British media convinced Magnussen to replace Perez, but McLaren remains tight lipped

Who will be a McLaren driver in 2014 Kevin Magnussen or Sergio Perez?

Who will be a McLaren driver in 2014 Kevin Magnussen or Sergio Perez?

Headlines in the British media are declaring that Sergio Perez’s tenure with McLaren is over, and although this appears to be probable, the truth is that nothing has been announced as yet.

Despite this, supposedly respectable publications and journalists are freely reporting as fact that Kevin Magnussen has been signed to join the team for 2014 and beyond.

Perez who appeared at a media function in Mexico, was not allowed to answer questions about his future during his appearance in front of local press.

Nevertheless he did use to the opportunity to bemoan his plight, “This is the most difficult and disappointing year in my career. Before signing with McLaren I had the option of going to other teams and decided on them because historically they have been a team that is always in the top spots. In a bad season they would still make five or six podiums.

Sergio Perez and McLaren have struggled in 2013

Sergio Perez and McLaren have struggled in 2013

“When I arrived and drove the car we had thought it would get better, but it did not, and thus it has been a very frustrating season where the results were hard to come by. It’s probably the worst season in the history of McLaren and I happen to be there,” lamented Perez.

The Mexican earlier in the season was critical of the situation at Woking, “It’s not the year I wanted. Last year, at this time, I had more points [at Sauber]. The [McLaren] car has so many problems, and we are so far behind that there is not a single issue that we can focus on.”

In June, Martin Whitmarsh said on the occasion of the launch of the Spanish version of the McLaren website, “Checo has very quickly become a key part of our team, and it is fantastic news for his fans, and Spanish-speaking F1 fans in general, that [our website] is now fully operational in Spanish.”

Kevin Magnussen impressed McLaren after Silverstone test

Kevin Magnussen impressed McLaren after Silverstone test

Meanwhile talented Danish driver Magnussen stepped into the limelight after an impressive Young Driver Test at Silverstone in July where he topped the timing sheets on the opening day. Going faster than Force India regular Paul di Resta and highly touted Antonio Felix da Costa in the all conquering Red Bull RB9.

Shortly after the test Magnussen declared on the McLaren website, “I’m very proud about my record in 2013. Now the aim is for Formula 1 next year. That’s what I’ve been aiming at for a long time. The time is now – I’m as ready as you can get.”(GP247)

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  • hillside

    Mclaren should replace that bum JB

  • Slide

    I understand Kevin M. is ready but should be JB moving over and not Perez.

  • The Pessimist

    Don’t feel sorry for Checo, he had his chances but failed to capitalize and was outscored and outpaced by an average driver like Jenson ‘The Tortoise’ Button. Some of you may argue that Checo was on podium thrice last year.Well, it was partly due to good strategies by the team and partly because of the C32 Sauber which was a very good handling car that was also easy on it’s tires.

  • Spartacus

    Good question of Jensen should be moving over. He’s not the quickest, but I think really the point is that Perez hasn’t really dominated him either. And Jensen did surprisingly well with Hamilton in the team.

    The right decision is, unfortunately, to replace Perez. You could argue that it would also be right to replace Button, but at least you have a lot of experience with Button and will be able to set up the cars and develop them better with him than anybody else.

    Right now the best for McLaren is Button and Magnussen.

  • fools


    I mentioned this a long time ago! Same reason why Alonso left BECAUSE of the MEDIA.
    However you can tell they never liked Perez although he did a decent job for his first year with a high caliber team. However Jenson didnt get media trash only Perez. Yet they both performed the same. They love white colored men driving for them. It helps in terms of media and marketing. Having Perez on McLaren was a 1yr test to see if they guy can actually win or out beat Jenson. He didnt do that so there going to axe him. Since he didnt win there market and media went ape shit.

  • Fletcher

    Or Colombians just ask Montoya. I knew this was going to happen to Perez when he signed up for this team.

  • Spartacus

    @ Fools,

    the British don’t care if the driver is Mexican, Spanish, or whatever. Just as long as he’s quick. McLaren have a long history of taking on non-British drivers; quite successfully too.

    Your comments are as much a reflection your own racism than anything.

  • MacStar

    It’s now official! McLaren has signed Magnussen!

  • fools

    @spartacus get rid of your name. like really. for you to even bring rasicm in the picture not even knowing me SHOWS YOUR LACK OF IQ AND IGNORANCE! think about it…your assuming something when you know nothing of me. You are a “fool.” dont even mention my name nor reply to any of my comments. In fact just leave the site. your knowledge of F1 is not needed and nor is your comment(s)