Perez in a very difficult position to secure F1 drive for 2014

Sergio Perez future undertain

Sergio Perez future undertain

Sergio Perez, who took it upon himself to reveal he has been dropped by McLaren, has admitted thatthe British team’s late decision had left him in a very difficult position when it comes to finding another seat for next season.

“Obviously the decision came very late and it puts me in a very difficult position, but this is life and I have to move forward,” he said in Austin.

23-year-old Perez, who after two years with Sauber was signed by McLaren for 2013, said the decision is so late that he might have to leave Formula 1 altogether.

“If I don’t find the right option for my career then maybe I will look for something else, but the aim is to look for something good with a good team that can give me the opportunity to win races,” he said.

Perez has had backing from Telmex for most of his career, however it is not certain whether he can count on their support beyond this season when the Mexican telcoms giant is expected to become title sponsor of McLaren.

Perez enjoyed a good stint at Sauber and a return is not out of the question, while seats with Lotus and Force India are yet to be filled. (GMM)

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  • iceman 2.0

    Baby checo got screwed big time….it will be a race against time to secure a seat for 2014. Mcleren took full advantage of his management’s laziness. He needs to fire his manager right away. Got a valuable lesson though. No one is your friend in this cut throat competitive world. You are on your own. Life is hard but you need to bounce back harder. But on the hind side he lacked any class whatsoever. Only raw aggression and a bit of madness. Mcleren did little to polish his roughness and hone his skills. I personally believe communication gap did it. Again he was not that far from Button in terms of speed. Surely a veteran like Jenson who has been around for ages will have an advantage in the team. Yet the kid held his own and button was never able to blow him away. JB is past his prime and and not much of a force anyway. Mcleren are making blunder after blunders. They should have got Hulk but instead got afraid of his bulk. Persisting with pereZ and ousting the aging British driver would have been a more mature decision. They can however spice up things if they are able to lure the disgruntled Spaniard into their stable and give him the number one status with or without Button alongside. Game on !!

  • ZombieJebus

    Meh. He chose to ditch the Ferrari program and had a mediocre season. Just look at his points versus the less than sensational Jenson Button.

    What amazes me is that Mclaren again pass a chance to sign Hulkenberg. He’s the only current midfield driver worth promoting. Though Bottas and Bianchi show promise.

  • Hawk


  • Fletcher

    Perez didn’t have a manager the last part of the season. He fired him for whatever reason. I also think the reason they did not renew his contract had something to do with TelMex not sponsoring so heavily on the team as possibly thought. There are rumors in COTA that he will land back at Sauber

  • ty

    Button has +10 years F1 experience, 4 years Mclaren experience and is WDC. Yet only just beat Checo by 1.7 points per race in his first year.

  • matthew

    checo is no hulkenburg, but he is still worth keeping in f1. just look at the brazil gp! Hands down the best performance of the entire year. He’s hungry and could do great things. I actually do like button, but he’s declining while checos improving.