Marko’s point is. Maybe it’s just to cause a ruckus. Maybe to intimidate others with pointless gibberish. Maybe those few lines got taken out of context as is typical for reporting in media.

    What does matter is that Marko is a great talent scout, an experienced racing driver, driver manager, team manager, business man and so on and so forth. You don’t have to like a man in order to realize he’s got a thorough understanding of the sport.

    I for one prefer to have Marko spout meaningless numbers from which he deduces that Vettel is better than the sum of Hamilton and Rosberg, than have Maldonado waste space in F1 because a Venezuelan oil company spouts money behind him.

  • PB

    HM record in F1 is 0 points in 10 drives. Doubt he has the knowledge to comment further than his own record.

  • james

    How can you say Vettel is better than “x”?
    Vettel is a cheat!. Red Bull is using an illegal traction control, period.
    Vettel has a good car, that’s all. A car that is illegal, and one day (like it happened with Armstrong) they will be stripped of all championships won.
    Vettel not only a cheat but a dickhead and a bad loser.

  • james

    Give Vettel Alonso’s car and see what that dickhead can do with it.

  • nakagoli.

    james. The only dickhead is YOU!

  • Butterfly



  • Karlich


    0pts in 10 F1 races maybe true, but he did have an F1 drive. You?

    He was successful in LeMans and other endurance races. You?

    Sorry mate, he still qualifies much better than the sum of us multiplied by 10 – and that’s a fact too ;-)

  • Boycotthehaters

    ” In 2010 when he was fighting Webber on almost equal terms, Webber was way ahead.”

    What a pathetic and bitter joke you are.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Vettel is a cheat!. Red Bull is using an illegal traction control, period.”

    The abject stupidity of the Vettel haters never ceases to amaze me. No wonder you’re all on the dole.

  • Butterfly


    You don’t remember Webber being ahead? Okay, how about the start of 2012? Do you remember Webber being ahead then, too?

    If your answer is no to all of those, then you may suffer from acute Markolitis. The cure for that is usually a large carrot up your a{r{s}e…

  • Butterfly.

    Sorry for my stupid outburst. Too much of the weed today.

  • Badman Jose

    No I’m not going out on a limb After watching the race, listening
    and watching carefully … Mr. Vettel’s Red Bull is ..Illegal.
    Others have expressed the same, time will tell!

    Adios, Jose

  • Butterfly.

    And how do you know that?

  • Karlich

    @Badman Jose

    There is quite a large distinction between illegal and competitive advantage. Say, if they fiddled around with engine management software in a way that would break the rules – that would be illegal. Oh but hang on, the ECU is generic and provided by McLaren and scrutinized by the FIA. Hardly there then.

    Maybe it’s the rumored “hybrid traction control system that utilizes KERS throttling from suspension read-outs” as has been suggested by some. Urm yeah, something that’s easy to hide from the FIA, even more so from your team mate who wouldn’t care to disclose such a fact if it were true now that he’s on the leave and even if so, it wouldn’t be illegal.

    Or maybe it’s just called “good old solid engineering” where a few clever lads came up with a great solution to exploit every bit of the regulations (committing hard to throttle earlier than usual to exploit aerodynamic effects of exhausts flowing over the rear bodywork… something the RB9 has dialed much more so than Lotus and Sauber or others, who don’t even exploit this tidbit), paired with a “pretty good driver who consistently delivers solid results” the very same driver who has “progressed further than his team mate”, has “handled the Pirelli tyres much better” and is “in the zone”.

    Which one will it be? Have it your way, pointless convincing y’all ;-)

  • Butterfly

    The last two posts aren’t mine.

  • Butterfly.

    Of course they are mine! Some plonker is trying to give me a bad reputation. I can do that all on my own. So sod off.

  • fools

    Notice…he didnt mention Alonso.


  • Terri Woodhouse

    Some great comments from true fans. I thought it was just me who was getting hot under the collar with boredom . The only thing keeping me watching the races is waiting for Vettel to lose. Then watch his true character come out it won’t be nice!!

    At the moment his arrogance know’s no bounds. The smirk is unmistakable and that finger!!

    The Merc boys are a great pairing and what they have already is a heathly respect for each other, which is more than can be said for Vettel and Webber. We all know who’s side RB supported lead by Markko Mouth

    When Webber leaves maybe then he can stick his finger up to the Red Bullies…..

  • Karlich

    No offense, when Webber leaves, he will most likely have his hands full holding on to something as Audi try to mop the garage floors with Porsche’s remains :p

  • chirag

    Dr. Idiot Marco next year we will come to know who is the best
    with new rules and with new engines

  • Badman Jose

    @ Karlich

    Well if you were here in Texas listening to the sound of the RB
    Jumping off the turns, man its traction control. Wheel spin is
    controlled by some method, other than the driver.
    The really fun part is to sit back and see just how long this
    ruse by Red Bull will be aloud to continue.


  • Weth

    In a way, Marko’s right. Now, he obviously said what he did to raise pulses in the Mercedes garage. But, if you look at it from this point of view, things will not look so lopsided:

    Mercedes is the no 2 car this year, which ain’t bad.
    Hamilton and Rosberg are the best pairing in F1 atm.
    The “myth” that RB is way ahead is baseless. Look at Webber.
    Webber isn’t used to this formula, so Seb is quite alone fighting against Ham and Ros (who are used to this formula).
    Marko simply added both Ham and Ros’ points and it still happens to lag behind Seb.

    If you see the whole thing from an open-minded point of view with a little “talent” for witticism and some good old rye humor, things will not look so bad. Helmet Marko is the guy running Red Bull – fact 1. Red Bull is dominating – fact 2. Marko isn’t a mug – deduction. Get used to it.

  • Weth

    And, there is no traction control in the RB car. Idiots, or in other words, Brits, should stop making baseless claims. The boys at RB have simply used the exhaust gases to aid traction around slow to medium speed corners. And, wait. This isn’t something any driver can take advantage of. Seb has developed a style that takes this feature in the RB to great advantage; Webber hasn’t.

    So, what does this all point to?

    It points to the fact that RB has the best team+car+program combination. The real irony. Wait, let’s call it a joke is that Alonslow and Hamilton – both very high paid drivers compared to Seb – are looking like rookies. Fire Alonslow and Hamilton, use the money to bring “ideas” that “may” bring the game to Red Bull.

  • mr18000rpm

    I think the real question is, could Vettel do a better job at developing the car than Rosberg, Hamilton or Alonso have? Is he superior at this aspect of being an F1 driver than the best of the grid?