Morocco has reportedly inked $600 million deal to host grand prix

King Mohammed VI of Morocco with Bernie Ecclestone on the grid in Abu Dhabi

King Mohammed VI of Morocco (second from left) with Bernie Ecclestone on the grid in Abu Dhabi

Morocco has emerged as the latest likely contender to join the ever expanding Formula 1 calendar.

Bild newspaper says that Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone was spotted during the recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with the King of Morocco, a North African country.

With the obvious exception of Antarctica, Africa is now the only continent not represented on the current Formula 1 calendar.

Bild said that Ecclestone revealed in London this week that he has just completed a new Formula 1 contract worth $600 million.

“The most likely possibility seems to be that the deal is for a Grand Prix in the North African country of Morocco,” Christian Sylt, a leading Formula 1 business writer, wrote in Autoweek.

Morocco last hosted a grand prix near Casablanca, one of Africa’s major cities, in 1958.

In other Formula 1 circuit news, the former Portuguese Grand Prix host Estoril has once again attained circuit certification from the FIA to host major international races, a French-language report by Agence France-Presse said.

The report quoted a circuit official as saying that FIA approval is a “prerequisite” for “accommodating Formula 1″.

The last Portuguese Grand Prix was held in 1996, whereafter it failed the FIA’s circuit safety inspections.

Meanwhile, the official Russian news agency Ria Novosti reports that Hermann Tilke has been appointed to design a new Formula 1 track on the outskirts of Moscow.

“It is planned to open a race track that will be able to host competitions of the very highest level, right up to Formula 1,” a city official was quoted.

The inaugural Russian Grand Prix is scheduled to be held in 2014 in Sochi. (GMM)

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    WOW !!
    Another opportunity for Bernie to get a LOT of money,,
    Then,, bad mouth Morocco til the $ lenders back out….

    What a saint…
    Can you spell New Jersey, OR Mexico ??
    BOTH gone,,, BUT he got paid !!!

    I hope after he gets convicted of whatever he’s on trial for..
    They re-open Devils Island just for him.
    He can have his very own Spandau…

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    Antarctica? Damn :)

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    The whole country doesn’t have $600m. I know, I used to live there.

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    I only watch/attend and the European and North American races. Everywhere else should be spending their money on something else.

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    way 2 GO Morocco! good luck!