2014 F1 calendar down to 19 races from 22

FIA Fomrula 1 F1 flags

Formula 1’s controversial 22 grands prix race calendar for 2014 has shrunk by three races, according to the latest unofficial version that has emerged in the Austin paddock.

Auto Motor und Sport has seen the revised 19-race calendar and it does not feature previously-scheduled grands prix in New Jersey, Mexico and Korea.

The season finale, previously set to be held in Brazil late in 2014 as per the last few seasons, will now be held in Abu Dhabi, with the Championship also to be wrapped up two weeks earlier than expected.

Korea and New Jersey have reportedly succumbed to financial troubles, while Mexico City has run out of time to guarantee that necessary money for improvements to the circuit – last used for Formula 1 in 1992 – will flow.

“But the Mexican Grand Prix will be held in 2015,” said correspondent Michael Schmidt.

“The (Mexican) government has had to delay its subsidy because of the recent flooding, which is more important than a grand prix,” he added.

The revised calendar is set to be rubber-stamped by the governing FIA in early December. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    The ominous talk at the time of Korean Grand Prix I suspected it was going to get the axe. The New Jersey event seems a bit of a yo-yo, you hear all these positive things then bam it falls over again. Sort of like Hulkenberg getting the Lotus seat and the Quantum investment.

  • ZombieJebus

    This is utter nonsense. NJGP is going to happen. Look at the ratified schedule next month and NJ will be on it.

    Mexico: no way.

    Korea: very doubtful.