Ecclestone in hot water but wife says that good girls like bad boys

Bernie Ecclestone with wife Fabiana in Austin

Bernie Ecclestone with wife Fabiana in Austin

Bernie Ecclestone is officially the ‘bad boy’ of Formula 1 and his latest wife, Brazilian Fabiana Flosi, proudly and prominently wore a t-shirt bearing the words ‘Good girls love bad boys’ as they strolled together in the Austin paddock on Friday.

Ecclestone, Formula 1’s 83-year-old chief executive, has spent the week in London testifying in a multi million pound lawsuit, amid the Gerhard Gribkowsky bribery scandal.

On Thursday, Ecclestone’s former legal advisor Stephen Mullens told the court he suspects that the diminutive Briton may have been behind an “horrific” robbery in 2009.

Asked if he thinks Ecclestone “orchestrated” the crime because of a dispute involving his former wife Slavica, Mullens admitted: “It crossed my mind that he may have.”

Slavica Ecclestone with Gerhard Gribkowsky on the Monza grid ahead of the 2005 Italian GP

Slavica Ecclestone with Gerhard Gribkowsky on the Monza grid ahead of the 2005 Italian GP

According to Bild newspaper, however, Ecclestone might actually be Fabiana’s ‘bad boy’ because Formula 1 teams are angry with him about the unfair distribution of revenue under the new financial arrangements.

Red Bull, for example, is getting an ‘appearance fee’ of $72 million this year, while Ferrari gets a whopping $99 million, on top of lucrative Concorde Agreement prize money.

Struggling Lotus, however – although with only a few less points than Ferrari in 2013 – gets no such appearance bonus, according to Auto Motor und Sport. (GMM)

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  • Liam

    “good girls like rich old men*”


  • Barlow

    Alas, in many places in the world, it comes down to the same old American long time value of, “show me the money!”.

  • LotusFan

    Gold Diggers like Bad Old men :-)

  • paul

    This is what is wrong with F1, teams getting stupid bonuses,while some teams get none. It’s all very well saying ‘well they signed the agreement’, but what other choice do the smaller teams have. They want to race but only if they don’t rock the boat. Red bull get prize money which is fair enough, but why give them extra funds more than others. Everyone moans that its become boring, but if any extra money from Bernie was spread more equally perhaps teams could compete more. Its the same for ferrari, yeah they have been in F1 along time and have a good fan base, they are always there or there about and get the prize money they are due,but why give them even more ffs !.
    They wanted new teams in but do nothing to help them, and these extra bonuses are probably a very bitter pill to swallow.
    Then you get Mark Webber gobbing off about ‘all these paid drivers’ , well I’m sorry its teams like Red Bull and Ferrari that are forcing teams to do it.
    The smaller teams came into the sport, believing that money would be kept under control by Max Mosely and Bernie, well that obviously didn’t happen did it!.

  • Hugo

    I can’t wait for criminal charges to be laid on this twerp.

  • maria

    What she meant really was that “sluts like rich men”

  • Paul Thailand

    @ Paul, you could not have said it any better.

  • Paul Jr

    She didn’t marry for money it was love. hahahahahaha

  • Bobby Marshall

    We are only jealous of a man with money and vision,good luck to him.

  • Nowhereman

    I’m speechless lol.

    One time I went to a party. At the party everyone wore little name badges that you peeled off of a piece of paper.
    They said, “Hi my name is” and you wrote your name on them.
    Kind of like an ice breaker kind of thing.
    Well, one woman who had been drinking wrote under her “Hi my name is” part the word “Slut”.
    It was hillarious but she had guys around her all

  • Boycottthebull

    This is the first I have heard of this biased appearance fees. If its for teams like Red Bull and Ferrari and Lotus dont get anything, thats just plain corrupt.

  • iceman 2.0

    Oh Yeah, she likes it dirty ;)

  • JPSmoove

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why he isn’t already in jail. Maybe she needs to be also.

  • Red Horizon

    The bonuses are paid to the teams based on factors such as length of presence in F1 and the role that the team plays in the sport, certainly the points covered in one single season doesn’t fall between these factors and those who wrote the article should know this. However I agree that bonuses should be distributed better, also to help the smaller teams, but for now, at least until the F1 boss is Ecclestone, it works this way.