Respected F1 critics say Perez too arrogant and not a team player

Sergio Perez withe fans

Sergio Perez withe fans

Two respected Formula 1 figures have rounded on Sergio Perez’s attitude, as it emerges that the Mexican is fighting for his F1 future.

With Perez dropped by McLaren after just one season, the British team’s former long-time manager Jo Ramirez said the 23-year-old’s big weakness is his arrogance.

“The syndrome of becoming an F1 driver went to his head very fast,” Ramirez, a former advisor to Perez and a fellow Mexican, told Cancha newspaper.

“Checo grew a lot as a driver during the last three years in Formula 1, but unfortunately he didn’t grow as a person at the same rate,” he added.

Another well-connected figure, the respected correspondent for Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, agrees.

“The relationship between the Mexican and McLaren never took off,” said journalist Livio Oricchio.

“Formula 1 is not just about commitment; it’s more than that. It’s interaction, working together, two sides committed to the same goals; winning and losing together. Perez is not the kind of man who does that,” he said.

Oricchio said his sources not only at McLaren, but also at Perez’s former team Sauber, confirm that Perez “has an arrogant attitude”.

And that attitude, Oricchio added, is disliked by many.

“I’ve interviewed him a few times, even this year,” he explained. “He doesn’t look in your eyes and wants it to be over. In his working groups it is no different. In summary, human relationships have so much to do with success in Formula 1. Without it, you go nowhere.” (GMM)

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  • Nowhereman

    I felt it was something like that.
    Having money backing is great but, if your an asshole, your still an asshole.
    He’s hurting his country’s respectability by not growing up.
    I’ve always felt that to handle failure is one thing but the measure of a man is how he handles success.
    That is the true measure of maturation and growth as a human being.

  • lion

    Stories like this make me sad. The last humble driver was Senna. Big enough to be little they used to say.

  • Eevel_Empire

    I’ve never liked this knob. So glad McLaren showed him the door!
    He never deserved to drive for McLaren to begin with, he never had the speed or the talent.
    I can’t remember which journalist said it but they were probably right in saying that the C31 should have been a race winner in more capable hands.
    I thought it was a bit harsh at the time but now I feel that the comment was warranted.
    McLaren are a team that have had drivers such as Senna, Prost, Lauda, Hakkinen, Hamilton etc. drive for them, it was always going to be difficult getting excited about a season of Button and Perez for f__k’s sake!
    McLaren you can do so much better and I’m glad you finally realised!

  • Eevel_Empire

    F1 is a cutthroat game, McLaren cannot afford to employ average drivers like Perez.
    Hiring Perez = appalling decision by Whitmarsh
    Sacking Perez and signing Magnussen = Whitmarsh’s retribution
    I admire aggressive driving when it’s combined with skill as was the case with Senna, however there’s been incidents this year where Perez would just throw his car around without the skill to back it up.
    Good riddance, average ugly driver! Now it emerges that you’re arrogant and not a not a very likeable person too, I won’t be sad if you don’t get a drive for next year!
    Good riddance Perez!

  • Really are you Mexican :p

    McLaren have themselves to blame for a crap year, firstly for a pathetic car which they built in the wrong direction & wouldn’t/ couldn’t accept it was a bad car . Perez well he’s a Mexican and they have a way about them its in their blood it would be easy for most people to see Mexicans as arrogant , someone at McLaren should have seen this before hiring him, for a team as large as McLaren they definitely got this year all wrong, I like Button but he certainly didn’t help the situation this season in fact he whined like a little bitch at times.

  • Boycottthebull

    The way he was pass people by forcing them off the track was pretty arraogant and whenever asked about he implied it was his superior skill. After doing it a few times at Monaco I thought how do the stewards let him get away with it? But then McLaren were spinning the situation there by calling him by some cutesy nick name Checco to humanise him and making out he is like their second son and I thought it odd at the time. Now it seems he was just an arrogant tosser and they were trying to keep a lid on it. But do be fair F1 does bring out the primadonnas. He isnt the first and wont be the last. PS The Senna being humble remark above I cant stop laughing LOL

  • ZombieJebus

    He’s obviously out of shape and loses tons of pace during the race because of it, not to mention his attitude… only Maldo is worse.

    Though Perez ought to sue his dentist for putting those gigantic caps on his teeth.

  • Raymond

    Never admired his attitude, nor his racing skills.

  • Hugo

    Ron Dennis would’ve never done that (signing him in the first place, that is).

  • A41202813GMAIL

    The Usual Bandwagon.

    If Not In F1, I Hope He Gets A Seat In AOWR.