Valsecchi: It’s a huge blow to lose out to Kovalainen who is not a great champion

Davide Valsecchi with media in Austin

Davide Valsecchi with the media in Austin

Lotus reserve driver Davide Valsecchi could not hide is anger and disappointment at not being chosen by Lotus to fill in for injured Kimi Raikkonen, as the team opted to bank on the experience of Heikki Kovalainen instead.

Speaking to Italian media in Texas, Valsecchi angrily declared, “It’s a huge blow to me. From the sporting point of view it’s a tragedy. It makes me angry to have lost the battle with Kovalainen who is not a great champion, not even an active driver; his last results were five years ago.”

“If they had taken Hulkenberg I could have understood, even Maldonado, but this…I was sure that from the point of view of motivation and desire to achieve, the team would have taken me and I would have been right up there.”

“Perhaps I lack experience but what chance do you have to gain any? Nevertheless, things change quickly in F1, so I won’t give up and I will be ready if they need me in Brazil.”

Davide Valsecchi during Silverstone testing

Davide Valsecchi during Silverstone testing

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier explained, “We found ourselves facing a difficult decision in terms of who should take the wheel in Austin and São Paulo. On the one hand we had our reserve driver Davide Valsecchi – who is a talented young driver that has shown a great deal of promise – and on the other we had the opportunity to bring in a seasoned Formula 1 competitor in Heikki.”

“Whilst we have every faith in Davide’s abilities, we are obviously involved in a tight Constructors’ Championship battle, so it was decided that the experience Heikki could bring to the team would be invaluable,” added Boullier.

Valsecchi is the 2012 GP2 Series Champion and was appointed team reserve driver by Lotus at the start of the season. He tested for the E21 at Silverstone in July this year, and got his first taste of driving for Lotus at the Young Drivers Test in Abu Dhabi last year. (GP247)

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  • Nowhereman

    Another F1 brat.
    Hey Valsecchi, go talk to Checco.
    Maybe both of you can come up with a new team using Slim’s money.
    “The F1 crybabies”

  • bamza

    Just how dumb can Lotus get ?

  • Hugo

    Valsecchi should learn to STFU.

  • f1 fan

    Just put yourself in valsecchi s place and imagine for a second . Despite being the gp2 champion hes still without a drive .. that would frustrate me

  • Tinto

    Bunch of idiots Lotus… Why keeping a young reserve driver then?

  • Fritzo

    Show you the state of Formule 1.

  • TT

    It’s a little bit funny that Davide thinks he is in the position of judging whats “a tragedy from the sporting point of view”, even more funnier after seeing Kovalainen’s excellent form in P2

  • Hugo

    And as of now Kovalainen is best of the rest behind RBR and Mercedes. Bwahahahahahah!!!!!!

  • ZombieJebus

    Q: Who is this guy?
    A: No one.

  • p1rocket

    oh dear..probably not the best way to ask for a maiden f1 drive…he may have just blown it..(

  • tod

    Another MaldoCrasho in the making! Arrogant remarks!
    Backers with loadsa cash do not make good F1 drivers.
    Stop being a cry baby, watch a very good F1 driver & learn!!

  • matt

    I bet hes even angrier now since Kovalainen ended up being a strong qualifier but weak racer. Thats the exact opposite of kimi!