Photo Feature: Vettel’s special 2013 helmet designs and what they signify

A different helmet for every race is becoming something of a trademark for Formula 1’s recently crowned quadruple World champion Sebastian Vettel and it all done for a good cause, namely: the Red Bull backed Wings for Life charity. More info here>>>

Here are the helmets he has used in 2013 and a brief explanation of the significance of the the designs.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design 2013
Australian Grand Prix (Practice) & Bahrain Grand Prix- Out of this world
Vettel paid tribute to Felix Baumgartner’s incredible Red Bull Stratos jump by replicating his helmet for the Australian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design 2013
Australian Grand Prix (Race) & Malaysian Grand Prix – Blue is the colour
A closer look at this helmet shows masses of shades of blue all melting into one another and on the top – which is Seb’s personal space – is a holographic pattern.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design 2013
Chinese Grand Prix – Lucky numbers
This design features numbers 10, 11 and 12 – as in the 2010, ’11 and ’12 championships won by Vettel. Red is also significant as it’s lucky in China.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design 2013
Monaco Grand Prix – Pin up girl
The top of the helmet commemorates Stirling Moss’ commanding victory in the Principality in 1961 but most people missed that because of the sixties pin up girl whose thermo lacquer bathing suit disappears when the helmet heats up.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design British Grand Prix 2013
British Grand Prix – Team work
With the Red Bull Racing factory located a stones throw away from Silverstone, Sebastian put tiny pictures of all 550 team employees on his helmet. The Vettel logo alone is made up of a mosaique of 100 pictures.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design German Grand Prix 2013
German Grand Prix – Black, Red and Gold
This design incorporates the colours of the German flag for Sebastian’s home grand prix. The combination of highly sparkling glimmer lacquer and matte black, makes for a striking contrast.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design Singapore Grand Prix 2013
Singapore Grand Prix – Glitter ball
Last year’s LED helmet was a tough act to follow but Seb stayed on track with this helmet covered in glitter flakes. These flakes were applied with a special technique to ensure a sparkling effect.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design Japanese Grand Prix 2013
Japanese Grand Prix – Land of the rising sun
Suzuka is one of Sebastian’s favourite tracks so the Japanese GP always gets special treatment. This year’s model features Japanese characters, cherry blossoms, pagodas, bonsai trees and origami planes with the sun rising out of silver and blue on top of the lid.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design Indian Grand Prix 2013
Indian Grand Prix – Man in black
Sebastian’s helmet for India was inspired by the colour of carbon fibre, one of F1’s “key ingredients”. The dark exterior and hologram effects are more restrained than the ones used in Singapore and Japan but just as effective.

Sebastian Vettel helmet design Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2013
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Four is Golden
Gilded with 24 karat gold, Vettel’s Abu Dhabi helmet had four stars on the side and IV on top, to celebrate his four World Championships.


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    nice article, but you got it slightly wrong. the blue helmet was used at the australian gp, and the stratos helmet at the bahrain gp.

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