Williams would welcome Smedley but no confirmation as yet

Felipe Massa with Rob Smedley

Felipe Massa with Rob Smedley

Williams has hinted that Felipe Massa’s race engineer, at Ferrari, Rob Smedley could be the next big name to join the multiple F1 World Championship winning British team.

As it announced that Felipe Massa is joining the team from Ferrari for 2014, deputy team boss Claire Williams said “a number of announcements” will also shortly follow.

We reported in September that Massa’s well-known race engineer Rob Smedley – who has shared a close, almost fatherly relationship with the Brazilian driver – is linked with a move to Williams.

It is believed that 39-year-old Briton Smedley has since signed a contract.

When asked about that speculation, Claire Williams told the BBC: “We have some great talent in Williams but we need to make sure we have all the talent we need to perform right at the top.

“So I’m hoping that before the end of the season or maybe slightly after we’ll be making some more announcements in a similar vein to this one [about Massa].”

It has been reported that, if Smedley does switch from Ferrari, he would not necessarily remain Massa’s race engineer, but may take on a greater responsibility.

“If Rob Smedley was to join our team,” Williams said, “it has to be on his terms, and he has to be given a role [that] he wants … and that may or may not be Felipe’s race engineer.

“Felipe is grown-up enough to join a team without bringing his race engineer with him,” she added. (GMM)

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  • Bakerman

    I am 100% honest when I say that I hope that in 2014 Williams have a good car and that Felipe will manage to get some good finishes and maybe even a podium or two.

    In recent races he has been a force to be reckoned with. He chose to follow his own strategy and beat Alonso on track and last time out, had it not been for the team ruining his pit stop and tire choices, he would have again had a chance to finish higher than Alonso.

    Sure, he isn’t the best of the best, but he’s definitely better than a lot of the drivers on the grid and I think a change of team might give him a boost.

  • McLarenfan

    Felipe Massa with out Rob Smedley would be a crime!!!!
    I also agree with @Bakerman: Now Felipe has no prime directive from above he is proving that he has got skill and the right stuff and he can battle ahead of Alonso its a shame they screwed his stop and put the crap tyres on his car so Alonso saves face.

  • TarasT

    I think Rob Smedley is pointing to the Williams paddock. “See you over there soon,” he says.

  • Spartacus

    I honestly can’t figure out the logic with Ferrari by putting Massa on slower tyres. Other than to get their star driver higher up the grid while in front of Ferrari World. And quite frankly Alonso is a big enough boy that he should stand up by himself.

    Otherwise you’ve got to admit that Massa has done a superb job at Ferrari. He’s the one who’s been asked to make sacrifices, which he’s done. And now he’s showing that he does have speed when allowed and given the equipment to race.

    Hoping that he can revitalise Williams fortunes.

  • Massa#1Fan

    Once again Ferrari does their bull$#^%!

    It’s all about trying to get Alonso to keep the 2 place in the drivers championship, THAT’S THE TRUE!
    I am not blaming Alonso, but he does not need the help to win races; however, that’s exactly what he has been doing since Benetton and to be always involved in that king of crap, makes him one as well. At least a half of the points that he made it in Ferrari, was with the help of Massa, willing to help or been force to help.

    I am waiting for Felipe to get out of their for a long time, and i don’t have to hope that he would do well in Williams, if Williams give him a decent car, he will compete for the top.

    Let’s go MASSA!!!