Kubica admits F1 return unlikely but retains glimmer of hope

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica

Former BMW and Renault Formula 1driver Robert Kubica has admitted that it is unlikely that he will ever return to F1, but still hopes that he is not finished with the sport.

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali admitted recently that, prior to the Pole’s horror rally crash of early 2011, Kubica was a front runner to become a driver for the fabled Italian team.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be back,” said Domenicali, referring to the limited mobility of 28-year-old Kubica’s right arm, which was almost severed in the crash.

Indeed, Kubica admitted in an interview with the BBC this week that a return to Formula 1 is “almost impossible”.

Having tested this year in Mercedes‘ Formula 1 simulator, he said he could drive an Formula 1 car on a circuit like Barcelona, but not somewhere like Monaco, because he is unable to rotate his arm to achieve steeper steering angles.

So Kubica said Domenicali’s frank assessment of his F1 return hopes didn’t bother him.

“Maybe it sounds strange but I was actually quite pleased, because it showed they’ve been checking up on me,” he told the Independent, as he prepares to race Citroen’s full World Rally Car in Wales this weekend.

“I know the reality, and the reality is [that] the improvement in my range of movement is still happening,” said Kubica, who this year won the second-tier WRC2 title.

“There is no ‘finished’ [with Formula 1],” he insisted, according to the Daily Mail.

“Some doctors say [my arm] can’t be put right; some [say] that it can. I am hoping,” added Kubica.

“One day I would like the opportunity, but I understand that the sport goes on and time keeps running.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Such a pity… Such a waste of pure talent, innit?

  • Michel

    @ Spartacus – not a waste, he did what he loved most, and that was racing – he knows it, we know it.