Maldonado: I think I delivered more for Williams than they did for me

Pastor Maldonado scored Williams' 114th victory at the 2013 Spanish GP almost eight years after their 113rd grand prix victory

Pastor Maldonado scored Williams‘ 114th victory at the 2013 Spanish GP almost eight years after their 113rd grand prix victory

Pastor Maldonado has revealed that it was his decision to leave Williams and admits he is very happy to have come to an arrangement to leave the team which, in his opinion, has under-delivered.

Asked by media in Austin if he was disappointed to leave the British team, he replied: “No, I am very happy! [Because] a couple of months ago [already] I was in conversation with the team and I wanted to leave the team and that’s it. I am very happy for that”

“Personally I want to try something different. It is a very important time for me in my career; it’s a tough decision but a great one. It was my decision. I think in Singapore more or less I decided to leave the team and it was 100% my decision,” added Maldonado.

Pastor Maldonado has struggled with an uncompetitive car this season

Pastor Maldonado has struggled with an uncompetitive car this season

The Venezuelan scored his first and, as yet, only win for the team at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix when the team had a car capable of running at the front. This season their form has deteriorated with Maldonado struggling to reach the heights he attained a year earlier.

Maldonado explained, “I’m Latin American, I need to…I’m a very hot driver; I showed that on the track as well. My [conditions] in the team were not the best so I am looking to have a better [condition] around me and try to deliver even more…I think I delivered more for the team than they did for me.”

It is no secret that he has substantial backing through his sponsor PDVSA, and is actively looking for a berth on the grid with Lotus and even Force India being possible targets. Negotiations are ongoing and his plans for 2014 are not yet final.

“We are working on it. I hope to have a clear decision soon and everything all sorted. Every week I’ve heard something different. For sure we are talking with Lotus as well but I have a couple more options. Maybe I have the idea and we are working on that and I hope to have the final decision soon and a clear role for next year,” concluded Maldonado.

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  • iceman 2.0

    Try something different? Hmm, may I suggest a career in cab driving. Would be in great demand among the latin mafias knowing his madness and ruthless driving. You are hot and so will be the police on your heels :D

  • Aremay

    The only thing he delivered was a big fat check….

  • Spartacus

    To be fair, he did win a race. And had loads of money behind him.

  • Mopar212222

    In another article, he is quoted as saying that PDVSA is Williams’ sponsor, not his, that they signed-up when he arrived. This is interesting; it is my thought that PDVSA will not be back in F1 due to the new political climate post-Chavez.

    Goodbye PM, don’t let the door hit you in the ass, yes he won a race in a great car, but he tore-up tons of equipment.

  • iceman 2.0

    My condolences to Sir Frank on losing out the most complete driver of the current era.

  • McLarenfan

    Money paid through his sponsor PDVSA Minus Cost of damaged equipment = Williams in the red! So were does he compute he delivered more for Williams unless he is thinking of delivering broken cars at display runs and races!!!!!

  • michael schumacher

    See Sergio Perez for comparison. Money talks….bullshit walks.
    Funny how both these guys had a combined $80m plus and are now out of a drive.

  • Peter

    One of the most overrated drivers on the circuit. Thanks to his sponsor he can drive. Always with a lot of damages and a lot of mistakes.

  • DAvid

    He Won the spanish gp in 2012 not 2013 alonso won this year

  • ZombieJebus

    Have fun in Indycar you ungrateful douchebag.

  • PB

    Guys with lots of money do not necessarily make the best drivers. All it means is that they have good sponsors who want international exposure via F1. Both Pastor and Sergio are not good drivers in my opinion.

  • Mister Danger

    Maldonado blames Williams for his less then mediocre performance for 2013. OK! Thanks to PDVSA’s vallet and unconditional support probably he’ll have a new chance to show the talent he appeared to have in GP2.
    Be it Lotus o Sauber, he will have no more excuses to international F1 fans, though his PDVSA comrades are not really worried about him; looks they are only interested to have a car running in F1 to show thier logo even if it only arrives at the 20th position!