Maldonado visits Sauber for talks regarding 2014

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado has is now a top contender for a Sauber seat in 2014.

Blick newspaper’s veteran Formula 1 correspondent Roger Benoit reports that the Venezuelan, whose lucrative backer PDVSA has already exited its deal at Williams, “was at Hinwil” this week.

Benoit, who said that Maldonado was accompanied to Switzerland by his manager Nicolas Todt, said that Sauber did not confirm or deny the news.

The €40 million per year PDVSA deal would be desperately welcomed by Sauber, who have struggled financially throughout the season.

It was believed a Russian deal, including the driver Sergey Sirotkin, had saved the 20-year-old Swiss team, but many believe that the money from Russia never actually arrived.

Indeed, the Swiss business newspaper Handelszeitung reported on Wednesday that the canton of Zurich has filed a new €44,000 claim against Sauber for unpaid electricity bills.

A team insider confirmed to the newspaper that its financial problems “are not yet definitively solved”. (GMM)

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  • Junior_Johnson

    Guys this is great news a wonderful guy and driver like Mr Maldonado had blessed this team.We must praise Mr Maldonado that he should join this team.This guy has it all he has the money the good looks wich is good for Pr and of course he is very fast as he prooved last year when he beat every body else which was in better cars! Imagine that to beat overated guys like Alondo and
    Lewis in such a bad car the williams.Just imagine what this guy could do in a red bull!

  • ZombieJebus

    You are nuttier than a peanut plantation, Junior.

  • Junior_Johnson

    Please guys can you show your support for Mr Maldonado here.He is very worthy of our praise and support.Please can the guys who only say bad things about him stay away like he is ugly or crashes alot.They only say these things cos they know they are not true.Mr Maldonado is proly one of the best if not the very best pilot on f1 he just needs a good car to proof this!We must start a petision for Sauber to build him the best car for next year.It is time for them to get serius now and stop messing around they must now increase there buget for next year the same as or even more as red bull so that mr Maldonado can challenge vettle for the championship next year.come on guys join me in this petision right here!

  • Bakerman

    If hiring Maldonado means Sauber is saved then I wouldn’t have anything against it. But there was that rumor that Petrov had a similar amount of money to Maldonado for 2014. Wonder what happened with that?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    So many broken promises on the money side. We shall see who actually has the money for 2014. Sauber need it desperately.

  • McLarenfan

    Man that must be some powerful sh!t you have in that Pipe.
    You must have rose colored glasses as well.

  • GetwellsoonF1

    This could be a good thing for Sauber. Gutierrez has put up a decent show of late (second only to Bottas IMO) and could fight for some points next season, Sauber gets a break and the creditors off their back, Maldonado gets a drive, albeit solely through his Petro-Bolivars and the dodgy, baby faced Russian stays where he deserves to be. Win, win and win situation.

  • Fletcher

    Don’t think so. I see it another way. Fatboy Slim pays the debts and puts both Perez and Gutierrez on the cars for 2014.

  • Mister Danger

    Somwhow I aggre with Junior_Johnson’s comment, and I’m not looking at facts with rose colored glasses! First of all, PDVSA’s wallet is lifesaving for Saubert, desperate for a firm financing. though too bad for Venezuelan taxpayers: remember that PDVSA is state owned and Venezuela’s international reserves are at lowest point in last 15 years! Crashtor Maldonado was really good in GP2. His less then regular display in F1, specially in 2013, actually might be due to problems with Williams (or might not!). So I would be quiite happy to see him with Sauber next year with no excuses this time. As for his comment that he delivered more for Williams than they did for him, I agree: those 100 million of US$ that Williams got from PDVSA the last two years is really a great contribution!

  • Garth

    @Junior Johnson

    Please go and play on a busy motorway.

  • Garth

    @Mister Danger

    join Junior Johnson please opposite side of the motorway