Lopez: Hulkenberg and Maldonado just two of four being considered

Gerard Lopez

Gerard Lopez

Lotus F1 team chairman Gerard Lopez has revealed that his team is looking at four possible candidates to partner Romain grosjean in the team for 2014, among them are Nico Hulkenberg and Pastor Maldonado.

Lopez told Die Welt newspaper, “We are talking to four candidates for 2014. Among them are Nico Hulkenberg and Pastor Maldonado. It will be an internal decision – which has yet to be made.”

It is no secret that Hulkenberg is the Enstone based team’s preferred choice to replace Ferrari-bound Kimi Raikkonen. But the availability of Pastor Maldonado, who departs Williams at the end of 2013, is of interest to the cash strapped team. The Venezuelan is known to have a hefty budget available, through his backers PDVSA, to secure a drive for 2014 and beyond.

With reference to Maldonado’s impressive victory at the 2012 Spanish grand Prix, Lopez said, “Maldonado has won a grand prix, and this is a fact you cannot hide and [which] should be considered.”

Meanwhile the team is awaiting confirmation of investment by Quantum Motorsports which is led by businessman Manssor Ijaz, whose credentials are questionable. The team is yet to confirm a deal with the consortium, hence cash flow is still a big issue for the team who ‘lost’ Raikkonen due to his unpaid wages. (GP247)

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  • captain tortuga

    I just kind of feel , that Quantum is coming through, and that Lotus will hire Crashtor.. Killing their name, image, and company within no time.

  • captain tortuga

    If Lotus decides to hire that incompetent piece of acne, then i really hope the lag around next year for like 7-8th position in the constructors. .. what.. no.. i actually hope if they hire that dumb hay bale, that they end up following Marussia and CTH.

    Maldonado, Chilton, Gutierrez, .. they just don’t belong in F1.. they are good, but just not good enough.. Chrastor.. he is really not good enough.. ok, he won a race, jeeej.. one little dot of light in an otherwise very dark and obscure career in F1. The guy has tried to kill marshall, on several occasions, in several series.. really Crashtor deserves to be… well anyway .. my rant is done :P

  • Alex

    I love how lopez says that just because maldonado won a race, but pure luck he should be considered for the lotus seat, he isnt worthy of anything other than going back to where he came from and not being in F1 anymore, he is the type of racer that would kill the team i love and work for.

  • Mopar212222

    Other two candidates with big $$$: Perez and Petrov? I wonder if PDVSA is shutting down their state sponsoring of racers, hence the buy-out at Williams? EJ Viso didn’t race in the IndyCar finale and its not certain that he will be back.

  • the fan

    maldonado + grosjean = demolition team. lotus wont have to worry for unpaid drivers anymore, they must worry about the expense of building chassis race after race

  • McLarenfan

    If Lotus take Crashdonado then they deserve to be behind Marussia & Caterham in the paddock running on a banger track.
    Even then he is prone to causing injury to marshals.
    After an incident at the Monaco Grand Prix that left a marshal with a broken back, young Renault development driver Pastor Maldonado has been banned from racing at the principality for life.

    Maldonado had already been banned for the next four races in the World Series by Renault championship for the incident when he failed to slow for a crash during practice however, organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix thought it wise to ban him for life.
    Shortly after the ban, mr. Hugo Chavez, close friend of Pastor, put pressure on Monaco authorities to withdraw this penalty, converting it into a huge monetary fine.