Perez wishes McLaren well as he announces his departure from the team

Sergio Perez walking out on McLaren or was he pushed?

Sergio Perez walks out on McLaren…or was he pushed?

Despite having recently looked set for another year with McLaren, Sergio Perez has confirmed that he is leaving the team but is adamant that he has no regrets despite enduring a problematic season with the legendary Woking based outfit.

Perez’s tenure with McLaren beyond 2013 started to look doubtful after the Adu Dhabi Grand Prix, where McLaren made no secret that they would like to promote their highly rated protege Kevin Magnussen to Formula 1 to partner Jenson Button in the team.

Over the past few days media reported that the deal was done with Magnussen signed and Perez shown the door, with the Mexican now releasing a statement confirming that he will not be with McLaren beyond 2013.

The statement by the 23 year old Mexican read: “First of all, I would like to thank McLaren for giving me the opportunity to be with them this season.”

Martin Whitmarsh with Jenson Button and Sergio Perez at the launch of the 2013 McLaren

Martin Whitmarsh with Jenson Button and Sergio Perez at the launch of the 2013 McLaren

“It has been an honour for me to have been in one of the most competitive teams in the sport and I do not regret even a bit having joined them. I have always given the best of me for the team and still despite this I could not achieve what I aimed for in this historic team.”

“I am committed to deliver very good results in these last two races, especially in Austin. I am so much looking forward to see all my people gathered there, feel their energy and show them the best of me.”

“I would like to say to every single one of my fans around the world and in my country that I am eternally grateful to them. They have never let me down, especially in difficult moments like these. I truly appreciate their support, they have never forgotten me.”

“I have met a lot of new people at McLaren this season and I have made many good friends as well. From the top management level to marketing, accounting and engineering departments to the mechanics, the cooks, the catering people and basically everyone in the team, I am eternally gratefuly to them. It has been a learning experience to me.”

Sergio Perez was not comprehensively outshone by Jenson Button during the season

Sergio Perez on occasions bettered Jenson Button during the course of the season

With his McLaren career just 19 races long, Perez’s 2014 plans to stay on the F1 grid now appear uncertain and thanks to backing from Telmex he has already been linked with seats at Force India, Lotus and even a return to Sauber.

“I would like to wish the team the very best in the future. I will always be a fan of McLaren, in the meanwhile I will be looking at my future to ensure my position in the best possible package to fight for wins,” Perez declared.

“Thanks to McLaren and all its partners for this season, you can rest assured that I will never give up.”

The revelation by Perez appears to have not been expected by McLaren. The team resorted to Twitter with a message from team boss Martin Whitmarsh in which he commented: “We would like to thank Checo for being a fine team member during the 2013 Formula 1 season.”

McLaren are yet to confirm either of their drivers for 2014, but Button has reportedly signed a one-year contract extension, with Magnussen clear favourite to fill the second cockpit with the team.

Perez will contest both the United States Grand Prix and the Brazilian grand Prix for McLaren, before departing. (GP247)

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  • McLarenfan

    Checo jumped the gun and got his in before the Official team flannel. It seems the last straw was the abu dhabi grand prix his pace was well down and the powers that be noticed.
    Force India can get rid of Sutil and have to drivers who can score points.

  • Empee

    “Force India can get rid of Sutil and have to drivers who can score points.”

    If they can take a moment from crying about how the tires ruined their season.

  • Spartacus

    It’s a dignified end to Perez’s time at McLaren. Respect.

  • stoner

    “Force India can get rid of Sutil and have to drivers who can score points.”

    Force India needs regular point scoring driver and not like Perez

  • Ukwhite

    McLaren is disappointing again…

    First, they should not have taken Perez
    Second they delayed this announcement to Perez’s detriment. Third, they wrongly mismaneged this young, full of emotions guy, Sauber was better and he delivered.

    Not Cecco’s fan, but I do believe a better car, right relation would have helped him. He is not bad in fact, generally speaking if you reach F1, you can deliever under the right circumstances. Don’t forget this guy helt at bay Lewis and Alonso a few times.

  • Rt

    Jenson has a decade of F1 experience over Checo, has 4 years Mclaren experience over Checo and is a world champion.

    Yet in his first year at Mclaren Checo was only beaten by Button by 1.7 points per race. That says it all. This is such a stupid move by Mclaren.

  • torque

    I’ve got a ‘messgae’ to the author of this article… Get a proof reader!

    Good luck Sergio.

  • Hawk

    No. You all miss the point. Checo is not bad. McLaren did not imply that. It’s just that Magnussen is better and a year in F1 is a lot of time lost.

  • Ed

    Yeah there goes the coolest helmet design of all time in F1 :(

  • Fletcher

    Man they are going to get booed in Austin. I lost a lot of respect for McLaren. Magnussen will do fine. He is there golden boy. Button you’re next in line to get axed. I hope Checo finds a seat but I really doubt it. McLaren screwed him.

  • McLarenfan

    I would agree but if you look back after McLaren put pen to paper his races were terrible, people were already asking then if McLaren had made a mistake, but look at PDR first half of the season sweet then a run of bad luck now he is on again it can happen.
    But in raw pace they have all the data and Checo is well down compared to Button who is his bench mark and they say he can’t claw that back. I think he should have no problem getting a seat for next year as he has potential but he isn’t a rookie with pace out of the box, lets see how Magnussen shapes up with the big boys.

  • iceman 2.0

    Baby checo got screwed big time….it will be a race against time to secure a seat for 2014. Mcleren took full advantage of his management’s laziness. He needs to fire his manager right away. Got a valuable lesson though. No one is your friend in this cut throat competitive world. You are on your own. Life is hard but you need to bounce back harder. But on the hind side he lacked any class whatsoever. Only raw aggression and a bit of madness. Mcleren did little to polish his roughness and hone his skills. I personally believe communication gap did it. Again he was not that far from Button in terms of speed. Surely a veteran like Jenson who has been around for ages will have an advantage in the team. Yet the kid held his own and button was never able to blow him away. JB is past his prime and and not much of a force anyway. Mcleren are making blunder after blunders. They should have got Hulk but instead got afraid of his bulk. Persisting with pereZ and ousting the aging British driver would have been a more mature decision. They can however spice up things if they are able to lure the disgruntled Spaniard into their stable and give him the number one status with or without Button alongside. Game on !!