Perez: McLaren lacked organisation and a little bit of humility to face reality

Sergio Perez not pleased with the year he has spent with McLaren

Sergio Perez not pleased with the year he has spent with McLaren

Sergio Perez’s relationship with McLaren appears to be over, or at least close to it, as the Mexican has publicly criticised the British team at the tail end of a disappointing 2013 season.

Multiple, authoritative sources are reporting that the Woking based team has decided to replace Perez after just a single season with  development rookie Kevin Magnussen.

It is unlikely that McLaren will make the news official before this weekend’s US Grand Prix, as the Austin circuit is just 250 miles from Mexico, nearly making it a home race for  Perez.

But Perez this week hinted that bad news is indeed looming when, at a sponsor event near Mexico City, he described 2013 as “the most disappointing season in my career”.

Sergio Perez in the McLaren pit garage

Sergio Perez in the McLaren pit garage

EFE news agency also quoted the 23-year-old as saying 2013 was “probably the worst season in history” for McLaren, adding that it was difficult to show his potential “with a car that bad”.

“I’m very disappointed,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “I think when your goals are much higher than your results, you get disappointed. And that goes for both sides.”

“It’s a great team, I have no doubt of it, with a very capable crew, but I think it lacked organisation and a little bit of humility to face the reality,” Perez continued.

“During the season, being a great team, McLaren took a long time to recognise the reality of where we were, which was scoring points on a good weekend, and not winning races. The team took time to realise it,” he added.

Sergio Perez with Martin Whitmarsh on the grid in Barcelona

Sergio Perez with Martin Whitmarsh on the grid in Barcelona

Perez said he doesn’t blame McLaren’s team principal, Martin Whitmarsh.

“I think Martin is a great leader, I have nothing [bad] to say about him. But a team does not depend only on the leader, it depends on many things that were not good enough,” said Perez.

So with the news about Perez’s departure only now awaiting official confirmation, many have immediately linked the newly-available Mexican with a move to Force India.

Perez said, “I have to see what is the best option for the future. Before anything else, I support my country and that is what keeps me going forwards.” (GMM)

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  • Fletcher

    I am sure he will land on his feet with either Force India or maybe even Lotus. Not very nice of McLaren to axe him so late in the season when all the other seats are almost taken. And why is the Hulk past up again? He is in deep trouble because at Perez can bring some money to a team whereas Hulk has to rely on his good looks. I see him out of a drive for next year.

  • LotusFan

    Hulk has to depend on his good looks? How about the outstanding driving talent he has

  • captain tortuga

    I’m am very sorry for the Hulk.. it looks as if he will be either out of a seat or driving a dogshed of a car next year. especially now that crashtor is ousted at Williams.. and Lotus repeating this week that Crashtor is a racewinner…

    I see very dark times for F1..

  • diwant

    I think Fletcher was saying from a team’s perspective view that how other teams would have to hire him. Yes he has driving talent but nowadays talent alone isn’t good enough, you have to have tons of money and most of the time money decides everything

  • Butterfly

    OMG, the Nico Hulkenberg Fan Club has a session here.

  • Richard Piers

    As I remember it McLaren realised in Australia just how bad things were and JB certainly took a different tack from then on. Perez was too intent on showing off.
    Everyone makes a dog from time to time, even Newey. The real situation will be seen next year. McLaren have been responsible for training many of the best engineers in F1, but in each era there is generally only one star. At the moment that happens to be Newey and he is elsewhere with an apparently open budget.
    F1, or probably the FIA, and not the little “showman” really need to look at the relevance of certain of their directions. I believe next year, whilst initially expensive, is a step in the right direction.

  • Spartacus

    Fair comment by Perez. McLaren are a team looking to win win win. Aiming for 5th really isn’t in their DNA.

    I’ll defend Perez as what he’s said here really isn’t bad at all. Just reflecting on the realty of the situation with clear hindsight.

  • Angela

    Perhaps he should have tried to be more consistent, but he’s right about everything he said about McLaren! They’re really bad this year!!!

  • caoguowei

    mclaren ruined his strategy at india, where perez could’ve gotten a podium. on the other hand, he should be able to match button’s pace. i think it is unwise to let him go with a year in mclaren’s worst car in decades.

  • MacStar

    Breaking news: McLaren has signed Magnussen to replace Perez!

  • the fan

    he talks like he has a lot of good experience with top teams! 10 out of 10 for arrogance!

  • McLarenfan

    Another F1 love affair over handbags at dawn

  • Rick

    With the way the cars are set to look (even uglier) next year than they already are, each race having a completely predictable outcome, pay drivers running amok, rubbish tyres, the FIA making stupid rules, the new engines sounding rather crap…… How they can call this the pinnacle of motorsport is an absolute joke!

  • PB

    What about driver performance. So many races where he scrapes into the points. With the sort of comments coming from this young driver I doubt that many teams will look at him if he did not bring the sponsorship to a team.