McLaren: We’re delighted that Kevin will be joining Jenson for 2014

Kevin Magnussen will be a Formula 1 driver in 2014

Kevin Magnussen will be a Formula 1 driver in 2014

McLaren is pleased to announce that Kevin Magnussen will join Jenson Button as a McLaren Formula 1 race driver for 2014 – Jenson’s fifth year and Kevin’s first year as McLaren Formula 1 race drivers.

As McLaren gears up for the new Formula 1 season, which will see motorsport’s premier league embrace considerable technical change as it embarks on a new era, using 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines and a more dynamic energy recovery and deployment system, 33-year-old Jenson’s lengthy Formula 1 experience and brilliant technical understanding will be very important assets as the team starts its 2014 challenge, backed by the talent, promise and enthusiasm of his 21-year-old team-mate Kevin, who recently won this year’s World Series by Renault 3.5 Championship in fine style.

Kevin Magnussen: “I’m absolutely overjoyed to be making my Formula 1 debut with McLaren. I’ll put it simply: this team is the best. It’s been my dream to drive for McLaren ever since I was a small kid, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve dedicated almost every day of my life to achieving the goal of becoming a McLaren Formula 1 driver.”

Kevin Magnussen celebrates winning the 2013 Formula Renault 3.5 championship

Kevin Magnussen celebrates winning the 2013 Formula Renault 3.5 championship

“I have an enormous amount of respect for everyone at McLaren, and I want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone, but most of all to Martin and his senior colleagues, for giving me this chance. I won’t let you down, guys!”

“Equally, in Jenson, I have absolutely the ideal team-mate. He’s extremely quick, obviously, but he’s also very experienced and superbly capable from a technical perspective. He’s a Formula 1 World Champion, which is what one day I also hope to become, and I’m determined to learn as much as I can from him.”

Martin Whitmarsh (Team Principal): “We’re delighted that Kevin will be joining Jenson as a McLaren Formula 1 race driver for 2014. Their confirmation is an important step for us as we continue to strengthen our organisation ahead of the 2014 season.”

“Next year, we’ll witness the biggest raft of technical changes to Formula 1 in many years, and every team and manufacturer will be pushed to the limit as they try their best to adapt to those new challenges.”

Kevin Magnussen testing for McLaren in 2012 at Yas Marina Circuit

Kevin Magnussen testing for McLaren in 2012 at Yas Marina Circuit

“Jenson’s race-winning speed, intelligence and racecraft have long been a crucial advantage to McLaren, but it’s his skill as a development driver and his peerless technical feedback that will be equally valuable as we make the transition into a new and complex technical formula during the winter and new year.”

“Kevin, too, is clearly very talented and very determined, and we therefore have high hopes for him. Moreover, every time he’s tested our Formula 1 car, he’s been very quick and very methodical, and his feedback has been first-class.”

“Furthermore, the manner in which he won this year’s World Series by Renault 3.5 Championship was truly outstanding, showcasing as it did not only his impressive natural pace but also his increasing maturity and ability to structure and manage a championship campaign.”

“Last but very far from least, I want to take this opportunity to thank Checo, who has developed well during a difficult season, as his recent run of points-scoring finishes underlines.”

“He’s a lovely guy and a fine driver – fast and combative – and I’m sure he’ll build on that firm foundation in 2014. All at McLaren wish him well for the future.” (McLaren)

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  • iceman 2.0

    Baby checo got screwed big time….it will be a race against time to secure a seat for 2014. Mcleren took full advantage of his management’s laziness. He needs to fire his manager right away. Got a valuable lesson though. No one is your friend in this cut throat competitive world. You are on your own. Life is hard but you need to bounce back harder. But on the hind side he lacked any class whatsoever. Only raw aggression and a bit of madness. Mcleren did little to polish his roughness and hone his skills. I personally believe communication gap did it. Again he was not that far from Button in terms of speed. Surely a veteran like Jenson who has been around for ages will have an advantage in the team. Yet the kid held his own and button was never able to blow him away. JB is past his prime and and not much of a force anyway. Mcleren are making blunder after blunders. They should have got Hulk but instead got afraid of his bulk. Persisting with pereZ and ousting the aging British driver would have been a more mature decision. They can however spice up things if they are able to lure the disgruntled Spaniard into their stable and give him the number one status with or without Button alongside. Game on !!

  • Spartacus

    This would have been a very hard decision for McLaren to take. In many ways Magnusson would appear to be ready for F1, but in others he’s still very young and therefore a risk.

    Perez I really don’t have anything bad to say about him. Just not quick enough but otherwise a perfectly decent person and driver. He may well given a couple of years in another team improve and get quicker, just as Button did.

    This was the right decision for McLaren to take.

  • McLarenfan

    This could work well, I think this will be a positive pairing with all the new stuff for next season it would give Magnussen more of a level field to start on.

  • ZombieJebus

    Lol, Chico never deserved that drive and I was sad to see Mclaren need a pay driver in the first place!

    Too bad they didn’t sign Hulk though. That would have been the smart move!

  • TarasT

    Perez can mow my lawn anytime.

  • Hawk

    I am tired of that Iceman posting. Anyway so much for JB’s skill as a development driver this year.

  • Eevel_Empire

    @Iceman 2.0 – your copy and paste replies are starting to get boring! Getting rid of Button and keeping Perez wouldn’t have been the mature decision, it would have been the risky decision.
    Why get rid of the driver that’s scored the most points for the team?
    I’m in agreement with ZombieJebus, Perez didn’t deserve to drive for Mclaren to start with.
    We should all be happy we’re seeing the back of him, he brought nothing to the team but worry that they were succumbing to a pay driver.Let’s face it, Perez is a pay driver and his money is the only reason why he’s in F1 in the first place.
    At last I can support McLaren again.
    Good riddance Perez, go and mow Hawk’s lawn, you won’t be missed, you’re not worthy of McLaren!

    Well done to McLaren for signing Magnussen!
    This boy is quick and sure to be F1’s new star!, something Perez is not.

  • Riik

    In all honesty, I believe McLaren picked the wrong Sauber driver for 2013. Kamui Kobayashi may not have had the money or the stand-out results of Perez, but what he did have was better consistancy and proof that with the right car, he can perform well against more seasoned team-mates (such as his short stint at Toyota). The only downside to Kobayashi, other than the occasional mistake on the track, was that he had a lot of very unlucky races, yet still performed (point-score-wise) to a similar standard as Perez. Who knows, maybe the McLaren car could have suited him better and thus resulted in a better performance than Perez.

    That aside, and moving back on topic a little, Magnussen to me seems like another risky move. If I was Martin Whitmarsh, I would have gone for a driver like Hulkenberg, Di Resta or Kobayashi – all of those three have potential, have proven their abilities as a driver and seem like safe options. But, foresight is difficult to be accurate over, and maybe Magnussen will deliver.

    I also find it somewhat amusing how often I read people saying McLaren dropped the wrong driver and Jenson is past his prime. Yes, Jenson Button’s driving style and results are underwhelming individually. One could even say he’s reliable at getting the car home but inconsistant at putting in top-tier performances. But regardless of that fact, at McLaren he has always managed to produce decent point tallies in the end, and to a team, that’s important, not how much your driver stands out. Perez on the other hand had a few stand-out performances, but otherwise obtained a mediocre number of points. That’s not what a top team wants.

  • Angela

    They would never get rid of Button even if his results were much worse than those of Perez, mainly because sponsors like a world champion! He’s pretty much like David Coulthard if you ask me. Very popular, friendly with all the other drivers, knows how things in the media work and he’s diplomatic. And that’s exactly what sponsors want!

    As a driver, Button may usually be an inferior driver to the likes of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton, but on a good day he can have a great race! Right now, he looks like he no longer has it in him. The will to win every race and maybe if he has a very good car, race for the WDC. Lets hope he can provide guidance to Magnussen and correct feedback to the team in order to get a good car!

  • the fan

    with a car that bad, risking an experience driver in perez and replacing with a rookie isnt that bad. mclaren has proven that perez thing cant work out so why not try something else. it was a good decision for mclaren to take magnussen. its a win win situation for them.